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The disgusted Loft has been designed, how can you not love it

2022-10-07 06:19:50 [Wall decoration ]
The disgusted Loft has been designed, how can you not love it

Many young people will choose Loft when buying a house. In addition to the high cost performance, the duplex building structure brings a refined lifestyle that makes people yearn. 1 This apartment in Amsterdam is mainly used to collect contemporary art, so a large area of ​​the wall is left blank to better accommodate different artistic styles. Clearly, the design aims to combine architectural form with contemporary art. The entire space covers an area of ​​130 square meters and consists of two floors. The entrance on the first floor is connected to a staircase with dark wood structure, which is the place with the most dark area in the whole space, which is particularly eye-catching. At the same time, the first floor contains two bedrooms and an adjacent walk-in wardrobe. The main activity space is designed on the top floor, including the living room, dining room and kitchen. The high-level view can enjoy the scenery outside the window, and the mood is very comfortable. All furniture and cabinets throughout the apartment, including lighting, are designed and customized according to the function of a specific space, and the streamlined design of cabinets and sofas guide the flow of movement from room to room seamlessly, creating a a sense of continuation. The shelves on the wall are decorated with dark wood color, and the hidden lighting strips present a sense of future technology. In order to accommodate a large number of designs in a small space, the architectural design, the placement of furniture and the materials used in each room are a combination of various types, wood, velvet, fabrics are perfectly concentrated in this home. Consisting primarily of sculptural white walls and marble finishes, with accents of dark wood, a minimalist style is achieved through materials. Pine planks are used for the floor of the entire apartment, and the floor is always light-colored to avoid strong contrast with the overall white tone, and to ensure that the visual focus is on the artworks in the interior. Minimalist design, smooth lines and colorful artwork make this home restrained and elegant. 2 This is the ground floor of an old three-story brick-wood apartment building built in the 1920s. The whole house is dominated by log colors and white, which sets the tone for a warm living atmosphere. According to the original structure, the space is divided into two parts from north to south, facing the courtyard and the outside with good lighting is built as a guest restaurant. The spacious space allows children to play freely. The original large dining table is retained, and a solid wood deck with storage function is made around the window, which can not only meet the needs of family dining, reading and entertainment, but also hold small parties with friends here. The renovated public space is spacious and bright. The architect transformed the kitchen operation space that was immediately visible at the door into a parent-child space themed with a full-height bookcase. The quiet inner space is used as an auxiliary area and a rest area to ensure privacy. At the same time, the quiet environment helps to improve sleep quality and solves the problem of sleep quality affected by road noise. The attic space is made of light steel structure, and the transparent glass railings and windows are used to keep the light and view transparent. The remodeled attic achieves maximum spaciousness and comfort in the existing space. Customized solid wood king bed, a whole side of folding door and lightweight shelf storage system, expand the rest space. Considering the child's future growth, the architect made a small desk with adjustable height for him on site. For the convenience of children, the architects reduced the depth of the stairs and designed the wooden stairs connecting the attic with staggered profiled steps. After moving in, the courtyard in front of the window has been renovated to a certain extent, and it feels full of vitality at any time. 3 The biggest feature of this apartment is that the new wooden material and the old steel structure, the sloping roof, and the rough material form a spatial tension. The whole is supported by a steel structure. The deliberately exposed steel structure reflects the modern atmosphere of the industry. The walnut wood shows the rustic natural beauty, neutralizes the coldness of the steel structure, and adds a warm atmosphere to the home. The walnut-coloured bar counter contrasts with the white spiral steel staircase. The warm wood is cut as simple and neat as a sculpture, and the hard steel is complemented by the softness of the arc. The lines give the two materials a different feeling from themselves, and the design ingenuity can not help but make people admire. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows on the first floor introduce the port scenery into the interior, whether in the living room or the bar, you can have a panoramic view of the port scenery. The ground is made of lime-sand bricks, which looks clean and tidy, but not too cold. The soft substance creates a dialogue with the rough structure, the steel and CLS structure is connected to the old rafters, planks and steel trusses, resulting in the beauty of simplicity and tension.

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