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The most "ugly" behavior in the decoration industry, in the name of being good for you, is actually only for profit

2023-02-03 07:35:36 [workmanship ]
The most "ugly" behavior in the decoration industry, in the name of being good for you, is actually only for profit

Copywriter: The post-80s generation used to be a home furnishing blogger. Not only did he mingle with many decoration groups online, but he also knew many decoration industry practitioners. I found that the decoration industry is really "mixed". I really have to rant about the "ugly" behavior of some practitioners, who pretend to be good for you, but actually only for their own benefit.

The designer brought the materials to buy. Originally thought they could buy genuine materials, but they were actually only for rebates

Colleagues born in the 1990s in the unit, university A few years after graduation, not only did she have no life experience, but she also knew nothing about decoration; she said that she used to read "all kinds of tricks of decoration companies" on the Internet, so she did not hire a decoration company for the decoration of her wedding room, and renovated the wedding room. After the split, the design was entrusted to the designer, and the construction was entrusted to the construction team, thinking it was reliable and cost-effective. It wasn’t a two-day party, and she happily showed me the purchase of building materials. I didn’t know it, but I was startled. My darling, this quotation is nearly 20% higher than that of many decoration companies. The key is that All are some niche foreign brands. When she asked, she found out that all her materials were purchased under the guidance of the designer. She thought that the designer had no direct interest relationship with the merchant, and that the designer was "well-informed", so she would be more at ease. In fact, she just doesn't understand the unspoken rules of some decoration practitioners. The designer on the front will take you to choose good building materials, and the designer on the back will ask the store for rebates on WeChat; if the store does not give rebates, they will try to say that the materials are poor, which leads to many merchants. I don't dare to reveal the low price when I see the designer's show, and it doesn't make any money at all if the reserve price is revealed. In this regard, what I want to say is that designers should think about the design of the owner's home and earn design fees based on their ability, rather than spend their best efforts to get rebates.

Duplicate wiring for water and electricity renovation

The first-hand commercial houses we buy are usually laid out by the developer for basic water and wiring. When building a house, it is usually enough to increase the row according to the actual needs of your own use. However, there are so many decoration practitioners who are very popular and ugly. If you don't open the hidden hydropower project to check the quality of the pipeline, it is said that the developer uses the quality of tofu slag, and there will be potential safety hazards in the later stage. Row. Not to mention that the repeated wiring is less than tens of thousands, the key is that the lines arranged by the developers are all constructed by construction units with relevant qualification certificates, and then the houses can be handed over after passing the inspection and acceptance. Who is responsible for the inspection of our personal home decoration? Woolen cloth? Even some decoration companies have hidden engineering warranty for two or three years. If there is a follow-up problem, I'm sorry that the owner will bear it!

Stealing the beam and replacing the column with shoddy charging

Usually, our decoration contract will pre-determine the brand and model of decoration building materials in black and white. . However, in practice, some decoration practitioners will dig holes for you in the contract, saying that in order not to delay the construction progress, an "ambiguous" regulation should be noted in the contract: "If the original brand materials are temporarily out of stock during the decoration, the decoration will The company can temporarily replace the same material.” Although no one can guarantee that the materials will be available anytime and anywhere, can you indicate the scope of the exchange in advance in the contract? I have seen construction teams that said high-end brands in the contract quotations and actually replaced them with low-end cheap products. This kind of deceptive decoration makes the homeowner waste money in vain. But then again, not all decoration practitioners are like this. There are many decoration companies and decoration practitioners who still concentrate on doing things in their own positions.

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