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How to build a 30m² living room to have a style? come to see someone else's house

2022-12-05 02:36:28 [floor]
How to build a 30m² living room to have a style? come to see someone else's house

Visit other people's homes, look for inspiration, and maybe find many unexpected good things. 01. Modern and simple living room, who wouldn't want to be a guest in such a home? The space is open, light and well-furnished. And the homeowner is very good at using small objects to add new ideas to the space. The plain sofa is embellished with colorful throw pillows, and it immediately dazzles! 02. The Nordic small and fresh living room is matched with a little genius. This belongs to yes! As soon as you walk in the door it's amazing to scream. Kobayashi fell in love with the mint blue sofa in the adjacent color and the spring grass green curtains. I feel that the owner of the house is an interesting person. The flowers on the coffee table, the TV broadcast, the dog's den on the side of the sofa, everything is full of the mood of a happy life. 03. The dining table of the log warm restaurant is so right! ! The Nordic log-inspired dining table is perfectly matched with the custom-made wall cabinets in the same color. The unification of styles is a bit of a chore. And warm with warm lights, it directly fills the dining atmosphere! 04. The minimalist and light luxury living room has its own elite artistic temperament. This homeowner has a great idea! The idea of ​​collocation is clearer than Kobayashi's life plan. Set the tone of light luxury with a dark gray sofa, and then match it with artistic lamps and ornaments. Simple but not simple, mix and match without clutter. 05. Renovation of the dining area at the model room level of the retro light luxury restaurant! Another day to go to someone else's house for dinner! A Prussian sideboard paired with a set of black and white marbled slate dining tables, two words, a perfect match! Really realized the essence of retro light luxury style! 06. The ultimate small apartment is a real small apartment reference. The cool tones are cool and cool, which makes people guess that the owner is a cool girl or a cool guy who is abstinent. Although the square coffee table has strong storage, but the distance from the sofa is too small (less than 30cm), it is recommended to choose a smaller size. ,are you tired? Come and see a bedroom for a change. The room looked unremarkable, but was clean and well-organized. The secret is the coat rack~

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