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If there are elderly people at home, don't forget these details when decorating, they will play a big role at critical times

2023-04-02 01:47:00 [cleaning ]
If there are elderly people at home, don't forget these details when decorating, they will play a big role at critical times

#HeaderCreationChallenge#The house decoration needs to consider the actual needs of family members. As a family with elderly people, what problems should we pay attention to? This issue will discuss this issue with you. We all know that elderly people over 60 years old often have a series of problems such as difficulty in squatting up and bending over, slow reaction, weakened five senses, and poor physical strength. Therefore, when decorating new houses, we must also hit the nail on the head, not only to make ourselves comfortable, but also to create a safer living environment for the elderly.

You can not sink the entrance, but you must have a shoe-changing stool

The design of sinking entrance is favored by many young people, especially If there are two mischievous boys at home, the sunken design can effectively "keep out" dust and sand, but from the perspective of the elderly, this sunken design is a bit awkward. If it is too friendly, it will be inconvenient to move with poor legs and feet. If the elderly are in wheelchairs, the too high drop will also bring trouble. Therefore, for the elderly, it is not necessary to sink the entrance, but there must be a shoe-changing stool, and it is more convenient to sit and change shoes. Decoration tips: If young people think that there is no need to put a shoe stool in the entrance or there is no space for it, it is recommended to design a shoe stool that can be hidden and folded out of the way when not in use.

Adding reasonable smart design

The current smart home has indeed improved our quality of life, and the cost of building a set of the whole house is also Not low, but if there are elderly people at home, I suggest adding some smart designs appropriately. For example, the smoke alarm system in the kitchen, the anti-flooding device, and an exit reminder at the door, so that they don't forget to turn off the water, electricity, gas or windows before going out. These smart systems really come in handy when it matters.

Reasonable lighting design

As the elderly grow older, their eyesight is getting worse and worse, so we are in When decorating, you must pay attention to the lighting design of the interior. They like a bright space environment, but it does not mean that they can accept strong light. Too strong light is very dazzling and harmful to the eyes, and too dark light brings inconvenience to movement. Therefore, it is recommended that you: choose a reasonable lighting for the space you often enter. For example, install human body induction lights in the entrance, corridor or bathroom, and the toilet will automatically light up when you get up at night. There is also a neutral warm light source for the guest restaurant. It is recommended to choose 3500K. The light is bright and soft, and the eyes are very comfortable. But like stairs, use brighter light to avoid blurry vision.

Keep the three-way switch

In addition to the reasonable lighting design, the bedroom should also keep the three-way switch, in order to make it more convenient It is convenient. In winter, the elderly do not need to get out of bed and turn off the lights when they sleep in bed. Dual control is a common design, but triple control is more convenient. The left and right sides of the bed can be controlled. I believe many people will not forget to do it, but what I want to remind is that in addition to keeping the three-way switch, wall lamps should be reserved for them on both sides of the bed, because the elderly are prone to insomnia, parents sleep in the same bedroom, and one wants to sleep before going to bed. Reading a book, the other wants to rest, then this point light source is very important. The dual controls on both sides allow two people to freely control the main light, and there is a switch to control a separate street light, which is super convenient.

Anti-skid design on the ground

The older the elderly, the less likely they will fall. In the process of cleaning, we must do a good job of anti-skid treatment, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, which are prone to moisture. It is recommended to choose anti-skid floor tiles for decoration. However, even if the non-slip floor tiles are used in the kitchen, a floor mat may be added, because the grease in the kitchen splashes to the ground, and it is easy to slip when it encounters water, causing unsafety for the elderly. So I put a floor mat with a thickness of only 0.3CM on the floor of the kitchen. It contains tea ingredients, but it has the function of automatic deodorization, and it can effectively prevent slipping, which can make the kitchen beautiful, and it will not affect the cabinets when it is laid on the ground. The door opens and vacuum cleaners and robot vacuums can pass freely. When neighbors come to visit my house, they will always ask me these two questions, what is this? Will it increase the difficulty of cleaning? In fact, there is no need to worry at all. Unlike traditional floor mats, in addition to automatic deodorization, its surface is made of polyester fiber and the back is made of acrylic resin. Polyester fiber is more wear-resistant and durable, more waterproof, and very easy to wipe. Take a rag and wipe it clean. There is a non-slip texture design on the back. When it is laid on the ground, it will automatically absorb the ground, and it will be tightly absorbed with the smooth tiles, and the grip will be stronger. Now you don't have to worry about slipping and handling problems.

Pay attention to the hidden dangers of toilet safety

After the elderly go to the toilet, the blood will not circulate due to sitting for a long time, so they must be in the toilet Install handrails in the middle to prevent the elderly from falling due to slippery ground. There is also the design of a bath stool to avoid hypoxia caused by taking a bath for too long. There is a bath stool that can sit on it for a while.

Remember to open the shower door to the outside

This design detail should be known to more people, many people only concern the shower room In fact, the shower room door must be opened outwards, so that the door will not be opened because the old person faints, and the violent breaking of the door will only cause damage.

Get them a foldable magnifying glass

In addition to the above decoration details, get them a portable magnifying glass at home , it is convenient for them to read, go out to play chess with chess friends in the community, and take the bus to see the stop sign. Especially when you need to take medicine, you can zoom in three times. With it, you will not use the wrong amount. I have two small and exquisite magnifying glasses at home now. Because of their small size and optically foldable design, they can be easily put into pockets. When we are not at home, they are of great help to the elderly. Finally, I will add some decoration skills: because the elderly are nostalgic and need more storage space, we must pay attention to the height of the storage space to make it easy for them to take; when designing the whole house, we must first choose healthy and environmentally friendly decoration materials, and the overall layout It should be concise and generous, especially the furniture should be placed against the wall as much as possible to facilitate the elderly to walk. Around some sharp furniture, it is necessary to stick a layer of anti-collision strips.

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