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After staying in the new home for half a year, I am more and more grateful that these 10 correct decisions were made during the renovation

2023-02-03 05:26:01 [floor]
After staying in the new home for half a year, I am more and more grateful that these 10 correct decisions were made during the renovation

The decoration is no trivial matter, everything must be taken care of, and the time and energy have been spent in the early stage, and the final result will definitely not be too bad. Now that I have lived in my new home for more than half a year, I am more and more fortunate that I made 10 correct decisions. I will share with you today, hoping to help.

1. Tile throughout the whole house

Except for the bedroom, the whole house is covered with light gray tiles, do not cross the door stone and waveguide line, the integrity It is strong and has a strong sense of space extension, making the small room appear larger and more open.

2. No suspended ceiling

Considering the limited height of the house, no suspended ceiling was used. The top surface is left blank, and 10cm plaster lines are pasted on both sides for decoration, which is simple and elegant, and durable to look at.

3. Opening the living room on the balcony

Knock on the sliding door of the balcony to connect the living room with the balcony, and the whole living room looks bright and bright .

4. Suspended TV cabinet

The TV cabinet does not fall to the ground, there is no sanitary dead corner, and it is very convenient to clean.

5. High-foot sofa

The living room is equipped with a straight-row high-foot sofa, which saves space and has a good visual effect. Usually, the hygiene is all handed over to the sweeping robot, and the dust in the dead corners of the sofa can be cleaned up, which is very neat.

6. Don't customize wardrobes

The price of customized wardrobes is high, and there is also the problem of formaldehyde pollution. In the metal cloakroom, at first, the family complained that it was cheap to make a metal wardrobe, but now it becomes more and more addicting! The metal cloakroom is free of formaldehyde pollution and has a flexible structure. The pattern can be adjusted as needed at any time, which is convenient for storing clothes; it will not be deformed by moisture, and it is stable and durable. A folding cabinet door is added on the outside to prevent dust from falling in, and the overall feeling of use is great!

7. The side-mounted smoking machine in the kitchen

occupies a small space and has a high appearance. Cooking and cooking will not be like a top smoking machine. Bump head, more comfortable to use.

8. Invisible shower curtain for bathroom

Invisible shower curtain to close the bathroom at home is not big, making a shower room costs money and takes up space , I looked through many plans during the decoration, only to find this invisible shower curtain. The invisible shower curtain can be installed without punching, which does not damage the wall. It is simple and convenient to use by pushing and pulling; the shower curtain is a waterproof fabric with good waterproof and mildew-proof effect. The key is that it is very space-saving, it does not need to be received on one side of the wall, and it is not obtrusive at all.

9. Don't need a bedside table

The bedside table is bulky and inconvenient to move, so a small cart is placed next to the bedroom bed, with four floors The capacity is convenient for storage, and there are rollers at the bottom. It is light and flexible to move, and there is no dead angle for hygiene. It is very practical.

10. Use a rounded window

The bottom of the common right-angle window is too sharp, and it is easy to touch yourself if you accidentally open the window ,There are security risks. During the renovation, I spent a little more money and replaced the original windows with rounded windows, which are seamless, beautiful, safe and easy to use. (The picture comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, delete it immediately)

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