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Small two-bedroom Nordic style decoration, open and comfortable, full of happiness

2023-02-03 08:30:36 [Wall decoration ]
Small two-bedroom Nordic style decoration, open and comfortable, full of happiness

This case is a two-bedroom apartment. The owner is an office worker who loves life, but the beautiful owner has a fast pace of life and too much work pressure. He wants to have a peaceful and peaceful place at home, and hopes to use the designer to give them Design a set of fresh and beautiful home, after a period of time, the house and decoration are completed, let's take a look at the actual effect of the small two-bedroom Nordic style decoration case! Living room design Entering the living room, what catches the eye is the wall of wood color and white mix and match, with a simple texture; coupled with the green plants on the TV table, matching the wood color, it seems to return to a fresh pastoral. Looking at the soft sofa in the living room, choose a gray fabric sofa, which achieves high-quality effects in terms of comfort and texture, while the light green single chair placed near the balcony can be moved at will, with greater flexibility! The living room is connected to the balcony, and the sight of the space is wider. The double-layer curtains installed are more practical. The transparent curtains can be used to block the sun during the day, and the gray curtains at night can better isolate the outdoor environment, so that the small home can be isolated from the hustle and bustle of the world. outside. Dining room design Entering the left side of the room is the dining room. The walls of the dining room are not decorated too much, mainly white, and then a wooden dining table and a wooden bench are arranged to adjust the color system of the space. A wooden locker placed near the corner of the balcony can be used to store table items and give them a place to put them. The integrated design of guest and dining, the sense of depth of sight is stronger, coupled with the penetration of balcony lighting, it enhances more brightness for the entire space. Bedroom design The master bedroom and the living room have the same overall tone, simplicity and freshness. The wooden floor and white walls have both a simple texture and a warm atmosphere. What the bedroom needs is such tranquility and plainness. The second bedroom is a children's room. In order to prevent the child from falling off the bed at night, a guardrail is added beside the bed to protect the child, and the circular carpet on the floor is mainly for children's daily play. The above is a detailed introduction to the Nordic style decoration case of small two-bedroom apartment, I hope it can help you!

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