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If you rank this year's good household items, these 10 must be among the best, Gaga is easy to use

2022-12-05 03:45:10 [workmanship ]
If you rank this year's good household items, these 10 must be among the best, Gaga is easy to use

Every year, I will summarize the annual ranking of good household items. No, more than half of this year has passed, and I have sorted out 10 top ones, all of which are very easy to use. Without further ado, let's take a look.

1. Biscuit Flashlight

The reason why it ranks first is not because of how novel this thing is, but because It is small, easy to carry, and has many usage scenarios. To be honest, I couldn't understand it before, do city dwellers still need flashlights? Is it lit up all night outside? However, after a closer look at the beneficiaries, I found that the students’ dormitory lights were turned off at ten o’clock on time. People living in remote suburbs or rural areas had no street lights, and in some communities, the street lights were scattered and evacuated. At this time, there is such a side to carry a flashlight, so that the front Road dark. Of course, if it wants to win, it must have its own shining points. It is small in size and can be hung directly on the key, which is easy to carry, and counts as one. What really makes it stand out is that it has a small body but has a lot of energy. It has a light intensity of about 500 lumens, and the light covers 30 square meters. This is what ordinary flashlights can't do. Not only that, but the details are also in place. The back bracket can stand on the desktop as a small desk lamp and fill light, and the magnet on the back can be magnetically absorbed on the metal at home. The key point is that the tiger's mouth design on the side is still a bottle opener. Every added skill is empowering practicality. In addition, it is still rechargeable, so that whoever spends more than ten yuan to buy such a versatile thing back, can't help but praise and show off. Therefore, in this year's home furnishing, it has become the well-deserved NO.1 cost-effective.

2. Retractable clothes drying rod in the bathroom

As a new product, it is explosively popular. It is pasted in the bathroom and can be hung. Clothes, towels can be hung, and they can be folded against the wall without taking up space. It can be seen that a large number of people still have the need to hang clothes in the bathroom at home. It may be dry clothes to wear when taking a bath, or small clothes to change and wash, but they have not found a suitable storage point. Its appearance, the daily ring hangs towels, opens when bathing, and solves the need for hanging clothes. Moreover, it can change a variety of storage methods, even if it is a small bathroom, there will be no storage pressure. The material is also relatively durable space aluminum. In a humid environment like the bathroom, even if you use it, you don't have to worry about rust and discoloration.

3. The suture removal tool

is the third-ranked suture remover, which is generally not used by families, but those with babies Families know this thing, and it is basically a must for every family. Because, it is such a small tool, it can remove clothing tags intact, so that children no longer suffer from the discomfort of tags sticking to the skin. In fact, many sewing boxes carry this thing, but many people do not know its purpose and leave it idle. And if you know it, you will basically buy one for your family. Just like needle and thread, you need to use it from time to time. Although scissors can also solve it, it is much more labor-saving than scissors, and you don’t have to risk cutting holes. Moreover, the price itself is not expensive, two or three dollars are also free shipping,

4, space aluminum bathroom rack

used People who use space aluminum for household items all say that they are very easy to use. Metal materials, but the price is similar to plastic products, durable and easy to clean. Therefore, the space aluminum material accounts for two of the first ten miles that Gaga is easy to use. And in terms of appearance, space aluminum is also an absolute standout. In addition to the soft color, the surface matte material is also very textured. To tell you the truth, I fell in love with this seasoning box storage rack in my kitchen at first sight, because I saw a blogger using it, and after looking for it for a long time, I bought the same style. Because of the simplicity and atmosphere, I really like it very much, so I also equipped the bathroom with the same style to store skin care products. I chose a face towel with a towel bar at the bottom, and the once-used face towel will hang on it, which is very convenient.

5. Labeling machine

The fifth-ranked labeling machine cannot be stopped after use. It connects to the mobile app, has a material library, and can print all kinds of interesting labels as needed. I just bought it because some of the same items have no logo on it, so I marked it with it to improve the recognition rate. You can see the items in the house and put the reminder labels one by one, and the sense of accomplishment comes up inexplicably, and it feels neat and healed. Also, a lot of trouble is thus saved. For example, if there are elderly people at home who cannot understand the foreign language logo on the medicine box, we stick the expiration date on the medicine box, which is convenient and heart-warming for the elderly to use. Or if there are children at home, in order to develop a good habit of storing toys by themselves, put a label that he can identify on his toy storage box, and he can classify and store the toys according to the label prompts. Or make an interesting hand account, which is also very convenient to use.

6. Velcro cable manager

The reason why this magic cable manager is on the list is because it is more useful than the brain There are so many holes, you can use them wherever you can think of. The whole shape is similar to a small ice cream, and there is a 3M sticker behind the ice cream head, which can be firmly fixed on the veneer. The stick below is a Velcro, which can be opened and closed repeatedly. The most common usage is the wire on the electrical appliance, which can be fixed and stored on one side, so that there is no need to drag it and get in the way. When the wires under the table are too many and messy, use it to fix it, or fix the wiring, which is the basic usage. For advanced usage, you can also fix everything with holes to the wall through it, such as sockets. Or act as a hook.

7. Folding silicone funnel

Sometimes, there is always a dark horse among the humble household items. This folding silicone funnel counts as one. I really didn't expect that a small silicone funnel could come out on top? But I found the answer from my mother. She said that oil, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. at home are usually made from big buckets into small buckets, and it is much more convenient to have a funnel. The general funnels are all plastic, and the material is definitely not as safe as silicone. Moreover, after use, it can only be stuffed into the drawer. In contrast, it must be folded better for storage and save space. In addition, this occasional little thing has to be cheap, and the budget should not exceed 5 yuan at most. I just said, no wonder this little guy is so popular, it turns out to be cheap and just needed~

8. Quiet Felt Desk Corner Cover< /h1> I have used a lot of table corner covers before, and found that the same type of material has a common problem: the wool and cloth will fall off, even if there is a tie on it; the silica gel rubs against the ground, it cannot be moved, and it is easy to wear ; Until the appearance of the upper part of silicone and the lower part of the felt table foot cover, it can be said that in the field of table foot cover, it is a technological innovation. The upper part, using the advantages of silicone, can hold the legs of the table and chair very tightly, and it will not fall off if you move it at will. The lower part also uses felt cloth, which has the characteristics of noise reduction and low friction, so that when the stool is moved, it is easy to make no noise, which conforms to the original intention of adding foot covers. If there is a neighbor who is sensitive to noise, we will start from ourselves, cover all the tables and chairs in the house, not spend a few dollars, and do not cause trouble for others, and the relationship between the neighbors will not be so tense.

9. Flip-top mask storage box

During special periods, masks are very expensive to use, so stock up and store them, so let’s go with the flow Become an item of home storage. Among the many mask storage boxes, the top one is this flip-top storage box. Putting it at the entrance, children can easily open the cover and take the mask by themselves, which is more convenient than pulling it out. Moreover, its use is not limited to masks, and the space inside is okay. After this special period, it can also be used as an ordinary storage box. Of course, the only downside is that it is suitable for individually packaged masks.

10. Hidden pulley flower pot tray

is just such a wheeled flower pot tray, which also turned out to be on the market. This year's Home Goods List. I vaguely remember that at this time last year, everyone was still putting DIY universal wheels on the flower pots at home. Later, because the wheels were too small and some of the large flowers were heavier, the swivel wheels pasted on them were not easy to use, and this wave of DIY has passed. Because large flowers do have the pain point of being inconvenient to move, a removable flower pot tray came out this year. The four large universal wheels at the bottom can be moved easily and effortlessly, but because the exposed wheels do not match some styles, they are labeled as convenient but ugly. Therefore, it was later upgraded to a hidden flower pot tray. The outer edge of the tray was hung down, and the large wheels were wrapped in it, which not only ensured the smooth movement, but also improved the aesthetics. In this way, whether it is matched with a large flower pot or a small household appliance, the appearance is all right.

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