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Conscience advises: Don't follow the trend of these 5 kinds of decoration. With these shortcomings, they will be eliminated sooner or later

2022-10-07 06:29:18 [floor]
Conscience advises: Don't follow the trend of these 5 kinds of decoration. With these shortcomings, they will be eliminated sooner or later

"The full text is about 2400 words | It takes 5 minutes to read" Some fans commented that some of the decoration knowledge I shared was basically "poor decoration design". In fact, for most families, after buying a house, the rest of the renovation budget is not much. Therefore, in the matter of decoration, it is not ashamed to insist on "poor clothes" and "light clothes". And after a long time, you will find that there are some popular "luxury decoration" and "advanced design", which are not necessarily practical. On the other hand, the simpler the decoration design, the more humane it is. So this is also my original intention to share "practical decoration" for "most" people. In this issue of the home furnishing topic, I will continue to share 5 decoration designs that are not recommended to follow the trend. After you have seen their shortcomings, I believe you will wake up. [1] A sofa with a floor is a kind of sofa that sounds "advanced". In the final analysis, it is to build a concrete floor and add some thin wooden boards. Because this decoration method can integrate the sofa with the living room, and save the cost of the finished sofa (you only need to buy some log sheets and cushions and cushions), so it has become more popular in recent years. However, the shortcomings of the floor sofa are also very obvious. Because it has been fixed during the decoration, it is time-consuming, laborious, and expensive to dismantle and modify it later. Therefore, from a long-term perspective, the practicality of the floor sofa is far less than that of the finished custom sofa. After all, if you want to replace the sofa later, there are too many options. Next, I will briefly talk about the purchase guide of the finished sofa. Sofa purchase suggestions: ① Do not choose a leather sofa, which is expensive and requires regular maintenance; ② Do not choose a low-foot sofa, no matter whether it is a mop or a sweeping robot, it is impossible to clean the sanitary corners at the bottom of the sofa; ③ For a small living room, do not choose a concubine The chair sofa, although very comfortable, takes up too much space and is far less practical than the straight-row sofa. [2] Install sunken entrances Many people have followed suit in recent years. As a kind of Japanese decoration, the practicality of sunken porch is not good. There are many people who decorate the sunken porch, just to follow the trend, but after the real experience, you will find that although the sunken porch separates the porch from the living room, it brings a lot of slots. For example, the design of the sunken entrance will make the design of the shoe cabinet more tasteless. At the same time, this kind of decoration method lower than the living room floor is not only easy to trip people, but also easy to hide dirt. Every time you clean, you will find that the crevices in the sinking position are the most difficult to clean. If you are too lazy to store, the sunken entrance will be messed up by a pile of shoes. This kind of experience really has nothing to do with the exquisite home life. Advice for the decoration of the entrance: ①Reject the transition of small tiles, there are many small gaps in specifications, it is difficult to take care of, and it is easy to become outdated after a long time; ②Abandon the waveguide. The laying of the waveguide will make the original narrow entrance look more stingy; ③The practicality of the shoe cabinet should be put first, and the internal laminate should be designed to be movable, and the bottom flow rate> 18cm; ④It is best to design a sensor light, At night, when you come home from get off work, the door will turn on immediately, saving you the trouble of reaching out and touching the switch; ⑤ On the right side of the entrance door, opposite to the shoe cabinet, some laminates/perforated boards can be installed on the wall to increase the storage capacity. [3] Wall-mounted wardrobe This type of wardrobe, also known as "metal shelf wardrobe", simply uses the wall to replace the wooden panel cabinet. Use metal shelves instead of wood laminates. The advantages and disadvantages are very obvious. The biggest advantage of the wall wardrobe is that it has no wooden boards, so there will be no problem of formaldehyde release. And because the interior is a self-installed metal frame, the partition is more user-friendly. The shortcomings of this kind of wardrobe are obvious to all. For example, the beauty is far less than the finished custom wardrobe. And the cost of building a wall wardrobe is not too low, labor, metal racks, cement sand, wall tiles, etc. add up to a lot of expenses. In addition, the wall-mounted wardrobe is very unsuitable for the southern region, not only easy to get damp, but also easy to fall ash. To be honest, many people started to install wall-mounted wardrobes, and they regretted it less than half a year ago. Wardrobe installation suggestions: ①The wardrobe should have one door to the top, even if it does not reach the top, the top of the wardrobe should be equipped with a "top sealing plate", otherwise there will be dust accumulation in the gap; ②Don't make a corner wardrobe, an open corner will gradually If it becomes a pile of debris, the aesthetics will be greatly reduced; ③ If the bedroom area allows, it must be installed with a flat door instead of a sliding door. After installing the sliding door, you will know that the sliding door track of the wardrobe is thin and narrow, and the groove is the dead corner of hygiene, and cleaning is a troublesome thing; ④ Do not install glass doors or skin-feeling film cabinet doors on the cabinet doors. The reason is very simple, both kinds of cabinet doors will leave fingerprints, and they are not easy to clean. [4] The design grille would like to say, really don't talk to the style grill any more. Whether it is a TV wall or other background walls, the grille looks advanced, but it is actually not practical at all. Because of the grille's finish, its structure is a concave-convex groove design, so it is destined to accumulate dust, and it is also destined to be difficult to clean after dust accumulation. Those who have installed the grill have to wipe its grooves with a rag every time they clean. The entire cleaning process is cumbersome and time-consuming. Today's decoration is all about "removing housework", and the design of the grille is obviously contrary to the removal of housework. So it is not recommended to install. Alternative: If you don't have a grille, you want a premium feel. There are actually alternatives at this point. It is recommended that you choose hardwood directly. Although there is no layering of the grille, the texture of the hardwood can also bring a lot of aesthetics. Of course, for the TV wall and sofa background wall, the most sensible decision is "no decoration". Keep the original walls and paint them with latex paint, which is simple but not tacky at all. After all, in the home decoration environment, sometimes, minimalism = atmosphere. Briefly talk about the decoration plan of the TV wall. ① Directly brush latex paint to maintain a clean and atmospheric wall; ② Use gypsum line to simply make a shape, with low cost, short construction period, and a lot of aesthetic improvements; ③ Install whole body marble or slate (the first choice for large families, But the grille should be discarded); ④ When designing a bookcase TV wall, pay attention to the bookcase to be closed, otherwise it is easy to accumulate dust in the cabinet. [5] Designing the kitchen as an open plan More and more young people are beginning to make the kitchen open. But as long as anyone who has come here will tell you that the design of an open kitchen is actually not desirable. To put it more realistically, today's range hood technology has not reached the point where there is no oil fume left at all. Even an integrated stove with a grease separation rate of up to 96% will emit soot. So as long as the fire is used for cooking, there will inevitably be a smell of soot. Although the closed kitchen with sliding doors will inevitably smell of oil smoke, but compared with the open kitchen, it is much less. Therefore, unless you are not cooking, the whole house will smell of oily smoke. Moreover, some gas companies in some areas do not provide gas for open kitchens... At this time, you will find that open kitchens with high appearance are really a bit tasteless. Kitchen decoration suggestions: ①If you want to have the effect of an open kitchen, but also want to avoid the smell of oil smoke, and at the same time meet the needs of opening gas during the gas construction period, it is recommended that you can use the "three-link sliding door" to create a "semi-enclosed kitchen" (as above 2) From the perspective of space utilization, the storage capacity of the U-shaped kitchen is far more practical than that of the L-shaped kitchen. In addition, if the floor height allows, it is recommended to design double-layer hanging cabinets; 3. The floor tiles and wall tiles of the kitchen are recommended Lay regular size, reject net red small flower tiles. The latter has many small gaps, and it is too troublesome to clean the oil; ④ Do not install stainless steel and slate on the countertops. The most practical is quartz stone, which is not only low in cost but also high in durability. ——THE END—— The above is the home furnishing topic of this issue. For more knowledge related to decoration, please pay attention to "Beauty Home Guide", and see you in the next issue! (Original text, pictures from the Internet, invaded and deleted)

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