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10 household products that are recommended to be included in the "disconnection list", don't invest anymore

2022-10-07 05:30:42 [floor]
10 household products that are recommended to be included in the "disconnection list", don't invest anymore

Everyone's situation is different, and the meaning of "breaking and leaving" is also different. Of course, the "break-up list" in the heart is also different. The 10 household products recommended in this issue to be included in the "Departure List" belong to the ones that were bought with money, but are not practical. You must not invest in these items!

1. Oversized wedding photos

When taking wedding photos, the package will include an oversized wedding photo, which will be hung on the On the wall of the wedding room, it is for relatives to visit and comment on the wedding day. But after this day, after the fresh period, when I looked at the big picture frame in the room, I felt silly, and even felt disobedient. So I took it down, the eldest one, and it would take up space everywhere; if I throw it away, I can't bear it. After all, it is a commemorative thing, and it cost a lot of money to buy. It was the hardest thing to deal with at home. If I had known today, I should not have increased investment in these things in the first place. If you really want to commemorate it, it is better than this kind of small palace photo frame, at least it does not take up space on the table, there are many photos, and there are many moments and memories that can be recorded.

2. Plush toys

There are too many sources for stuffed toys. The most common ones are gifts, because the cost is low, one for card, one for lottery, as well as souvenirs, dolls, etc., are all of them. In addition, the plush surface is easy to absorb ashes, is not clean, and the colorful colors are easy to lower the decoration grade of the home, and it is not easy to store. If you spend more money on it, after the euphoria passes, it will eventually become the garbage you want to throw away.

3. Imported high-end pots

To be honest, imported pots are all quite expensive, but think about it, such things as pots and pans , and I don't change it often, I just bought it when I gritted my teeth. It can be used, only to find that it will stick to the pan, not only the cooking will stick, but the fried rice will be more serious. What is even more unacceptable is that after a period of use, the inside and outside will become a "dirty pot" that cannot be washed cleanly, and it has no high-end appearance at all. In addition, this kind of pot is very heavy, and it takes two hands to lift it, which is not in line with the Chinese people's habit of stir-frying and spooning. I also answered that sentence. I have to try it myself before I know I regret it. The pots with hundreds of sizes are really not as good as our black iron pots. Although it is difficult to open and maintain the iron pot, but as long as the pot is opened, do not use dishwashing liquid at ordinary times, the iron pot can also be smooth and smooth. Furthermore, iron pans transfer heat faster than other stainless steel and medical stone pans, so the fried dishes are more fragrant. Of course, there are also advantages such as self-manufacturing and low price.

4. Cups

Life is not so delicate, but there are exquisite excuses to buy cups. Specifically, there must be special cups for milk, soy milk, scented tea, juice, etc., and then the more you buy, the more you save. Later, I found out that those are the ones that are commonly used, and a lot of money was wasted, which also increased the burden of household storage. Thinking about it carefully, taking into account both the mood and the purpose, at most four cups are enough. Insulation cups in autumn and winter, and brewing cups in spring and summer, it is enough to know whether it is cold or warm, to drink tea and drink in leisure time, and to understand the mood.

5. Plastic cutting boards

Some wooden cutting boards have the pain points of cracking and mildew. Therefore, some people try to use plastic cutting boards. replace. But once the plastic cutting board is used, it is found that the pain point may be more than that of the wooden cutting board, especially the thinner plastic cutting board, which lacks the sense of honesty. Moreover, the material of plastic is unhealthy, and the plastic crumbs falling from scratches on the cutting board cannot be metabolized by the body, which will endanger our health. In fact, there are also high-density, non-cracking materials in the wooden cutting board. Like the ebony grown in the African Congo, due to the production environment and climate, the wood structure is fine and uniform, the wood is strong, wear-resistant and durable, and it is the best cutting board material. Although the price is more expensive than bamboo cutting boards and elm boards, the performance is much higher. High density, no water seepage, it means there will be no mildew pain points, high hardness, you can chop bones and meat on it arbitrarily. But pay attention when choosing, you must choose a whole piece of ebony, and the surface is not painted with real ebony. If you can buy a fake one at a cheap price, it is not as good as ordinary wood.

6. Honeycomb storage compartment

Everyone wants a neat and tidy home, not only on the big surface, but also in the drawer hidden place. Then I bought a variety of drawer organizers, of which the honeycomb storage grid is a typical representative. It is used for storage, and the bigger bottoms cannot be put in, and the smaller pair of socks are placed loosely, and the two pairs cannot be stuffed. Instead of spending money to buy a tasteless product, it is better to leave the box that comes with the socks and put them in the drawer directly, saving space and neatness. In the same way, there is also the box for buying underwear, don't throw it away, and put it in the drawer as a divider box, which is also easy to use.

7. Dirty kitchen rags

The kitchen rags, I thought I could keep them clean by using them every day and washing them every day. Then, seeing that I soaked the water with dish soap + lemon for an afternoon, I was silent. That's it, I'm still cleaning the dishes every day, but I'm still very careful, for fear of staining the dishcloth and never using it to clean the stove. More and more, people who don't use kitchen rags are too wise. Because ordinary rags, no matter how clean you are, they have to be reused. And it is not easy to dry. The rag that was used up at one meal will be wet after the next meal, and it will be reused. If it is wet for a long time, it will inevitably breed bacteria and become dirty rags. If the family members often have bad stomachs, it is especially necessary to pay attention. Wash the clean bowl, it can be dried naturally and try not to wipe it with a rag. As for the oil ideas that pop up on the range hood, the wall, and the stove, just wipe it with a kitchen wet towel, it's clean and convenient. Choose cheap kitchen wipes that contain APG degreasing factor. Wiping oil stains is less labor-intensive than rags, and the cost is the same as ordinary rags. After wiping the kitchen wipes on the wall, don't throw them away, just wipe the stove head that is easy to burn black, and the stove head can always be kept as clean as new. As for those who are accustomed to using rags when washing dishes, I also recommend using wood pulp cotton rags. The surface has a grid texture, which makes it easy to wash dishes.

8. Strange fridge magnets

Refrigerator magnets are similar to stuffed toys and come from many sources. The first one or two was fine, but the more I saved, the more lovely it was. I even saw the dense refrigerator magnets, sucked on the refrigerator, and began to miss that refreshing and clean refrigerator.

9. Big toothbrush holder

The big toothbrush holder seems to be fully functional and space-integrated, but in fact, all functions are Very tasteless. The storage compartment looks large, but it can only hold very small bottles; the upside-down magnetic suction cup will fall off after a little shock, and the ultraviolet disinfection lamp on the toothbrush holder has also been proved to be deceptive and useless. Moreover, the toothbrush cannot be dried in time in a small and relatively airtight compartment, and some people have found mildew on the box. In addition, the entire volume is calculated, it is quite large, and it does not save space. It’s not as good as it is. If there is a mirror cabinet, use a small and simple shelf to hide the toothbrush, toothpaste and other toiletries on the inside of the mirror cabinet door, and the bathroom looks clean and neat. If there is no mirror cabinet, the simple toothbrush and toothpaste are placed on the corner of the wall, which also does not take up much space.

10. Toilet brush with storage box

The toilet brush in my impression is a nylon brush with a storage box, I don't often use it very often, and I don't know when I hang my hair and get dirty. After being ridiculed by my girlfriends for being outdated, I realized that no one uses traditional toilet brushes anymore, but disposable toilet brushes are replaced. Putting the two together, I don’t know if I don’t compare them. After a comparison, I found out that everyone’s choice was correct. The new disposable toilet brush is not only small in size, but also in the crevices and corners of the toilet to clean it. The replacement brush head also comes with cleaning liquid, so there is no need to buy additional toilet cleaners. The front clip is controlled by the switch on the handle. After using it, the dirty brush head will automatically bounce off when you push it gently, and the material is water-soluble, so it can be directly thrown into the toilet and flushed away. The key is to leave one handle in the bathroom after use, which does not involve dirt, and there is no wet or dirty brush head, which is much cleaner than traditional toilets.

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