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Buying a house, choose a furnished house or a rough house?

2023-04-01 23:35:26 [Wall decoration ]
Buying a house, choose a furnished house or a rough house?

When buying a house, if you had a choice, would you choose a hardcover or a rough house? I believe this question, many people are ignorant when they buy a house. Most people buy a house based on external factors such as degree, location, transportation, and convenience of life. For example, whether the house itself is hardcover or rough, few people pay attention to it. In fact, when buying a house, I suggest to choose the rough house first, because—①the rough house can be designed according to one's own preferences; ②the decoration quality is independently controlled, so there is no need to worry about cutting corners. Ordinary people buy a house. It is rare for people who regret buying a house to choose a rough house. However, you can often hear people who buy a hardcover house complaining that the decoration style is too ugly and the decoration quality is too poor. Let me talk to you about the advantages and disadvantages of hardcover rooms and rough rooms! 1. The benefits of the rough house ①Free decoration design When the rough house is delivered to you, it is in the most primitive rough state. You can dismantle the non-load-bearing wall and change the layout of the house. You can leave the switch according to your own living habits and needs. Sockets, furniture placement, you can also customize the decoration style according to your own preferences. ②Control the quality of decoration independently. If you buy a rough house and decorate it yourself, you can buy all the decoration materials yourself. You can control what brand and model you choose. For example, if you have high requirements for decoration quality, choosing a rough house will have more room for improvement. 2. Disadvantages of rough houses ①House purchase + high decoration cost If you choose a rough house, in addition to the down payment at the time of buying the house, you will have to pay hundreds of thousands of decoration funds after the house is handed over. Catching up with the amount of the down payment, this kind of expenditure is very stressful for many people. ②It takes energy to decorate and decorate is a project with a long cycle and many chores. Also, this process is also very labor-intensive, which will make people feel tired. If you are busy with work, decoration is also a headache. ③There is decoration noise after moving in. Another disadvantage of the rough house is that after the handover, not everyone is decorated at the same time. Different households in the same building have different decoration progress. Dust may have an impact on your life. I hope to have an understanding mood and avoid tension between neighbors. 3. The benefits of hardcover rooms ① When you move into a hardcover room with a bag, you will already have basic decoration, cabinets, and bathrooms. You can move in directly as long as you purchase furniture and appliances, which is convenient and worry-free! It can also shorten the rental period, which also saves some costs! ②Low house purchase cost The hardcover house also includes the decoration cost into the house price. When buying a house, the total price is calculated at one time, and then the down payment + loan is paid according to the total price, so as to avoid paying hundreds of thousands for decoration after the down payment. Relatively speaking, the cost of house purchase will be higher. lower. 4. Disadvantages of hardcover rooms ①The quality of decoration is worrying. I believe that friends who have bought hardcover rooms know that the so-called "luxury decoration" of 2000-5000 yuan/㎡, the quality of the delivered decoration is the same, the floor is warped and the tiles are hollow. , the hardware is loose, and what is even worse is that the waterproof failure causes water leakage. ②Design-limited hardcover rooms are handed over to you, and what kind of house you live in. The basic layout and decoration style are all limited. If you want to modify it, it is very difficult, unless you spend a lot of money to fully renovate, Otherwise, no matter how ugly or unreasonable the design is, you can only live there. I believe that after reading the above analysis, you already know the advantages and disadvantages of hardcover and rough houses, and know how to choose! However, when you actually see the house, you will find that in the area you have selected, there is no choice at all, because this is completely determined by the developer! If you buy a hardcover house and don’t want the developer to decorate it, you can pay according to the standard of hardcover house when you buy the house, and then both parties agree that you don’t need the developer’s decoration, which can save the cost of demolition.

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