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After a year of hard work, the new house can finally be moved in. It truly gives the child a home and feels very happy in life

2022-10-07 08:05:32 [Wall decoration ]
After a year of hard work, the new house can finally be moved in. It truly gives the child a home and feels very happy in life

For many of our families, we didn't have our own house when we got married, but when we had children, we worked hard to own a house of our own, and spent a lot of thought on decorating the home. This process can only be deeply experienced if you experience it. I am very happy to bring this new house of the owner's house to everyone. As the first new house in my life after marriage, I can finally move in the new house after a year of hard work. It is finally a real home for my children, and I feel very happy in life! The whole house did not hire a designer, nor did it find a decoration company. It was all designed by the male owner himself and used by workers himself, which is really amazing. The effect is really good, it is enviable to look at. Now, let's take everyone to experience the feeling, and hope to bring you good decoration inspiration! After the original pig liver red door was replaced, gray was chosen, which is more beautiful and more classy than the previous one. On the entrance door, there is a carved three-dimensional housewarming couplet of the Internet celebrity style, which is a very popular style, which makes people look very festive at first glance. Generally speaking, this kind of couplet can only be bought online. It is really worth having, and it is also worth recommending to everyone. After years of hard work, I owned this new house, and it took a year to install this new house. Now I can move in, really giving my children a home. The fingerprint lock installed on the entrance door is quicker to unlock and does not require the trouble of carrying a key, which is quite good. The child of the owner's family is trying to unlock the lock, very happy! The shoe cabinet is embedded, which has a sense of design, and it is also equipped with lights, which can play a good visual decoration effect, and can play a certain atmosphere. Of course, it can also play a role in lighting. effect. And the design of the cabinet door without the handle, the appearance is very high, it is very good, people like it very much at first sight! This is the dining room, with a square white slate dining table that occupies the right size and location. In fact, from this angle, it feels a bit like a tea room, which is really good. It was finally possible to move in. The family sat and dined together and was very happy. A very practical sideboard is customized next to it, which can provide a lot of storage space, which is very practical! I like this kind of north-south transparent apartment very much. The indoor lighting and transparency are not bad, and the dynamic and static partitions are more reasonable. The floor is covered with the now very popular gray tiles, which are more resistant to dirt and better match the entire space. The ceiling is installed on the top, which has a great sense of space. This is the perspective of the living room. Although it is the first decoration, the effect is really good, which is very enviable. The overall collocation is actually a bit similar to the feeling of a model house, and the effect is really good. I made a TV background wall in the living room of the Internet celebrity style. It looks very wordy, and with the design of no main light on the top, I like it so much. The family is very happy sitting on the sofa, watching the TV wall or chatting together. For the separate effect of the TV background wall in the living room, the Pandora slate is selected in the middle, and the grille and the display cabinet are added. Generally speaking, when designing such a TV wall, the traditional TV cabinet is often abandoned, and the platform is chosen instead, which adds a sense of fashion! Not only did it make the TV background wall in the living room, but also designed the sofa background wall, and the combination of siding and slate, even if there is no decorative painting, it is still popular. The style of the matching sofa and coffee table is not bad, it is very coordinated and very comfortable. Plants and paper towels can be placed on the coffee table, which can be used flexibly, making it more like home, more like a home, and it looks very lifelike. The aisle is more conventional, with several downlights installed on the top surface, the lighting is bright enough at night, and the light is not dazzling. This is the master bedroom, with a double bed, and the space is sufficient. When designing the wardrobe, a space is reserved next to it as a dressing table. For a design like this, many are perfect! For the master bedroom, there are two wardrobes, which can add a good storage space, which is especially practical. Made a relatively simple bedside background wall, which looks better. The position of the dressing table looks very design, and the size and position are particularly suitable, which makes people like it very much at a glance. The makeup mirror is round, and the style is quite popular. I have already moved in. I can dress up here every day, and I am very happy! This is the second bedroom, with a custom closet that goes straight to the top without wasting a bit of space. The area is just enough, and the swing door is installed, which is very convenient when storing clothes or storing clothes. There is a lamp installed on the back of the bed, which can play a very good role in lighting, and the visual effect is even better! The location of the balcony is convenient for children at home to do homework or read books, and the location is sufficient. Floor-to-ceiling windows, the lighting is very abundant, the light is very good! Plants are arranged on the bathroom counter in the bathroom, which can play a certain decorative effect. It is still very necessary! The LED cabinet mirror is installed, which can increase some storage space, and also has the function of heating and defogging, which has a great effect. The sharing ends here. It is really not easy to build a new house after a year of hard work. It can be regarded as a real home for the children in the family. The family is happy and happy. The above pictures are reproduced by the owner: the little girls are in /

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