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How to keep kitchen storage neat and tidy? After seeing the kitchen of this wife's house, I decided to follow

2023-02-03 04:00:08 [cleaning ]
How to keep kitchen storage neat and tidy? After seeing the kitchen of this wife's house, I decided to follow

The kitchen can be said to be the "big trouble" area for storage at home. Because of the large number of pots and pans, bottles and cans and small tableware, kitchen storage becomes difficult, and it will be messy if you don't pay attention. So, how should kitchen storage be done so that it looks clean and tidy, or in a chaotic order? Recently, I saw the kitchen of a Cantonese wife, and the storage is really awesome! In the whole kitchen, whether it is from the cabinet decoration or the configuration of the storage area, it will not give people the feeling of disorder and disorder, but make cooking more convenient. Not much to say, let's take a look~

1. Storage around the cooking area

I personally feel that if the kitchen area is not large and the layout is similar, it can be done according to this housewife. Wife's kitchen storage "copy". The first is the storage around the cooking area, which is roughly divided into four parts: the cutting and matching operation area, the stove area, the base cabinet storage area, and the hanging cabinet storage area. Taking advantage of the protruding corner wall, the wife installed storage racks and partitions. The racks are used to hang a series of kitchen utensils such as spoons, cooking shovels, and pot mats, and the shelf beside the stove is used for storage. Seasoning bottles and oil bottles not only make full use of the redundant space, but also easy to take. In the concave angle in the operation area, the vertical space on the wall is also used to install the spoon and chopsticks rest + knife rest, and there are also special countertop lighting on it, which makes the process of cutting and preparing vegetables clearer and the details are well done. . Oh, by the way, the two shelves next to the stove area also have front guardrails, so it is not easy to fall and spill when they are placed casually. It can be seen that this lady also took into account the usage habits in the process of intensive storage. , very kind. Two layers of partitions are made under the cooktop to further separate and utilize the larger space in the cabinet. The upper layer uses a storage box with a lifting search to store some spare condiments, and the lower layer uses a semi-open storage box to store all kinds of condiments vertically. Plant pots, look at a glance.

Second, the grain storage area

is directly opposite the cooking area, there is a narrow space, the lady just took advantage of this narrow space to customize There is a grain storage cabinet, and coarse grains such as rice noodles and beans are stored in an orderly manner.

Three. Storage in the sink area

The sink is in front of the kitchen window, and the wife further planned the storage in this area. First of all, she installed a perforated board in front of the bed to store various cleaning cloths, brushes and other cleaning tools. Although it took up part of the window space, it improved the storage capacity of the countertop. Under the countertop drain, the sink cabinet is also well-organized. Not only are there racks to store dishcloths, but there are also areas for water purifiers, dishwashers and other cleaning supplies. Don't mess up!


All in all, although the kitchen of this wife's house is not large, the storage is really good. It is visually organized and satisfying. The practicality is very admirable! How do you feel about the storage in this kitchen? ~ (The picture comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, delete it immediately)

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