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Why do most custom brands use particle board? After the insider's explanation, I suddenly realized

2022-10-07 06:44:10 [Wall decoration ]
Why do most custom brands use particle board? After the insider's explanation, I suddenly realized

#HeaderCreationChallenge# The wardrobe in home improvement is still mainly customized. When we went to customize the cabinets and wardrobes, the merchants introduced us to the boards. The main one is particle board. It can be said that nine out of ten companies recommend particle boards to us, while very few manufacturers recommend ecological boards. Is particle board really good? Why do custom brand manufacturers recommend particle boards? For this reason, the household miscellaneous altar deliberately consulted friends who made plates, and finally came to the truth. After reading it, you will be enlightened. ❶: High-profit manufacturers customize cabinets or wardrobes, and the ultimate purpose must be to realize profits. The profit of choosing particle board is much higher than choosing ecological board. In fact, this mainly depends on the production cost of the plate itself. The production cost of particle board is low. This is because the particle board has a relatively mature production process and production line. The raw materials are relatively common, so its production cost is even lower. However, you will find that the actual price of particle board is not low at all. Among them, the performance of particle boards customized by big brands is particularly outstanding. It can be said that the brand premium is very serious. For example, the most common particle board on the market is at least 70 or 80 yuan per board, and the most expensive one may be 150 or 60 yuan. Therefore, the low cost of particle boards and the high starting price can achieve good profits, so manufacturers must first recommend particle boards. ❷: Low cost The cost of particle board is low, and the result is that its profit will be very high. The above is a brief introduction to everyone. Everyone should have seen particle board. The raw material of particle board is the used wood, but it is not the used logs, but the used wood chips. The raw materials for making particle boards include wood, bark, straw or other wood fibers. Pulverized into granulated sawdust. The production process of particle board is to add glue to these wood scraps, and then the hot pressing is completed. One of the important points is that the production process of particle board is also very mature. Like many brand manufacturers have a very complete production line, so his production cost is relatively low. The combination of these finally determines that the production cost of particle board is lower than that of other boards, such as ecological boards. ❸: Good stability In fact, many friends may have overlooked a problem, that is, the stability of the board. Whether we are making cabinets or wardrobes, we all require plates to have good stability. If the sheet itself is unstable, such as swelling and deformation, these are the conditions that the sheet is prone to. Then it will inevitably lead to quality problems in the cabinets and wardrobes in our homes. Although many friends feel that the particle board is not good, but in terms of stability, I have to admit that its performance is still relatively good. For example, the load-bearing capacity of the particle board itself, or the ability to hold nails and resist deformation, are all excellent. This is also the reason why particle boards are widely used. In terms of board stability, particle board is also better than ecological board. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the wardrobe, the first choice is also particle board. ❹: It can be said that the environmental protection performance meets the standards. Now, the particle boards selected by some well-known customized brands are basically products that meet the environmental protection standards. In fact, everyone should also be clear that glue is indeed used in the manufacturing process of particle boards. Because the particle board is made of broken wood particles and glue and hot pressing. Our awareness of environmental protection is getting higher and higher, so the country's specifications for plates are becoming more and more strict. This also allows more panels to be products that meet environmental protection standards. For example, some of our common particle boards can basically reach E1 level. That is, its formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to 0.124mg per cubic meter. Of course, this is our national standard. Therefore, although the particle board has no way to achieve zero formaldehyde emission, its environmental protection performance has reached the national standard, and some even reached the European standard. Of course, in terms of environmental performance. In fact, particle board is comparable to ecological board. Because both kinds of boards will use glue, it's just to see which one is more in line with the standard.
Can custom kitchen and wardrobe use particle board? It is estimated that many friends have considered this question: Can particle boards be used in custom-made cabinets at home? The point of view given here by the household miscellaneous altar is that it is completely possible to use particle boards for custom cabinets. However, be sure to choose a qualified product. Therefore, here are the requirements for the selection and selection of particle boards. If our home custom cabinets, wardrobes use particle board, then it is recommended that you choose from the following four aspects. ①, brand choice Here, I personally suggest that everyone must choose a well-known brand of particle board. For example, the more well-known ones are Lushuihe, Hexiang board, Aige board, Kronospan board, Daya wood-based board and so on. ②. Pay attention to the environmental protection level of the board. Like our domestic particle board board, it can basically reach the E1 level. Therefore, when choosing, we choose E-level environmentally friendly plates. When choosing, be sure to check the test report. ③. Pay attention to the glue used in the board. At present, the particle board with the best environmental protection and the most used one is the aldehyde-free glue, also known as MDI glue. When you choose to choose, you can look at the glue data to prove it. ④. Pay attention to the processing method of the panels. Customized cabinets and wardrobes should be assembled at home, and on-site cutting is not allowed. So, be sure to ask clearly when purchasing. If the manufacturer's answer is that partial processing is required on-site, then do not choose his product.
Written at the end of the article, the proportion of custom cabinets and wardrobes in home improvement can be said to be getting higher and higher. And everyone knows that a large part of the sources of pollutants in home improvement are derived from wooden materials, so the choice of boards is particularly important. Therefore, when we choose different plates, we really need to pay attention to their environmental protection. It can be said that most of the qualified particle boards are environmentally friendly. But it is definitely not as good as solid wood panels or ecological panels. Everyone should be clear about this. [Personal original, the picture comes from the Internet, the infringement contact will be deleted immediately]

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