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Even if there are 300,000, these 5 "decorations" will not be done. After experiencing them, I find that they are all flaws.

2023-04-02 01:38:19 [cleaning ]
Even if there are 300,000, these 5 "decorations" will not be done. After experiencing them, I find that they are all flaws.

"The full text is about 2100 words | It takes 4 minutes to read" After moving into the new home, I suddenly found that the word "Road to Jane" is really suitable for decoration. The simpler the decoration, the more practical it is. On the contrary, those "net celebrity decoration" and "luxury decoration" that were once very popular now seem to have a lot of slots. I hope that the decoration experience shared in the following can bring you some reference. [1] The decoration material of diatom mud diatom mud is used on the wall, although it is expensive, it has also had "unlimited scenery". Dressed in the coat of "luxury" and "high-end", my home was also on the road when it was renovated. However, after staying for so long, I have found more and more that diatom mud is too tasteless. I've been to my neighbor's house a few times and found that almost everyone uses latex paint. On the other hand, the "high-end" diatom mud in my home seems to be only expensive, after all, it is too ugly. I used to think that the texture of diatom mud was beautiful, but now I feel that it is not as clean as latex paint. And what's even more tasteless is that once the diatom mud has scratches or stains, it is too difficult to clean. And there's basically no chance of it being fixed. If you switch to latex paint, the repair is simple. Generally, the painter will leave a base of latex paint after finishing the work, which is convenient for future color matching and repairing. But diatom mud is different. It is really difficult to restore the traced position to its original state, even for the decoration workers, it is difficult to restore the original state. In fact, this is mainly because diatom mud has the characteristics of "not scrubbing". And many people may not know that diatom mud only has the ability to adsorb formaldehyde, similar to activated carbon. If the diatom mud is adsorbed and saturated in the small pores, it will be released when it encounters high temperature. Therefore, it does not have the ability to remove formaldehyde. The practicability is poor, the formaldehyde cannot be removed, and the price is quite high. With these slots, it is difficult not to be eliminated! [2] Installation of wall-mounted toilets Only by asking friends who are engaged in decoration did they know that very few people have installed wall-mounted toilets now. The reason why the wall-mounted toilet has been eliminated, in my opinion, is a deep understanding. Because my house has been decorated with wall-mounted toilets before, I can't say that it is not easy to use, but it can only be said that it is not easy to use. In fact, when I decided to install a wall-mounted toilet, there were more or less elements in it. In addition, I felt that the wall-mounted toilet was "high-end", so I installed it despite the objection of my family. As a result, I found out after I moved in that the wall-mounted toilet was installed too high. It's ridiculous to think about having to stand on tiptoe every time you go to the toilet. And this kind of rollover situation was not found when the decoration was completed and accepted. Because the embedded parts of the wall-mounted toilet are all in the wall, it is really laborious to dismantle and modify. Not only a waste of time, but also a waste of money. The master who came to dismantle and modify it later said that the overturning of the wall-mounted toilet is very common, either the installation is high or the installation is short. Even the normal height is tasteless. "Even if there are seven or eight centimeters left at the bottom, the sweeping robot can't get in. Even a mop is not easy to mop." So as I said at the beginning, even if you have the money, you would not consider a wall toilet. After all, this thing looks high-end, but in fact it is not humane at all. Buy another house, or honestly install the floor-standing. [3] Is it ugly if you don't install a ceiling with a hidden lamp? It is precisely because of this idea that the living room finally made a ceiling. Here, it's not that the ceiling is bad, but there are many ways to ceiling. There are some suspended ceilings that are really not suitable for installation. For example, the hidden lamp ceiling below. It seems to be quite good-looking, but in fact it means adding housework to yourself. I believe that friends who install similar hidden lamp ceilings should know that the place where the light strip is installed is "open". Then, it will obviously become a gathering place for dust accumulation. And in summer, all kinds of small flying insects will also breed in the light trough. Suggestion: If installing a ceiling with hidden lights around it, be sure to make it closed and reserve an inspection port. Because only the closed ceiling of the hidden lamp, there will be no dust accumulation. Maybe many people say that it doesn't matter if there is dust in the lamp trough, you can't see it or touch it. Actually it is not so. When the air conditioner is turned on or the window is opened for ventilation, the dust in the light trough will be blown into the air. [4] Choosing a black showerhead In my opinion, although the black showerhead has a high appearance, it has already begun to "fall off the altar". Obviously, it is not the material to blame, but the color to blame! Only those who have used black shower heads know how difficult it is to clean and how often they are cleaned! Because the limescale itself is white, it will be very conspicuous on the black shower surface. Although it is not too dirty, it does greatly reduce the appearance of the black shower. For those who love clean, this situation is certainly not allowed. If there is no central water softener installed at home, every time you take a shower, if you don't wipe off the water on the shower in time, you will see dry scale when you use it for the second time. The white shower head, although there will be scale, at least it is not easy to make the scale appear, so it has the characteristics of "covering the ugly". In fact, the appearance of the white shower is also very high. Therefore, I also advise everyone here that if you choose a shower, it is best to give priority to the white shower. If the budget is sufficient and a central water softener is installed at home, then there is no need to worry about installing a black shower. [5] The one-piece basin with rock slabs, which was once very popular, has begun to be unpopular. Although it has a high appearance, the slot it shows is unbearable for many people. Take my slate integrated basin as an example, in the process of using it, I found that it is really too tasteless. Especially in the aspect of "holding up dirt", he is really a "little expert". I think this should be caused by the "structure" of the slate one-piece basin. Because almost 90% of the slate integrated basins on the market are "spliced". The bottom basin is all glued, which inevitably leads to gaps. And this gap, because it is often exposed to water, is obviously black and moldy. Moreover, the slate integrated basin is also relatively easy to splash water, which is an indisputable fact. After all, it does not have the arc-like glaze of the ceramic basin. "Ceramic one-piece basin, the whole basin is integrated, you can't find any gaps at all, how can you hide dirt? And the glazed arc structure makes the water run quickly and does not splash water. In front of practicality, the slate is integrated The basin is not worth mentioning at all.” I have to admit that what the master said makes sense, and this is what I have personally experienced in the process of using it. Although the ceramic integrated basin is not as good as the slate integrated basin. But the practicality is far greater than the latter. END. [Beauty Guide says] If you think about the decoration designs I mentioned above, you will find that in the matter of decoration, it is not the more expensive the better, nor the more popular the better, but the more practical the better. Therefore, if you buy another house, when decorating, you must determine the design from the perspective of "practicality" and "humanization". Only in this way can you gain a comfortable home experience.

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