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What should I do if the wall breaker still has slag when making soy milk? Is the wall breaker really slag-free to make soy milk?

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What should I do if the wall breaker still has slag when making soy milk? Is the wall breaker really slag-free to make soy milk?

Does the wall breaker still have slag when making soy milk? This is actually a normal situation, and it is impossible to have dregs-free soymilk. If you just drink the soymilk and drink it directly, you will not feel the residue, but after cooling and precipitation, you will find that the soymilk dregs are very obvious. So, how does the wall breaker make soy milk delicate? Let's have a look!

What should I do if the crusher still has residues when making soy milk

No matter which type of crusher is used, there will be a small amount of residue in the soy milk, but The thickness of the slag is different, and the current technology still cannot reach the level of "beating without slag". After the soymilk is made, drink it while it is hot, and the taste is mellow and the residue is not obvious, but if you let it cool down, you will find a precipitate. Wall-breaking technology breaks the cell wall, and since the plant cell wall is not easily absorbed by the body, it is more beneficial for the human body to digest only by breaking the cell wall and separating out the protein, rather than converting solids into liquids. Soymilk residues are tiny residues of plant fibers (the husks of soybeans) that have low nutritional value but are harmless. If consumed, it promotes bowel movements and aids in digestion.

How to make soy milk finely

Soy beans are soaked for about four hours, then drained and placed in into the wall breaker, add the right amount of water, and glaze them into the soy milk, one thing to watch out for is not to put too much water, then whip it a few times and gradually add more water. This will help to find the right taste and also help to make better soy milk. In fact, the whole wall breaker is very simple to make soy milk, and the operation is also very easy, but if it is a mechanically controlled wall breaker, it usually only takes two minutes, while the multifunctional wall breaker takes longer to make soy milk, usually requires 20 minutes or so.

Breaking Soymilk Skills

Using a wall breaker to make soymilk can properly add other ingredients, such as nuts or peanuts and sesame seeds, these ingredients can improve the taste and aroma of soymilk, and it will be smoother, it can be said that this is a kind of taste improvement. Method, and secondly, it is recommended to pay attention to adjusting the proportion when making soy milk, and use it multiple times to find out the required ingredients and water concentration, so as to avoid improper proportions and affect nutrition and taste.

Is there really no residue for soy milk made by the wall breaker?

No, there will always be some residue, it’s just a matter of how much. Because this is soybean, there will be dietary fiber, which is normal. And you must know that even though it is a wall-breaking technique, it cannot be completely free of slag, and after being beaten, you must drink it as soon as possible, and there will still be slag after a period of precipitation. Wall breaking is just the cell wall breaking, suitable for protein precipitation, not the conversion of solids into liquids.

How does the wall breaker achieve no slag

You need to understand first, what is okara, why there is okara and what is okara, anyway, it is the coarse particles of the beans themselves. Mainly talk about the working principle of the bean dregs soymilk machine and the wall breaker, which is to cut the beans with a high-speed blade. The higher the rotation speed of the machine, the better the cutting effect, and the less soybean dregs the soymilk. The motor power of the soymilk machine is very small. Compared with the wall breaker, it is really the difference between a bicycle and a motorcycle. Wall breakers are generally high-power and very high-speed. Therefore, the effect of making soymilk is even better. The soymilk ground by the high-end wall breaker has no bean dregs at all, and is all ground. The conclusion is: the power of the wall breaker is higher, and the speed of the blade is higher, so there is no soybean dregs for grinding soymilk.

Does the wall breaker need a filter to make soy milk?

Because the wall breaker can produce slag-free soy milk without a filter, it is more efficient than Traditional soymilk machines are easier to clean. It turns out that when we clean the soymilk machine, most of the time is spent on cleaning the okara attached to the stainless steel inner wall, and cleaning the okara of the filter is also time-consuming, the wall breaker solves this trouble, after making soymilk, just Rinse the mixing cup with water and it will be very clean. Compared with traditional soy milk, the use of a wall breaker to make soy milk is not only superior in taste, but also in nutritional value. The filtered bean dregs are also part of the nutrients in the beans. The content is naturally higher. In addition, due to the application of the wall-breaking technology, the overall nutritional value of soymilk made by the wall-breaking machine is also higher than that of the traditional soymilk machine.

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