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2022 house decoration quotation list (latest quotation)

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2022 house decoration quotation list (latest quotation)

You can also click the "blue word link" at the end of the article to find a local reliable decoration company and save 30% (the applet has been added here, please go to the Toutiao client to view it) At present, the house decoration is often hundreds of thousands, and it is very easy to overrun . Therefore, novice friends who do not understand decoration must be well prepared before decoration. To this end, the editor of this issue will bring you a list of house decoration quotations for your reference. 1. House decoration quotation list table The house decoration quotation list table is generally the pre-budget table issued after the decoration company formulates the plan. Generally, the house decoration quotation is mainly determined according to the size of the house area. The larger the house area, the higher the natural price. It will also be related to the owner's decoration style. If the decoration is Chinese or European, the cost is naturally much higher than that of modern simplicity. The following editor takes 100 square meters as an example, and brings you a list of quotations for house decoration of 100 square meters: 1. List of quotations for balcony and hydropower projects: 2. List of quotations for guest dining room and aisle: 3. List of quotations for bathroom and kitchen: 4. Quotation list for master bedroom: 5. Quotation list for secondary bedroom and study: 6. Quotation list for lamps and other items 2. Common tricks in the quotation list for house decoration The total price of the project, which seems to be general, is actually deeply hidden. For a project, a total price will be directly reported to you. If the detailed price is not reflected, the decoration owner will not be able to know the proportion of labor costs and material costs. At this time, owners who like to make quick decisions must pay attention. This method may be that the decorator really wants to save something, or it may be to prevent you from competing with prices in private. 2. Concealed and concealed works During the whole decoration process, the concealed project itself is quite special. The quality supervision problem during construction is difficult for the owner to grasp, so many decoration companies will be involved in this piece. In order to better ensure the decoration quality of the concealed project, the decoration owner is better to ask the decoration company to indicate its construction technology, construction content, construction materials, etc. in this part of the concealed project quotation. 3. The price discount is large. Many owners saw that the decoration company gave themselves a total quotation, and then discounted it. For example, the quotation of 180,000 only charged 120,000. In this case, decoration owners should not be too happy. If the decoration company does not know you well, there should be some tricks in it. You must think carefully before making a decision. 4. Quoting for missing items This method is to deliberately omit or underreport some decoration items in the complete quotation list, so that the overall price can be reasonably reduced, and decoration owners are generally not easy to find loopholes. Wait until the renovation is in progress or when it is about to be completed, and then tell you that you need to increase the decoration funds of multiple decoration items, then you will become a passive party, and you can only pay for them obediently. The above is an introduction to the list of house decoration quotations and common quotation tricks, I hope to help you. If you want to make a reasonable budget for decoration, you must first understand the price of decoration. Click the [blue word link] at the bottom to get the details of the local decoration quotation for free! Big data recommends decoration companies for you
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