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Winner in life! The 150㎡ minimalist new home for a man who lives alone is as comfortable as a mansion, so cool

2022-10-07 07:43:41 [floor]
Winner in life! The 150㎡ minimalist new home for a man who lives alone is as comfortable as a mansion, so cool

This case is a 150-square-meter relocation house. The owner is a decoration enthusiast and likes some technologically advanced home designs. He has his own clear plan for this house, and adheres to the minimalist style and the concept of life. Therefore, the style is Our positioning is modern minimalism. Who said that the relocation house is not worthy of high-end decoration? The owner hopes that this house can satisfy all his life preferences. While pursuing a high-quality life, he must also focus on the ultimate "comfort". The modern minimalist style of 150 square meters has become popular due to its decoration. The owner does not belong to the just-needed user, the parents live in the same community, and one person living alone in such a large house can be described as a winner in life! In terms of layout, the original 4-bedroom has been changed to 3-bedroom. The owner of the completed room layout is very satisfied. No angle is wasted, and the storage space is sufficient. The lifestyle of separation makes life easier. In addition to the hard decoration, the soft decoration also respects the owner's aesthetics, and the owner is willing to spend time decorating his home into his ideal residence. The comfort of the house is comparable to that of a luxury house, which is so cool. Housing information: Project area: 150㎡ Design style: Modern minimalist style Project address: Hefei-Heruihuafu original floor plan From a long-term perspective, there are still some "hard flaws" in some functional areas: ①The entrance to the home was originally a corridor, with the room door on the left and the wall on the right, so there was no extra space for custom cabinets; ②The entrance door was facing the bedroom door , It will be embarrassing to go in and out every day; ③ There is a balcony outside the restaurant at home, and the utilization rate is not high. Floor Plan ↑After detailed discussions with the owner, the designer made 5 layout optimizations: ①Removing the second bedroom in the home to expand the entry space, and at the same time changing the direction and circulation of the entire kitchen space; ②The entrance The side view design is added on the opposite side of the door, which has a sense of ceremony and can also isolate the sight outside the door; ③Add a 2-square-meter storage room on the left side of the door, without customizing the shoe cabinet, and the storage space is completely sufficient; ④Open the outside of the guest restaurant Balcony, one is included into the room to expand the space, and the other is used as a living balcony; ⑤The children's room removes the corridor wall and replaces it with a double-sided storage cabinet as a partition. House type demolished and modified display ↑Comparison of effects before and after the entrance ↑Originally, the entrance to the home was a corridor, and there was no storage and no privacy. After the renovation, the bedroom at the entrance was removed, and the moving line of the home was changed to increase the sense of ceremony and ensure indoor privacy. More Storage room for storage. Comparison of the front and back of the kitchen Custom made storage space. The transformed porch has a large space, so in addition to the storage space, it also adds decorative effects. The left column cannot be removed, and the grille is used to wrap it to weaken its presence. On the right side, Picasso luxury stone is used as the partition, and a piece of Changhong glass is added in the middle as the light source transition. In addition, the lunar lamp and KAWS abstract character design are the finishing touches. Of course, the most important thing is Solved the problem of login privacy. How can there be no storage space at the entrance? Borrowing the previous north second bedroom to design a 2-square-meter storage room to store shoes, hang clothes and place cleaning tools, and the invisible door design ensures clean and neat entry. Facts have proved that the same area, the storage room is more capable of holding than the cabinet. The kitchen has been expanded from 5.8 square meters to 7 square meters. Compared with the crowded kitchens of other people's homes, although his home looks simple, it is more practical, and the black and white tones look clean and high-end. Although he is a male owner, he usually likes to be clean, the white countertop is spotless, and there is no hanging cabinet on the top, which can reduce the depressive feeling of the small space. The renovated kitchen has a larger space, and the installation of three-link glass sliding doors is convenient for entry and exit. The L-shaped cabinet is about 4.8 meters long, which can solve the problems of electrical appliance storage, western kitchen functions, sinks and stoves. Cabinet size: the stove area is 90 cm long, the sink + west kitchen area is 3.9 meters long, the refrigerator area is 90 cm long and 60 cm deep. Since the restaurant’s porch layout has been changed, a built-in water bar has been added to the corridor outside the kitchen (60 cm in depth and 1.2 meters in length), which can alleviate the embarrassing situation of limited space in the restaurant, and the moving lines are also very smooth. The smart sink is installed on the countertop, with its own disinfection function and cup washer, which can shorten the operation steps of cleaning the cup and sink, and it is clean and effortless. The large white wall of the restaurant is decorated with Picasso luxury stones, and the pattern echoes the dining table, not only for the appearance, but also for the advantages of high temperature resistance and high quality. The drop-shaped Pandora luxury stone dining table has a great sense of design. With the houndstooth dining chair, the vision and touch are very comfortable, which is in line with the light luxury and high-end feeling that the owner wants! The living balcony after the balcony is opened, one side is custom-made to the top washing wardrobe (1.7 meters long, 60 cm deep), the left side is embedded with the washing machine and dryer, the right side is used as a housekeeping cabinet, the sink design is abandoned, and the perforated board is installed inside, reserved Good socket, can put all kinds of cleaning tools, can be charged at any time, and it is really fragrant after use. The living room follows the line of sight to the living room. The overall choice is a minimalist decoration tone, mainly in black and white, which seems to have a simple and comfortable feeling. Now the popular net red shell sofa and mother hug sofa are highly decorative items, and the original Baxter coffee table can meet the dual requirements of practicality and aesthetics. After a tiring day of work, come home directly to "Ge You Lie" . The TV is embedded in the background wall, and the three shades of black, white and gray are gradually added, and a platform is added at the bottom to ensure a sense of visual balance. Gypsum lights are embedded on the top surface, and baseboard lights are planned at the bottom. Smart lighting in the whole house is also a plus at home. Turning off the lights is a black and white minimalist style, and turning on the lights can create a warm home atmosphere. The walls are layered with different materials such as art paint and wall panels, and the color tone is uniform but not monotonous. The Shangri-La curtains on the balcony are personally selected by the owner, adjust the light at will, protect privacy and transmit light. During the day, the sun shines into the room, which is bright and not dazzling. When closed at night, it completely isolates the line of sight, giving people a different sense of visual experience. The lazy sofa in the corner has a cute and unique shape. It is suitable for reading and playing games during leisure. It does not occupy space and can be changed at any time. It is highly flexible. The master bedroom has limited space and needs to be rationally planned and utilized. The gray wall panel skirt is customized. On the left side of the bed is a large wardrobe (2 meters long) that reaches the top. For leisure, an integrated hanging table is added at the head of the bed, so you don't have to worry about not putting things on the floor, you should make the best use of the space. The head of the bed is not suitable for a chandelier that is too large and too bright. A long cement chandelier is simple and durable and meets the needs. In the study, the desk (2.8 meters long and 55 cm deep) is designed by the window, with good light and spaciousness. The remaining space can also be used as a temporary guest room. The high cabinet to the top chooses the handleless cabinet door, which is clean and easy to clean, and the items are easy to take. The gypsum lamp is combined with the putty on the wall and needs to be pre-buried in advance, so that the light cannot be seen. It has a good sense of decoration, can enhance the level of the space, enrich the beauty of the wall, and it is also very convenient to disassemble, and the atmosphere is good. There are two bathrooms in the house, one in the hallway and one in the master bedroom. The guest bathroom washstand is externally located (1.35 meters long), which can easily separate dry and wet. The slate one-piece oversized basin is beautiful and wear-resistant, which can reduce the dead angle of hygiene and prevent water splashing. The ultra-clear glass Changhong glass door is transparent and not see-through, and has good privacy. There is no partition between the main bathroom and the shower room, and the ground is designed with a good slope. Even if there is no threshold stone, there is no need to worry about water flow. The two areas are covered with gray floor tiles, and customized high-grade gray seams can visually make the gaps completely invisible. Living in a community with my parents happens to be the ideal state of "a bowl of soup distance". The distance is just right and the warmth is just right. His family has achieved it, and I am really envious.

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