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Make no mistake, simple style ≠ simple style! 3 tricks to teach everyone to pretend to be a successful minimalist

2023-02-03 08:00:56 [cleaning ]
Make no mistake, simple style ≠ simple style! 3 tricks to teach everyone to pretend to be a successful minimalist

Have you watched the recently popular movie "Lone on the Moon"? We don't care about the praise or criticism on the Internet. For Fei Mojun, who felt funny when he saw Shen Teng's face, this movie is still worth the ticket price~ After watching it, my colleagues immediately asked Fei Mojun how he felt after watching it, and. .. Is there any good decoration in it that can be shared? Fei Mojun: Uh... Although there is no house on the moon, Shen Teng's own home is still very good! Let's praise it from a tricky angle. Look at this big floor-to-ceiling window, big house, high-end minimalist style...the point of drooling in minutes. Do you want to wear the same simple style of Uncle Shen? let's go! 3 aspects, teach you to arrange a successful minimalist style decoration ~ common elements of minimalist style The minimalist style of Shen Teng's house is wood floor + stone + wood veneer, these are the design elements commonly used in minimalist style. 1. Stone enhances the texture of simple style, and stone can be used as an option for TV or sofa background wall. Be careful, don't choose too gorgeous stone, prefer marble with elegant texture. 2. Wood veneer The wood veneer panel is natural and rustic, and it is also one of the most commonly used materials in simple style decoration. 3. Wooden lines Wooden lines are wooden decorations with a sense of lines. As a simple-style wall decoration, they can better reflect the sense of hierarchy. 4. If the cement wall likes a cold and simple style, you can also consider choosing a wall decoration with cement texture. Available materials: cement concrete, micro-cement, art paint. 5. The glass door with the minimalist glass frame stands upright, with a fashionable and transparent beauty, with a metal black frame, it can also be used as a simple decoration! Note that since it is necessary to be simple, the shape of the glass should also be simple, and patterned glass is not recommended. You can choose Changhong glass, transparent glass, frosted glass, etc. 6. Soft material ①Choose the sofa with simple lines instead of too complicated shapes. ②Curtain pillow, you can choose cotton and linen material. ②Do not choose too luxurious materials, such as velvet materials. The rest do not have too many requirements, mainly depends on the designer's collocation. The color matching of the simple style is also one of the souls of the style design. The color matching of the simple style uses less high-saturation colors. 1. Black + white + gray, black, white and gray are the most classic color schemes for minimalist style, and you can never go wrong with any combination. 2. Black + white + gray + brown series If you want a warmer atmosphere in the space, you can consider adding brown series on the basis of black, white and gray, which can be done through sofa upholstery, or through other decorations. 3. Log + gray + white If you like the effect of lighter colors, you can use less black, and use log color, gray, and white as the main color of the space. 4. Gray + white + blue and blue are cool colors, which can be used as soft outfits in the space. In general: ●Simple style color matching try to choose low-saturation colors, large-scale color matching, and no more than 3 colors. ●Simple style commonly used background colors: black, white, gray, log color. ●Simple style commonly used theme colors: brown, blue, etc. ●Simple style commonly used embellishment colors: linen, brown, etc. Simple style design skills Let's talk about simple style design skills! 1. Simple ceiling The ceiling is selected according to the needs, the shape is simple, do not add things with patterns, and do not drop the ceiling. 2. Simplified lines and lines can be done through decorations such as wooden lines, or through the design of lamp lines. Note that not everything with a sense of line is matched with the simple style, and do not choose decorations with too complicated patterns, such as plaster lines. 3. Decorations such as wave lines on the ground are definitely not necessary. To enhance the sense of simplicity on the ground, you can choose to spread the floor. If you don't want to pass through the paving, to simplify the closing, you can use the edge bar instead of the traditional threshold stone. Simple style ≠ simple style, simple style well dressed, is the blend of beauty and texture, never out of date! What style do you choose to decorate your home? Leave a message in the comment area~

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