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Don't change the living room to a "library", her house has been well received just after the renovation, is it so good?

2022-10-07 01:59:22 [workmanship ]
Don't change the living room to a "library", her house has been well received just after the renovation, is it so good?

#HeaderCreationChallenge# A couple from Kunshan, the new home decoration did not need to change the living room into a "library". The original plan was to arrange it at will, and adjust the home function modules according to their own lifestyles, but they received unanimous praise. , When everyone saw it, they expressed their desire to follow suit. Is it really that good? This issue will take you all to find out. The new home is a small three-bedroom set of 82 square meters for a family of four, but in fact the couple only needs two bedrooms. The original floor plan has a big disadvantage, that is, the bathroom and kitchen on the left hand side of the door after entering the door. The two spaces are interlaced. When entering the kitchen, you need to pass through the dry area of ​​the bathroom. Combined with living habits, the layout has been changed as follows: Yicheng The space design gave up a small bedroom and changed it to an independent bathroom, so that the original bathroom can be incorporated into the kitchen, and the kitchen area can be enlarged; in terms of functions, the living room is also not needed, and the traditional living room mainly for watching TV is weakened and made into a living room. "Library" cultivates children's reading pleasure from an early age. Of course, the functions of coffee table and TV cabinet are missing, and the space has become much larger.

Don't need a "library" in the living room

When you open the entrance door, you can feel the difference in the space, and the space area is still the same It is big, but the atmosphere is completely different. It is not as rigorous or even restrained as the traditional living room. It gives me the feeling of freedom, comfort and warmth that can be seen everywhere. Obviously, the living room is divided into two areas, and the wall-filled bookshelves separate the tatami floor, which really feels like a quiet library. The transparent storage shelf can not block the indoor light, let the sun shine into the room as much as possible, which is very comfortable. Let’s first look at the area with sofas, give up the large coffee table, not the TV cabinet, and change it into a toy storage cabinet with a finished storage box, so that this is not only a reading and learning area, but also a space for children to play, using rich colors to add a bit of fun sex. Usually small children will play in this open ground. This is the direct effect of removing some furniture and choosing a small sofa. Only in this way can a space become more functional and meet the current lifestyle. That's right. The reason why her family has been well received is indeed because the design is more in line with modern life. In many families, watching TV has become a low-frequency thing, especially families with two children, either busy playing with their children, or In tutoring homework, after all this is over, I have to prepare food for them. Finally, I have time to myself, and then I quickly swipe my mobile phone, and I don't have time to watch TV.

Super "eye-catching" platform design

The platform behind the bookshelf is also a space for people to praise, A quiet corner is the best place to read books. It is very valuable. In this fast-food information age, the two owners still maintain their love for paper books, immerse themselves in their spiritual world, and feel the beauty of life. And silently influence the children's words and deeds. Of course, there will definitely be different voices with such changes. Then, if you have guests in your house, where do you want them to go? Don't worry, the reception is in the restaurant next to the "Library".

Multifunctional restaurant

The restaurant is not only a place to eat, the large countertop is also a good place for reading and writing, and of course the best In the reception area, guests can sit here and communicate more conveniently at a close distance. Of course, in the city of Kunshan, the frequency of guests at home has been greatly reduced, and the demand for meeting guests has been greatly reduced, so let the guest restaurant try different decorations mode, in order to better adapt to their living habits. It is inevitable that the decoration of their home can be well received, meeting the living needs of many young people. Pay attention to the details of the dining table. Its four are designed with large beveled edges, in order to prevent children from bumping into it and reduce damage. The dining table looks towards the entry area.

Add bar design to make life more romantic

Some people say that after having a child, it is too difficult to think "romantic". The husband and wife created a condition during the decoration, that is, the small bar. It is also very romantic to sit here and have a drink after the big friend's elementary school and the children sleep. Coupled with the use of dream curtains for the curtains, the pure white combination makes the space more pure and allows the light to be perfectly integrated into the interior. In general, the entire dynamic space is designed quite well, especially the design of the living room being changed into a "library", which really surprised me. Follow me to see other spaces.


For those who love to cook, a bright, open space is the best surprise. The remodeled kitchen is very spacious. In addition to the well-designed central kitchen area, it is also the western kitchen operation area. The small white bricks on the wall and the wood color make the kitchen space so fresh and warm.

Master bedroom

is full of freshness and comfort. The overall design of white walls and logs is used, which is warm and elegant, peaceful and healing. The southernmost The windows are equipped with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows, making the indoor living and living more closely connected with the outdoor nature. There is another point that many envy, that is storage. For small apartments, storage is the top priority. In addition to the large amount of storage we can see in the living room, there is also a lot of storage space planned for the master bedroom. The hostess's statement is that the storage can at least meet the changing use of the next 10 years.

Children's Room

Children are growing up, in addition to creating a warm living environment for them, they also use more The ergonomic seat can adjust the height according to the height, which is very user-friendly. The bathroom was converted from a small bedroom. It should be noted that on the premise of keeping the load-bearing wall intact, the pipes at the toilet drain position should be punched and re-routed to the next space, so that is a reasonable bathroom. This dry area uses the same type of brick as the kitchen, which is simple and generous. The above is the content shared in this issue. Looking back, what impressed me most about this set of security is the design of the living room changed to "library". If you like it, you can refer to it.

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