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130 square meters three-bedroom, modern and simple texture decoration, white and gray combination is more wonderful

2023-02-03 07:58:28 [floor ]
130 square meters three-bedroom, modern and simple texture decoration, white and gray combination is more wonderful

The house in this case has a total area of ​​130 square meters. It is a three-bedroom. According to the actual needs of the owner, it adopts a modern and simple style. The designer mainly uses two colors of white and gray to smudge the simple style. , the vision is wider, which perfectly fits the daily life of the owner. Let's take a look at the real effect of the 130-square-meter three-bedroom apartment! Entrance design In home design, the entryway is often an important storage place. Here, a custom cabinet to the top is installed. The bottom is left empty, and slippers can be placed. Items are kept where they belong and arranged in an orderly manner. The living room design continues to move forward and enters the living room. The combination of white and gray colors shows the atmospheric texture. The gray sofa is arranged in the soft accessories to form a contrast with the white walls and cabinets. This is the color configuration art of interior design. A locker is installed on the TV background wall of the living room for storage and placement of items in the living room. The ink-colored TV background wall shows the primitive traditional culture and is full of artistic texture. The role of accessories in the living room has been perfectly presented in this case, whether it is the bouquet of the entry porch, the small metal object in the corner of the sofa, or the green plant on the perforated board, all add a design aesthetic to the living room. The living room is connected to the balcony, and the space vision is more open and transparent, so that the light source is spread between the living rooms, and the warmth of home is here. The role of decorative paintings in the improvement of artistic style cannot be ignored. No, in order to make the white walls not empty, the designer hung two symmetrical decorative paintings on the walls. visual line. Restaurant Design In this case, in order to effectively utilize the space, the integrated design of the guest and restaurant is adopted, which improves the space utilization rate. Gray leather dining chairs, with off-white marble dining table, contrast of light and dark, superimposition of deep and shallow, everywhere reflects the designer's aesthetic collocation. Kitchen design The overall style of the kitchen and the living room is consistent. White cabinets, white walls and gray floors show a sense of hierarchy. The L-shaped kitchen layout is highly compatible with the kitchen space. The bedroom design is different from that of the living room. The bedroom is covered with wooden floors, which highlights the warm, peaceful and comfortable feeling of the bedroom. Coupled with the soft yellow night light by the head of the bed, the atmosphere is even more prominent. Connected to the bedroom is the dressing room. The built-in digital desk and the hanging wardrobe are designed to achieve diverse functions and beautiful performance. Bathroom design In the bathroom, the walls and floors are covered with marble tiles, mainly considering the convenience of cleaning in the later stage, and the choice of sample color is to highlight the simple style of texture and atmosphere. The above is the relevant introduction about the real case of a 130-square-meter three-bedroom house. If you want to know more about home decoration, please leave a message to consult us!

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