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The decoration of a family in Liaoning costs only 60,000 for 89 square meters of hard decoration.

2022-10-07 06:14:19 [workmanship ]
The decoration of a family in Liaoning costs only 60,000 for 89 square meters of hard decoration.

The case of new house decoration in this issue: the decoration of a family in Liaoning, 89 square meters of hard decoration only cost 60,000 yuan, which can be regarded as a textbook. There is no uniform standard for tasteful decoration, so some people will spend 100,000 yuan, or even 200,000 decoration, and some people may be enough for 60,000 or 70,000 yuan. But no matter how much the decoration costs, there is one thing that must be adhered to, that is, "all decoration and design must be humanized and based on 'practicality'". The decoration case of this issue is to share with you the new house of a heroine from Liaoning @ Yangyang's home, with a construction area of ​​89 square meters, which is a real and just-needed residence. The decoration of the whole house only cost 60,000 yuan. And it's even less than 100,000 yuan plus soft clothing. Although the decoration budget is not large, the effect of the decoration can be regarded as a textbook, and I will show you the following.

Residential information

The house of the hostess is located in a small city in Liaoning. Although it is not the first line, it is good that the pace of life is slow. The day was very pleasant. The total house price is not high, and the area is small, so there is basically no pressure. The whole house still has 78 square meters after removing the public stalls. With such a low public stall, it can be seen that the house bought by the heroine is a low-rise. The design of two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom is also enough to meet the needs of home life. In terms of specific decoration, the heroine did not hire a designer or a decoration company, but instead found workers to dress it up bit by bit according to her own preferences. Check out the details of each space below.

Living room

The living room is not at all "over-decorated". For example, the walls of the whole house were not modeled, nor were wallpapers or wall coverings pasted, but the large white walls were directly painted, and even net red latex paint was useless. And the whole house also has no ceiling, even the minimalist double eyelid ceiling that is becoming popular has also been cut off. It can be seen that this decoration decision is bold and wise. The living room without ceiling is more spacious and bright. Let's take a look at other projects: the ground is covered with solid wood composite floors, and the lamps in the living room are installed with the simplest ceiling lamps. These seemingly inconspicuous decoration designs have gradually made a small delicacy of "log style". In the purchase of furniture, the traditional coffee table is abandoned, and the sofa is also a small straight row. This decoration decision is also worth learning from. Especially for small-sized houses, the design of "de-living room" can make the living room look more atmospheric. However, there is a disadvantage in the sofa chosen by the hostess, that is, the bottom of the sofa is a dead corner of hygiene, and it will be more laborious to clean the dust. Therefore, it is also suggested here that you should choose a high-footed, mop or sweeping robot that can clean freely. Or choose a floor-standing. Unlike many people's TV background walls, the hostess did not do any decoration, but simply hung an LCD TV on the wall. This kind of decoration decision, to be honest, many people may not agree with it. After all, the TV background wall is a very important position in the living room, and many people feel that the decoration must be more luxurious. But from the perspective of the TV wall effect of the hostess's house, the aesthetics is not low. The high-footed TV cabinet with log style is a very wise choice. The sweeping robot only cleans, so there is no need to worry about the problem of sanitary corners. And the cost of this finished TV cabinet is not high. Many people like wall-mounted TV cabinets. In fact, this floor-standing TV cabinet is also worth investing in.

Dining Room

Because of the small size of the kitchen, the refrigerator can only be moved to the dining room. The white refrigerator also adds a lot of beauty. The decoration of the restaurant still adheres to the principle of "minimalism". There are no decoration items as far as the eye can see, and even the sideboard is weakened. One thing to say, the dining table and dining chairs chosen by the hostess are integrated with the environment of the entire restaurant. This purchase idea is very worth learning from. It can be seen that the color uniformity of the entire space is very important.


The L-shaped cabinet design is not only very user-friendly, but also very practical. In order to maintain the uniformity of the home decoration style, the cabinet doors of the hostess's house, whether it is a floor cabinet or a hanging cabinet, are all selected log style. Even the suspended ceiling of the kitchen is a wooden plank of choice. To be honest, there are not many wooden ceilings in the kitchen. Most families will choose aluminum gussets or honeycomb panels and gypsum boards. The log ceiling is really good in appearance, but it is easy to get wet, so the shortcomings are still relatively obvious. In addition, the kitchen floor of the hostess' house is covered with net red small tiles. In fact, I don't recommend this approach, because after a long time, you will know that the aesthetics of the small tiles will be outdated, and it will be difficult to clean after being dirty. In contrast, traditional tiles are more practical.


The balcony of the hostess's house is directly connected to the living room, and the wooden floor is directly laid on the balcony. Although this method has a high appearance, I want to point out the shortcomings of this method: because the balcony is directly connected to the outside world, when the window is not closed tightly, it will inevitably get wet every rainy day. Therefore, it is not practical to lay wooden floors on the balcony. It is recommended to directly replace the wooden floor of the balcony with "wood grain brick". Not only does it not affect the beauty and uniformity, but also waterproof and moisture-proof, and it is more practical. By the way, the practice of abandoning the sliding door on the balcony in a small-sized house like the hostess' house is very worthy of reference. It can not only expand the visual space, but also enhance the lighting ability. But there is one thing to be clear, that is, the balcony windows should be replaced with broken bridge aluminum windows, and it is best to choose system windows if the budget is sufficient.


The bedroom continues the "minimalist style" and "log style". No suspended ceiling, large white walls throughout the house, and solid wood composite floors on the ground... These decoration decisions are all making the bedroom more spacious and refined. If you look closely, you will find that the heroine did not even install a curtain box. Many people think that this kind of exposed track curtain is not beautiful, but from the perspective of the curtain effect of the heroine's house, the aesthetics has not been affected. Therefore, to install curtains, it is not necessary to have curtain boxes. ——THE END——

Beauty Home Guide said:

Actually, from the decoration of the hostess's house, it is not difficult to see that there are some seemingly "poor clothes" Decision, but more beautiful and practical. So don't think that the more luxurious the decoration, the better. Those decoration designs that seem to be eliminated are actually more worthy of our adoption. Well, the new house decoration case in this issue is shared here, see you in the next issue! (The text of this topic is original, and the picture is from @杨阳家, infringement can be deleted by contacting, thank you)

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