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After paying the IQ tax, I found out that these 7 kinds of decoration building materials do not need to be expensive, they are all heart-wrenching lessons

2022-12-05 01:30:18 [cleaning ]
After paying the IQ tax, I found out that these 7 kinds of decoration building materials do not need to be expensive, they are all heart-wrenching lessons

If it is not for home improvement practitioners, most people only decorate once or twice in their lives, so decoration building materials have become a knowledge blind spot for the public. As a result, some unscrupulous merchants (shopping guides) have an opportunity to take advantage of everyone's "expensive = good" concept to induce everyone to buy some more expensive building materials. In this issue, let's take a look at those who are easy to pay IQ tax, but there is no need to buy expensive building materials.

1. Tiles

When I was a child, I used ceramic tiles on the floor because the floor was expensive and could not be used. A few years ago, when I renovated my own wedding room, and when I went to the building materials city, the decoration of the tile shop made me feel inferior, and I felt that the few steel rods in my pocket were not worthy of owning tiles. In addition to the decoration, the whole purchase process that causes this psychological feeling is as follows:
  • First throw out a tile name that I don't understand (in fact, the shopping guide does not understand), marble Bricks, full-body bricks, microcrystalline stone bricks, glazed bricks, etc.; the color names are also very fancy: sea salt milk (gray), cloud jade (yellow), Etna lava (cream), star gray (dark) ash) ... its naming imaginative makes people feel ashamed.
  • I will give you another test, dripping water on the back, scratching tiles, smashing tiles, marking strokes, etc.;
  • Finally, let's talk about the brand and talk about how suitable the color is for your home.
After most of these three steps, I have to pay for it when I grit my teeth. However, in the following years, I was soaked in the home improvement industry, only to realize how stupid I was at that time?
  • The first is the name, the same brick can have many names: glazed tile, glazed tile, marble tile, marble tile, etc. The manufacturer will always choose the highest one that.
  • The second is the test: with the quality of the current brick, whether it is a 300/500 or a 30/50, the above test can handle it, that is to say, as long as Don't be deceived, a brick of 50 yuan can fully satisfy daily use.
  • Finally, if the brand premium can be understood and suitable for your home, don't believe him.
The biggest difference between expensive bricks and cheap bricks is the color and size. Color: From the fact that more than 60% of the new houses are made of gray bricks: most of our families are not so demanding in the pursuit of color, and a brick of 50 yuan can definitely be satisfied. Size: Larger, better uniformity, but more important than size is the beautiful seam. Using the same color seam will definitely be better than using a large tile + a different color seam. Therefore, there is really no need to buy expensive tiles. My family bought a piece of 60*120 tiles for 300 yuan at that time. In fact, after I was there, I saw too many bricks of 50 yuan and 800*800, and the effect was more beautiful than my home.

2. Beautiful sewing

My 100-square-meter wedding room decoration and beautiful sewing of the whole house cost a total of more than 8,000! Later, I learned that people spend more than 1,000 yuan, and the effect is even better than mine. There are two reasons why it costs so much: First, I made epoxy colored sand in the whole house (more expensive than the beauty joint agent, and the construction cost is also higher), and I also chose the most famous Italian epoxy colored sand brand. Second, my kitchen is made of small white bricks, which consumes the budget of Meixiu very much. However, what do I get? The good thing is: the epoxy color sand has a very strong bonding strength, and it is not easy to loosen like ordinary beauty joints. The bad thing is that the epoxy colored sand in the whole house is now too dirty to look at. So, if I cut my budget, I could actually get a better solution. In the shower area of ​​the bathroom, epoxy colored sand can be used because water cannot penetrate to the bottom of the tile. The problem of hiding dirt is unavoidable, but fortunately there are only the floors and walls of the shower area. Other areas, including kitchens, living rooms, and balconies, can be used with beautifying agents, which are better for cleaning, and are not afraid of loosening, falling off, and falling off the beautiful seams, so they can be repaired. Such a combination, and then a little pressure on the labor cost, the labor cost was slightly higher at that time, I believe it can be done within 2000. Of course it's actually better.

3. Socket switch

Regarding switch sockets, there are various evaluations on the Internet: overloader weight, copper Size...and so on. It feels as if the quality and safety will make a big difference. But in fact, as long as it is a brand of socket switch, the quality is very good. Whether it is the number of plugging and unplugging, the flame retardancy, the limit current carrying capacity, and the protective door test, it is shown that even a 9.9-inch socket and switch can be used daily for more than 10 years without any problem. This is not my own opinion, but a conclusion drawn by a lighting madman who has rigorously evaluated dozens of high-end and low-end switch sockets from 14 mainstream brands on the market. Where is the biggest difference in price? Positioning and appearance and feel. Then the choice of switch socket is actually simple. Among the cheapest switches and sockets, choose the one you like in terms of appearance and feel. You know, one is 10 yuan or 20 yuan cheaper, and the whole house is easily thousands of yuan cheaper. In addition, it is more worth noting that: according to the sockets of each space, make different purchases. For example: at the head of the bed, five holes are unnecessary, so replace it with four holes! Two two holes are more practical than one three holes and one two holes.

4. Latex paint

Latex paint, it is easy to be fooled and spend a lot of money: gimmicks! how to say? It is a good latex paint, and you have to add some gimmicks such as bamboo charcoal, anti-formaldehyde, zero VOC, artistic paint and so on. However, the more functions, the more additives, and the more difficult it is to ensure that it will not crack. Naturally, the cost will be higher and the price will be higher. Latex paint, what really matters most is always: color, color, color, has a great impact on texture. There will be differences in the quality of latex paint, but it is very small, and there is no problem with any latex paint of first- and second-tier brands. Of course, there will be brand premiums, imported premiums, etc. The domestic ones are already very good and cost-effective. Therefore, when we choose latex paint, we can choose a big brand like a decoration company, and then choose the cheapest one. This will save a lot of wasted money. If you want to get rid of first- and second-tier brands, you can choose cheaper ones from smaller brands. Look for these signs in the picture below to ensure quality and environmental protection. Furthermore, for latex paint, choose a 15L barrel. Don't buy too much, it will save a lot of money, and the big deal is to make up a little. The rough calculation method is: building area * 2.5 ÷ 35 = the number of barrels of topcoat. Beware: Latex paint is easy to buy fakes, so be sure to go to official channels to buy. As for my home, it was included in the quotation of the decoration company, saying that it was imported Fenlin paint, so the price was very high, but later, I found out in the quotation, my dear, it is Fenlin's cheapest paint …

5, lamps

light sources, cheap and expensive are very different! But the difference between lamps and lanterns actually lies in their appearance. There is actually no difference in the interior. It is nothing more than that the aluminum alloy is a little more expensive than the iron, the offline is a little more expensive than the online, the large is more expensive than the small, and the craftsmanship is more refined than the rough craftsmanship. more expensive. Therefore, many times, the same lamp sells for 2,000, and some sells for more than 300. How did I know? Because I have lived here for the past two years, I have also begun to try to find some high-quality supply chains. Take this fishing lamp as an example, many of them sell 2000+ lights from the same factory as ours, and they are exactly the same. You are welcome to start and compare, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that there is no difference between your lights and the 2000+ lights of your neighbors.

6. Floor drain

The drainage speed and deodorizing ability of the floor drain are currently the best at 9.9 yuan per flap gravity floor drain core. What really makes the difference in price is the appearance. But in fact, ordinary floor drains have a simple appearance and fast drainage. Why bother to spend that big money to get invisible floor drains, long floor drains and vertical floor drains. These very expensive floor drains have an impact on the drainage speed to a certain extent. And it will also bring trouble with cleaning. Don't ask me how I know, every time I pick up the long floor drain in my house, it is unforgettable. Written at the end: I have written about home furnishing for the past few years, and I am convinced day by day that decoration materials, like everything else, are the best choices for most people. It often costs a fortune, and you experience it as a luxury purchase. Maybe it is beautiful, but is this beauty really worth tens or hundreds of thousands? no. On the contrary, it is still very delicate and needs all kinds of care and energy to maintain. There are very few technological breakthroughs that are really worth our money.

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