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These 10 kitchen designs were stupid when they were first renovated. Don't follow these steps.

2023-02-03 07:04:01 [cleaning ]
These 10 kitchen designs were stupid when they were first renovated. Don't follow these steps.

Everything is done once and twice, and the decoration is the same. Take my home as an example, I counted the kitchen, and there are 10 designs that are stupid. To sum it up, the purpose of sharing it with everyone is to remind people who want to decorate, don't follow my footsteps.

1. The gap between the hood and cabinet is large

When I first renovated, I knew that my knowledge reserve was limited, so I kept on Raiders, learning. In the precautions for the installation of hanging cabinets and hoods, I learned that in order to fit the seam, you must look at the size of the hood in advance, and then customize the hanging cabinets according to the size. But even so, it was overturned during installation, because two points were ignored: (1) The width of the hood is 90cm. When customizing the hanging cabinet, it was reserved according to this size, but the accuracy of the installation was ignored, resulting in the hood being just a little worse. mm, can not be embedded; ② I ignored the installation method of the hood, and only knew during the installation that the hood is hung rather than nailed to the wall, the process of hanging will fall, there is no space reserved for hanging above the cabinet, after falling , there will be a gap of 2-3 cm between the cabinet and the cabinet. Fortunately, I discovered these two problems in time, and asked the master to rectify them on the spot. The interior of the hanging cabinet was raised by 4cm. Finally, the desired effect of tight fitting was achieved.

2. Quartz countertops are too fake

For the first decoration, how can I study such a deep problem of material, so, in When it comes to the purchase of countertops, I have stepped on the pit. Occasionally, I saw a post saying that some small factories that produce quartz stone will add a lot of calcium powder and broken glass in their manufacturing process for the sake of profit. You can pour acetic acid (white vinegar is also good) to verify, and the reaction foams, which means that the calcium powder or quartz stone content is low, not good quartz stone, or even contains no quartz stone. Sure enough, after pouring white vinegar on the countertop of my house, small air bubbles formed. I said, why is it so easy to bleed in normal times? If you are not careful, marks will be left on the countertop. For non-professionals, we can't tell whether it is true or not with the naked eye, but we can ask for a small sample and test it at home. In addition to pouring white vinegar to test whether it is adulterated, you can also pour oil and soy sauce to test whether there is color bleeding. Otherwise, a series of problems such as breakage, yellowing, and bleeding are prone to occur in the later stage. For the countertops that have been prepared, and there are problems of yellowing and bleeding, it can be cleaned with a bleeding cleaner. Because of the countertops in my house, there is always a bleed cleaner at home. It is relatively easy to use. If the cloth is not clean, spray the bleed cleaner with toilet paper and cover it, then cover it with plastic wrap, leave it for one night, and the color will bleed. will react cleanly. Moreover, not only the kitchen countertops, but also the stains that are difficult to clean on the tile floor, and the beautiful seam stains, I also use it to clean, and the effect is not bad.

3. The size of the kitchen high cabinet is wrong

The size of the other cabinets in the kitchen is the size of the other cabinets in the kitchen. There are also problems of accuracy during installation. , especially the part that does embedded appliances. The designed lattice is a little bit, and the effect that comes out is not beautiful. In order to avoid this situation, when customizing the cabinet, you must tell the designer to strictly follow the size, which can be a little wider by 3-5mm, but not too large, and it will not look good if it is empty. In addition, there are not a few people who forget to leave the power supply in the cabinet. You must pay attention to this, otherwise you can only make do with the power strip.

4. The location of the sink is awkward

I thought that putting the sink aside would leave enough space for the food preparation area. Smart design. But it turned out that not only was the plan wrong, but now it seems that it is quite stupid. Not to mention, the sink behind the side, how good is the appearance, anyway, when you use it, it will be awkward. I feel that the cupboard is always squeezing my hips, and my waist is also twisting. Every time I wash the dishes, I feel a pain in my back and my cervical spine.

5. The first decoration of matte wall tiles

is basically about looking good. As for the later cleaning problem, it is not at all. I didn't expect it. And then there's the remorse for the matte, over-textured brick for the kitchen. Every pattern is a breeding ground for filth and filth in the later period. In addition, the matt brick itself is not easy to clean, and the road to cleaning is even more difficult.

6. The gas stove is not centered

The gas stove and the sink have made similar mistakes and are not centered, which is also embarrassing. Unlike the sink, this person does not need to twist the bar, but it is too close to the side wall. When using it, it is difficult to put a larger pot. When the fire is too high, it is easy to bake the side wall tiles too high. I didn't realize it before, but because the hooks on the side were baked, I was reminded. Fortunately, it didn't cause a big disaster. I really dared not think that if the tiles cracked and splashed because of the high temperature, the consequences would be more serious.

7. Bowls and Trays

Also because of the inexperience in the first decoration, in the cabinets, bowls and trays were added. the design of. This design, although it can make the dishes stand up neatly, is not very practical for me. Because, first of all, there are many special-shaped bowls and plates in my house. This kind of fixed-position card slot cannot be put in and has no practical use. Then, when making cabinets, hardware is an extra item. Therefore, many people, like mine, threw them away because they thought it was not practical.

8. The countertop is too high

If it is the first renovation, the designer will give you a reference for the height of the kitchen countertop The range, because of inexperience, is easy to do high. As a result, I was about 1.5 meters tall and made a 90cm countertop. Although the washing and cutting side is a bit high, it can still be carried on the arm, but in the cooking area, plus the height of the stove, the pot directly reaches my chest. It is no exaggeration to say that every time I cook, my face can stick to the pot. superior. Later I learned that for comfort, the height of the stove can actually be designed according to the height of the owner. The calculation formula is that the height of the person who cooks often is about ÷ 2+5cm.

9. The water heater pipes are not pre-buried

For the first decoration, many things should be considered in the bricklaying stage, and because there is no Experience, later discovered, is too late. Even if there is only one water heater pipeline, if the pipeline is pre-buried in advance, there will only be two valves under the water heater, so that the messy pipeline will not affect the appearance of the kitchen. Even, with the permission of the property in some areas, the water heater can be wrapped in the cabinet, and the appearance is higher. But how could so many have known it earlier? Fortunately, there are many water heater pipeline concealment schemes. The operation is simple and practical, and it is the pegboard. Use a magnetic hook to attach to the bottom of the water heater, then hang the perforated board, and then match it with a storage box and hook to store trivial gadgets used in the kitchen. The whole operation requires no glue, no punching, and the appearance is not bad.

10. The hanging cabinet does not reach the top

The first time it was renovated, I just heard others say that the hanging cabinet is too high to the top. It is also easy to become an idle item accumulation area because it is out of reach. Then I couldn't make the top hanging cabinet, and now it seems that it is stupid to do so. Although the ceiling-mounted cabinet is too high to be enough, there are many shortcomings, such as low aesthetics, and reduced storage space, because there are some items that are not commonly used in the home, and these items also need to be stored. The point is that the ceiling is empty now, and it has become a hiding place for dust and bugs. It is inconvenient to clean it. Therefore, in order to be beautiful, large in capacity, and easy to clean in the future, it is recommended to directly top the hanging cabinet.

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