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The new house has just been installed, and I summed up the "10 don't" in the living room! It is recommended to read it, you can definitely avoid the pit

2022-12-05 01:10:21 [cleaning ]
The new house has just been installed, and I summed up the "10 don't" in the living room! It is recommended to read it, you can definitely avoid the pit

The living room is the face of a home, so don’t be sloppy when decorating. But I don't recommend moving too many luxurious designs into the living room, it's better to stick to "10 don't". Some people may think that the living room is too hypocritical, but this is not only for saving money, but also for peace of mind and comfort after moving in.

1. If the floor height is less than 2.7 meters, do not use no main light.

No main light is simple and elegant, with uniform lighting, but it will occupy A certain floor height, if the floor height of the room is less than 2.7 meters, do not blindly follow the trend. The easiest way is to use the main light + spotlight lighting to meet the lighting needs, without occupying the height of the floor, and the space is more open.

2. Don't use gray glossy tiles

The whole house is covered with grey glossy tiles, which is really classy, ​​but glossy tiles are easy to form Light pollution, especially in the bedroom without main lights, is very reflective when the lights are turned on, just like entering a KTV, without the warmth of home at all. It is recommended to use soft light tiles, the light feeling is soft and not dazzling, and it is easier to take care of than matte tiles.

3. Don't complicate the ceiling

The back-shaped ceiling + light strip is really good-looking, but the installation cost is high and heavy, and it is not practical . It is better to do a double eyelid ceiling, which will cost less and not lack a sense of hierarchy. If there is no central air conditioner or abrupt beams, you can even choose not to have a ceiling, which is simple and attractive, and enlarges the room.

4. Don't be a net celebrity background wall

Slate + grille, latex paint color matching is the background wall of the fire in recent years The way of design, the appearance is not false, and the practicality is low. Especially the color-blocking background wall, watching too much can easily cause visual fatigue. The simpler the TV background wall, the better the feeling of use after moving in. Provide you with 2 reference solutions: 1. The full-wall TV cabinet has strong integrity, saves space, and is more convenient for storage and storage. 2. The blank is not easy to become outdated, and it is durable and durable. powerful.

5. Don't use balcony sliding doors

The small living room has cramped space and is not suitable for sliding doors. It is better to open up directly with the balcony to extend the space , to enhance comfort.

6. Do not replace the large floor-to-ceiling windows

The floor-to-ceiling windows have less frame and good view, but the ventilation will be poor. In a nearby high-rise residential building, sitting in the living room every day looking at the bare buildings is not very aesthetic. Instead of spending a lot of money to replace the window, it is better to use the broken bridge aluminum window directly, which is durable, safer and more privacy.

7. Don't use an L-shaped sofa

The corner sofa in the small living room takes up too much space. It is better to put a flat-shaped sofa, which looks good and elegant Not dull. Worrying about the inconvenience of the guests, you can match 1-2 independent sofas, which are flexible and easy to organize.

8. Don't use a large coffee table

Not to mention that the large coffee table takes up space, it will also form a sanitary corner and affect hygiene. It is better to replace it with a small coffee table and place it on the side of the sofa to make the living room more open. Or directly replace the coffee table with a small cart, which is easy to move, and can also store sundries without pushing it to the corner, which does not affect walking at all.

9. Don't color-block curtains

To make color-blocked curtains look advanced, you must make their colors match the soft clothes. This is difficult for ordinary people to grasp, and a slight omission will overturn the car. Unless you are sensitive to color, don't try color matching! Choose solid-color curtains, which are simple and durable; or hang electric venetian blinds, which are easy to use, beautiful and dreamy, and the living room can be upgraded to a new level in an instant.

10. Don't abuse spotlights

Spotlights are used to create an atmosphere, and only the right number of installations can achieve the effect. Spotlights can only bring light pollution and affect living comfort. (The picture comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, delete it immediately)

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