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Although decoration and environmental protection are important, they cannot be used as an excuse for slaughtering customers.

2023-02-03 07:25:49 [Materials ]
Although decoration and environmental protection are important, they cannot be used as an excuse for slaughtering customers.

There are many companies that promise customers that the materials I use are absolutely zero formaldehyde and absolutely environmentally friendly. I think that even people from the Chinese Academy of Sciences are sometimes confused about chemistry. You are a salesman in a small decoration company who didn't even graduate from junior high school. Do you have the qualifications to shoot such a chest? There are also companies that mention every day that their family members have leukemia and cancer after renovation, and the media is also fueling the fire, making people panic, and then they launch a series of high-priced packages, in the name of environmental protection, and charge high fees. How to deal with decoration and environmental protection? A black contractor like me who has not graduated from junior high school has his own independent ideas. Let us evaluate whether it makes sense. My corporate culture is seven words, truth, duty, and understanding of life. Why is truth more important than duty? Many companies talk about duty, but no one ever mentions truth, because they dare not Or can't extract such an essence. Let’s take the environmental protection of decoration materials. The decoration company’s assurance that it is not true, that is, it does not understand the meaning of the word true, and draws conclusions on things that are not qualified to draw conclusions, which is not only unduly and rigorous, but will mislead customers. Because many young customers in big cities are highly educated and their judgment ability is very good, they just lack real information in the industry. As a practitioner, what you should do is not to pat your chest, but to provide real materials. For example, my attitude towards environmental protection is that we never allow marketers to pat their chests. We will provide the real names and textures of decoration materials, and we will never steal them. We will also make it clear which materials are at what price and what quality in the market, and provide two options. . The materials I use for clients are also used in the decoration of my own home. The first suite of my house was renovated in 2010, and I moved in a month after it was installed. At that time, my daughter was five years old and lived in that house. Six years; the same materials were used for the client's renovation of the second house. The family lived in it for five years, and there was no serious problem with the family. Also, I have worked in Nanjing for 16 years, decorating thousands of customers, and every customer has contact with us because they have to do after-sales service, but no one ever told me that someone in the family was seriously ill. The brands of materials I use are public. Once there are fakes, not only customers can make claims, but we can also seek claims from merchants. Because we never deliberately want fakes for cheap, we are naturally justified. In this case, with real data, customers will naturally determine what materials to use and what kind of money to spend based on their own circumstances, rather than being deceived and then being slaughtered. For example, when a customer buys a tile, our workers find that there is a problem with the tile, and will tell the customer what will happen if the tile is pasted. For another example, we will tell customers that ordinary latex paint and big brand latex paint are painted on the wall, and there is no difference in the later effect. It is still difficult for children to doodle and clean, and the environmental protection degree still exceeds the national standard. In this way, it is easy to judge whether the customer wants to spend more money and use a better latex paint. There are many other cases that can show the importance of the real word in the decoration process. In fact, it is also bred from the two words of duty, including the previous proposal of not arguing, which belongs to the category of duty. Corporate culture is easy to mention, slogans are easy to shout, but shouting to customers is completely different from shouting to yourself. Fools shout to customers, smart people shout to themselves, corporate culture is well implemented, not necessarily customers The beneficiary company suffers, in fact, the company benefits even more than the customer benefits.

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