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After cooking, you find that the number of exercise steps is 5000+, your kitchen layout is too unreasonable, right?

2023-02-03 03:31:11 [cleaning ]
After cooking, you find that the number of exercise steps is 5000+, your kitchen layout is too unreasonable, right?

The first reaction of many friends to the kitchen layout is that the original layout of the kitchen affects the layout design during the renovation. However, the following factor is an important reason that affects the layout of the kitchen. 1. Frequency and needs To do a good job in the layout of the kitchen, first of all, it is necessary to clarify the "frequency of use" of the kitchen and its own "demand". The frequency of using the kitchen is simply low, medium and high. If you order takeout at get off work during the day, you may not use the kitchen a few times a month if you are too late or too lazy to cook at night. Occasionally bring meals, the commute is not long, I cook at home in the morning and evening, and I use the kitchen almost every day. Cooking enthusiasts, study dishes whenever they have time, and spend most of their time in the kitchen; or cook three meals a day at home. The above are the simplest and crudest classification criteria, and different usage frequencies reflect different degrees of demand. If the demand is high, the requirements for various functional areas of the kitchen will be higher, and vice versa. Therefore, different "frequency of use" and different "demand" also affect the "layout of the kitchen". (In detail, there are many points to consider: the frequency of cooking, the number of people eating, the number of dishes, the type of dishes, the style and weight of the dishes, the disposal method of leftovers, the amount of electrical appliances, the type and amount of rice, noodles, grains, oils and preparations, and grain storage. type and quantity, type and quantity of kitchen utensils and tableware, type and quantity of cleaning supplies, etc.) 2. When the original space of a one-line kitchen is relatively “narrow and slender”, it will be designed into a “one-line” according to the space structure. type". Or for people who have a "low usage rate" of the kitchen, they can just meet the basic needs, and they will also be designed in this way. The structure and circulation planning of the one-line kitchen are very simple. However, in the process of use, high-frequency foldback will occur, which is more tiring. If the homeowner does not use the kitchen very much and does not put a lot of kitchen utensils, seasonings, rice, flour, grain and oil and other items, then the storage demand of the kitchen will be reduced accordingly, and it will be easier to take care of. So how to set up cabinets in a one-line kitchen? First of all, in view of the limited space in the kitchen, when setting up the cabinets, it is necessary to “arrange it against the wall” as much as possible to adapt to the characteristics of the space, and at the same time, it can also meet the basic storage needs. The space is limited, so the areas of the "meal preparation area" and "stove area" are relatively limited. In addition, the moving line planning of the one-shaped kitchen is relatively simple, so the positions of different functional areas can be designed according to the steps of cooking. The general design is: refrigerator-washing area-preparing area-cooking area. If the space is relatively large, a basic treatment area can be designed between the refrigerator and the washing area. Place items for basic processing. If the refrigerator cannot be placed in the kitchen with limited space, according to the principle of proximity, place the refrigerator as close as possible to the washing area, such as the door of the kitchen. 3. L-shaped L-shaped kitchen can be said to have an additional "one word" on the basis of the one-line kitchen. If the kitchen is a rectangle with a larger area, you can design an L shape. For friends who use the kitchen frequently, the L-shaped kitchen can be designed with more functional areas. Very practical. The L-shaped kitchen makes full use of the corners of the kitchen. If the cabinets are properly designed and fully utilized, it can bring more "storage space". Whether it is a closed kitchen or an open kitchen, L-shaped kitchens are popular. In an open kitchen, the short side of the L-shaped kitchen can be designed as a dining table or a bar. The space is large, and the meal preparation area can be expanded. The storage area can accommodate a refrigerator. This makes it easier to prepare and cook. The L-shaped kitchen can create a kitchen "golden triangle", refrigerator-washing area-cooking area, with the cooking area as a point, the left and right sides are the refrigerator (storage) and the cleaning area, and other aspects can be arranged according to the actual situation. 4. U-shaped surrounded by three sides, like "one-line + L-shaped". Ample storage space also ensures that the kitchen is fully functional. If the kitchen is a rectangle with a large area, the owner will use the kitchen frequently, and it will generally be designed as a "U-shaped". Comprehensive and detailed. The operating table is larger, the area of ​​each functional area can be reasonably allocated, the planning of the moving line can be more personalized, and it is also suitable for multiple people to operate at the same time, which saves time and effort. When the moving line is planned reasonably, it is convenient and comfortable to use; on the contrary, if the planning is unreasonable, it may be too busy to use. Therefore, you must first clearly list your needs for each functional area, and design each functional area according to the user's usage habits and storage habits. If you are worried about missing something, you can communicate and discuss with your family members. Of course, it is best to communicate with the designer in detail. From the perspective of the user and the perspective of space planning of the design, solve the problems that appear or hide. In general, the design of the U-shaped kitchen is: refrigerator-storage area-preparation area-washing area-preparing area-cooking area. The washbasin in the cleaning area will be designed at the bottom of the U-shaped U (turn transition area), and other functional areas will be on both sides of the cleaning area. 5. Double one-word parallel lines. This type of design also requires space area. Because the walls on both sides are the consoles arranged in sequence, the space area is larger, which is easy to operate. When using the double-word kitchen, it is easy to operate and can be used by many people at the same time. There are many functional areas, which are also arranged in the order of refrigerator-storage area-preparation area-washing area-meal preparation area-cooking area-plating. 5. Island table If the kitchen space is not large enough, and you want to achieve a U-shaped layout, you can destroy the wall that can be knocked down and add an "island table" to achieve an open U-shaped kitchen - that is, an island kitchen . The space is more open, and multiple people can use the kitchen without disturbing each other. 6. The basic steps of moving line design cooking are: take - wash - cut - fry - serve. Corresponding to the four basic functional areas of the kitchen: refrigerator (taking), sink (washing), meal preparation area (cutting), stove area (frying, serving). According to the frequency of use, combined with the design of the moving line, you can determine what type of kitchen you need. After determining the type, the design of each functional area also has many points that need to be paid attention to. 7. Factors to be considered The location of the flue Under normal circumstances, the "flue" cannot be moved. Therefore, the position of the flue basically determines the position of the stove. The distance between the stove and the flue is moderate. The nearest distance should not be less than 20cm, and the farthest distance should not exceed 1 meter. If the distance is too long, the exhaust effect will not only be reduced, but the flue that is too long will vibrate and cause more noise. There should be no beams between the stove and the smoke exhaust. If the size of the exhaust duct is too large, it will not be able to pass through the beam, and the beam must be wound around the beam, which not only loses the height of the ceiling, but at the same time, if the beam is wound around the beam, the pipe will bend three times, and the smoke exhaust effect will be lost by more than 40%. Do not directly discharge the flue from the wall, it will cause space and wall pollution, and it will not be beautiful. The position of the stovetop The stove should not be close to the wall, and at least 20cm of space should be reserved on each side. It is best to reserve enough countertops on both sides to place meal preparation and condiments, which can effectively improve efficiency and prevent cooking in a hurry. If the single stove is not used frequently, consider the single stove supplemented by other functional pots. For families with large space and high-intensity cooking needs at the same time, use dual stoves. The best position for the basin is "under the window". No cabinets can be placed on the windows, the light will be blocked. The head tilts forward when the sink is used, so there is no upper cabinet. If it is U-shaped, it is best to design the basin at the bottom of the U-shaped. We have previously introduced how to choose the sink and the design of the double sink → choose the wrong sink, regret it to the point of thumping your chest and crying... 8. The reasons why the closed or open type affects the opening and closing of the kitchen: oil smoke, smell, noise. In the case of light dining in the open kitchen, and the elderly do not live in different places, there is less oil fume, less smell, low noise, and there is no need to worry about disturbing the elderly. You can choose an open kitchen; in this case, you can also design an integrated kitchen and dining room. Closed kitchens should choose closed kitchens in situations such as heavy dining, elderly people living together, and different meal times. Reduce the impact of oil fumes and noise on your family. Electrical cabinets There are already a lot of kitchen appliances. If you like cooking or baking, you have very high requirements on the quality of life. There are at least 8-10 electrical appliances per household on average, so you must distribute electrical cabinets, otherwise you will not be able to put them. You can refer to the design of the integration of kitchen and kitchen - the electrical cabinet combined with the design of the water bar integrates the electric kettle, coffee machine, refrigerator, oven, and microwave oven. The appliances can also be classified by function, the water bar area is set in the restaurant, and other products needed for baking or meal preparation and cooking are set in the kitchen. To sum up, the frequency of use is high, try to make an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen. The space election is U-shaped, and the small space is L-shaped. According to the cooking steps: take - wash - cut - fry - Sheng, design the action line. In the golden triangle area of ​​the kitchen, the stove is a point, and the refrigerator and sink are designed on both sides of the stove.

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