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The invisible kitchen is a few streets away from the open kitchen! Multifunctional storage to support, squeeze 5 square meters more

2023-02-03 08:32:29 [workmanship ]
The invisible kitchen is a few streets away from the open kitchen! Multifunctional storage to support, squeeze 5 square meters more

The kitchen becomes invisible, and the storage is not reduced! ▲ Image source/Olivier Chabaud▼▼In order to prevent the messy kitchen from irritating the eyes, invisible kitchen design has become more and more popular in recent years. Not only electrical equipment, but also countertops, range hoods, and stoves can be hidden to make the kitchen the most beautiful scenery in the home▲ Image source/Edmonds + Lee Architects However, to be honest, there is not much space for storage in the invisible kitchen. It is all supported by multi-functional hardware. There is no shortage of storage and kitchen functions by using rails, sliding doors or lift-up designs. ▲ Image source /INS©czasnawnetrze Let's see where the invisible kitchen can be hidden and stored, so that you can collect more without revealing traces!

1 ► Countertop Wall Cabinet

The countertop is the easiest place to put things, how about seasoning pots and cooking utensils? It's irritating to the eyes, it's better to move the sink or stove forward, there will be more wall cabinets that can be mounted on the wall, and the wall space will be used up. Seasonings, dry goods, bowls and dishes can all be collected and hidden, and the countertops are clean and free of objects. ▲ Image source/INS©cellajaneblog However, it should also be reminded that the depth of the general countertop is about 60 cm, which is an easy distance to reach. Considering the ease of access, it is recommended that the cabinet behind the sink or stove is 10 to 15 cm deep. Once the combined depth of the countertop and the cabinet is too deep, you may not be able to reach it. ▲ Image source/INS©linnealions_design In addition to the wall cabinet, you can also use the flip-down hardware to hide knives and cutting boards, and the wall storage function is more versatile. ▲ Image source/ If you don’t want to change the depth of the countertop, you can also install the cabinet directly on the countertop, and at the same time make it into a sky-high cabinet, which can effectively increase the storage capacity. ▲ Image source/INS©blakesldn is usually suitable for use as an electrical cabinet. ▲ Image source/INS©studiodearborn Use the lift-up or side-pull cabinet door to hide the coffee machine and toaster, which is more convenient to open, the cabinet door will not hit the wall, the electrical appliances will not be seen, and the kitchen is clean and neat. ▲ Image source/INS©christinedonnerdesign

2 ► Shelf behind the door

Don't waste the space of the door, not only as a door, but also for storage. You can install a shelf behind the door to store oil, condiments, and beverages, and people who like to stock up immediately store twice as much. ▲ Image source/INS©charlottewilliamsdesign The design of the shelf suggests that a depth of 10 cm is enough. In order to accommodate the shelf, the overall cabinet should be deepened by 10 cm so that the cabinet door can be closed. ▲ Image source/INS©charlottewilliamsdesign▲Image source/INS©studiodearborn considers that the door will store a lot of items, and the hinge of the cabinet door should also strengthen the load-bearing function, so as to avoid too heavy crushing the hardware and prolong the service life. ▲ Image source/INS©studiodearborn▲ Image source/INS©studiodearborn

3 ► Embedded countertop storage

If you want the storage to be invisible, you might as well integrate with the countertop! You can embed a 10 cm deep storage behind the sink, which can be used as a dish drainer, and the washed cups and dishes can be placed here to dry first. ▲ Image source/ ▲ Image source/ The space under the countertop can be deeply used, and soup scoops, chopsticks or kitchen knives can be hidden, and there are more useful shelves. ▲ Image source/Pinterest Nakajima countertops can also be used! Insert the cutlery box on the countertop, and you can take out the knife, fork and chopsticks immediately when you eat here, which is fast and convenient. ▲ Image source/ATELIER FB▲ Image source/ATELIER FB

4 ► Corner monster

The kitchen is most afraid of encountering corner space, which is not easy to store, and easy to take Inconvenient, it can easily become a black hole where debris accumulates. It is better to use small monsters to effectively drain the space. For example, the design of its own turntable can be taken in one turn, which is not only faster and more convenient, but also can see the inventory quantity at a glance. ▲ Image source/INS©zortasmutfak The corner space is large, suitable for storing large dishes, pots and pans. With a double-layer design, the storage capacity is more. ▲ Image source/INS©studiodearborn▲ Image source/INS©zortasmutfak

5 ► Pull-out furniture

Don’t look at the invisible kitchen, there is no place for storage, it is actually hidden Lots of functions. Use the pull-out hardware to hide the table board, and it can be used as a countertop or chopping board when pulled out, making it easy to cut vegetables. ▲ Photo source/Studio Bazi▲ Photo source/Adams + Beasley Associates can also be hidden in the dining table, so a small family of two is not crowded. ▲ Image source/INS©zortasmutfak Don't waste it if you have a middle island. The dining table is embedded in the middle island. The retractable design makes the table bigger, and it is no problem to invite relatives, friends and girlfriends to get together. ▲ Image source/Simon Whitbread Or insert the table board into the middle island, and rotate it to add a large dining table for 6 people. Usually, it does not take up space when folded. ▲ Picture source/ATELIER FB▲ Picture source/ATELIER FB These are the multi-functional designs of the invisible kitchen. While expanding the storage, it can also make the kitchen clean and devoid of objects.

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