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The designer revealed that getting these 7 decoration details is worth more than buying 20 square meters more

2022-10-07 06:03:43 [floor]
The designer revealed that getting these 7 decoration details is worth more than buying 20 square meters more

If you want to live in a good space, it depends on the decoration details and then optimizes ▲ Image source/Malcom Menzies▼▼ If you want to live a delicate and comfortable life, you must pay attention to practicality in home decoration. Some details can be better after they are installed. Think about it. By the end of the year, will your chairs accumulate a lot of worn clothes? The kitchen countertop is full of seasonings, and there is no place to cut a vegetable. The wooden floor of the porch is scratched and difficult to clear. In fact, these problems can be avoided by optimizing the decoration! Today, I will recommend to you what will be better optimized details to make your life more refined

01 │ The entrance is paved with bricks to make dust fall Area

The entrance with frequent access is the first level to enter the room. The ground is easy to walk, rub, scratch, and accumulate outdoor sand and dust. Therefore, it is recommended to arrange a dust-falling area at the entrance. The dust-falling area is usually made of ceramic tiles with a matte surface. The slightly rough surface can effectively scrape the sand and dust from the sole, and it also has the characteristics of wear resistance and scratch resistance. ▲ Image source/No design space The production studio can also use different materials to create height differences. In the living room, the wooden floor can be used, and the height can be raised by about 2 cm. The seams are closed with edge strips, and no special digging is required. There is a drop on the ground, effectively preventing dust from falling into the room. ▲ Picture source/Muguang Apartment Interior Design

02 │ Add a washbasin to the home

Now the first thing to do when entering the home is to wash hands and disinfect. Considering the need for moving lines Smoothly, more and more people will arrange washbasins at home to optimize the layout and circulation. ▲ Picture source/INS©echo_art___french_style_home When arranging the entry and exit of the washbasin, the distance of the inlet and outlet pipes should also be considered. Usually, it is recommended to be as close as possible to the inlet and outlet pipes. Otherwise, once the drainage path is elongated, it is necessary to raise the pipeline and raise the floor to achieve a certain drainage slope, so that the sewage can flow smoothly without getting stuck. ▲ Image source/INS©igsh_nagoya

03 │ Hanging rails for sliding doors, not ground rails

For the setting of sliding doors, rails are often installed on the ground, not only many It is easy to cause dust accumulation and increase the trouble of cleaning. ▲ Image source/ Therefore, when installing the sliding door, you may wish to consider changing it to using only the hanging rails to move the ground. The barrier-free design makes it safer for the elderly and children to walk at home, and it can also reduce the amount of cleaning. trouble. ▲ Image source/Tianmu Design ▲ Image source/Tianmu Design

04 │ Add a clean wardrobe

Coats, coats, Are trousers often placed on the chair, making the house more and more chaotic? In fact, you need a clean wardrobe to optimize the storage at home! Think about it, take off your shoes and coat as soon as you get home, this action is quite smooth, so according to the moving line, it is most convenient to set the second clean wardrobe at the entrance. Clothes can be hung using pergola or hanging rods, and it is easy to install, and can be optimized even after the decoration is completed. ▲ Image source / Chengmu Space Design ▲ Image source / Beiou Interior Design If you are planning to renovate, you might as well arrange the next clean wardrobe and shoe cabinet together. However, it should be noted that the depth of the shoe cabinet is about 40 cm, and the wardrobe needs to be 60 cm deep. If you want to maintain the flatness of the cabinet, it is recommended to change the clothes to the hanging method of the front display, so that the wardrobe can still be stored if the depth is insufficient. ▲ Image source/Muguo interior design If your home entrance space is too small, the second-clean wardrobe can also be arranged in the bedroom, and some of the wardrobes can be changed to open, so that the worn clothes can be stored and separated from the clean clothes. ▲ Picture source/square structure production ▲ Picture source/wenyi design

05 │ Add 10cm more to the kitchen countertop

If you want to increase the kitchen storage, it is recommended to try to leave more countertops 10 cm, there is a built-in storage behind the sink, washed cups and dishes can be placed here to drain, and can be used as a temporary storage area. ▲ Image source/INS©lifestyle_grey can also be installed on both sides of the faucet, saving more space. ▲ Image source/ Without embedded design, it can also be changed to a raised countertop, so there is more space for placing seasonings and cutting boards, and it will not occupy the area for preparing and cutting vegetables, and the countertop is larger and better use. ▲ Image source/INS©uroi.home and the height difference design is also convenient for drainage, even if it is splashed. ▲ Image source/INS©won2yy

06 │ Basin outlet and wall row

In the past, most of the washbasins in the bathroom used floor drainage. In order to hide the drainage pipe, the floor was used. If the bathroom cabinet or column is blocked, mold or dirt is easy to accumulate around the ground, which will cause inconvenience in cleaning. ▲ Image source/INS©ourmanford In order to maintain the ground clearance, it is recommended to change to the wall drainage, the drainage pipe runs out of the water through the wall, and the drainage pipe will not be stuck when cleaning the ground, which is easier and more convenient. ▲ Image source/INS©bespokebathroom can also form a suspended washbasin design, making the vision lighter. ▲ Image source/Xincheng Design▲ Image source/Shiyu Space Design

07 │ Dressing table, bathroom cabinet drawer with sockets

Think about it, use a hair dryer The process: Take it out from the drawer, go to the bedside or the bathroom to find the socket. The whole process takes a few more steps. If you want to optimize the use experience, you might as well install a socket on the drawer of the dresser or bathroom cabinet. The socket is set on the back panel of the drawer. When you pick up the hair dryer, you can use it immediately without taking an extra step, and experience the storage texture like a star hotel. ▲ Image source/INS©leahdesboroughphotographer If you want to make the storage more useful, you can also customize the storage space according to the hair dryer, ion clip, and curling iron, so that the space can be used tightly and can maximize the use value. ▲ Picture source/INS©timhicks808▲ Picture source/INS©ckfco It doesn’t matter if the socket is not installed during the decoration, and it can also be added later to optimize the socket, from storage to use in one go. ▲ Image source/INS©garrettandmeghan These designs with real fragrance are recommended to everyone. As long as you think more about it and optimize the details, you can reduce the troubles of cleaning and storage. It is very practical. Everyone, hurry up and learn!

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