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Home decoration, these 6 do-it-yourself, not only save money, but also more assured

2022-12-05 01:27:37 [cleaning ]
Home decoration, these 6 do-it-yourself, not only save money, but also more assured

When decorating your home, many friends may consider doing it yourself. However, for the various processes and contents of home improvement, some are suitable for us to do by ourselves, and some are not suitable for us to do by ourselves. Home improvement is suitable for you to do. Personally, it is nothing more than a project that does not consume physical strength and has relatively simple technical requirements. It is not recommended to do it yourself for those who are particularly physically demanding and have particularly high technical requirements. So, let me share with you in detail the items that are suitable for you in home improvement. There are a total of 6 points, not only save money, but also more assured, everyone can also understand.
(1): The sound insulation of the sewer pipe package The sewer pipe is soundproof, which can be said to be a must-have item for decoration now. If the home has been renovated, and the sewer pipe has been soundproofed, it will be found that the material cost plus labor cost for this item may basically be around seven or eight hundred yuan. It is for the sound insulation of the sewer pipes, which itself does not require high physical strength, nor does it require high technical requirements, so it can be done by yourself. The practice suggests that the sewer pipe is soundproof. We first buy rubber and plastic soundproof cotton that matches the diameter of the pipe, not rock wool soundproof cotton. Then wrap the rubber-plastic sound insulation cotton around the pipe and apply glue to seal it. Finally, wrap the tape and you're done. If we do it ourselves, it can basically be done in a morning or afternoon. And this one can save four or five hundred dollars.
(2): It can be said that the beautiful seam of tiles can be said that now, 9 out of 10 households are doing the beautiful seam of ceramic tiles for home decoration. Moreover, the price of beauty sewing is not cheap. If it is calculated according to square meters, the labor cost plus material cost per square meter is about 20~25 yuan. For example, the area of ​​floor tiles and wall tiles in our home is 120 square meters. If we calculate it according to 20 yuan per square meter, then the minimum cost is 2400 yuan. Although ceramic tile beauty has certain requirements on physical strength and technology, as long as we study hard and do it patiently, we can do it. Only the effect will be less. Therefore, if we have time and energy, we can really do the beautiful seam of tiles in home improvement. The operation requires the indoor floor to be cleaned first. Then use the seam cleaning tool to clean up the gap. Clean the gap with a vacuum cleaner. After that, we can use a special sewing gun to make beautiful seams. When sewing beautifully, it is necessary to pay attention to uniformity. The effect of this is possible.
(3): Assembled furniture Nowadays, many of the furniture in my friends' homes are actually assembled. In addition to some larger furniture, there are also many simple assembled furniture purchased online. For large pieces of furniture in the home, the manufacturer is generally responsible for handling and assembling. For example, the beds and cabinets in our home. And some simple assembled furniture like the home, if it is assembled by the manufacturer, it is charged separately. So we can also choose to do it ourselves. Do-it-yourself furniture, including bookcases, sideboards, coffee tables, stools, chairs, and more. The practice requires us to buy assembled furniture, and we must ask the salesperson for the installation steps and the corresponding assembly tools. After unpacking, we can classify the various parts according to the steps, and then assemble them according to the assembly diagram. It is recommended here that you buy a set of tools and assemble it yourself. It is also a good enjoyment.
(4): Install switch and socket switch and socket panels, which are quite numerous in every household. For example, the switches and sockets in a house of about 100 square meters add up to almost seventy or eighty. There may be hundreds of them. If we package the switch and socket to a plumber or a decoration company, everyone will find that it is billed by one, and each may cost seven or eight yuan. In this way, the installation of all switches and sockets is basically six or seven hundred yuan. For the installation of switches and sockets at home, it does not require much physical strength, the only thing is to require simple technology. But the technical requirements are not high. So, if we have the time and are willing to try, we can indeed install the switch socket by ourselves. The practice requires that the power be turned off before the switch socket is installed. Certain operations are absolutely not allowed. It is recommended that you buy special wire wrapping pliers, and then handle the reserved wires. Finally, wire according to the wiring requirements on the back of the switch or socket panel. For example the socket is left zero right fire grounded. If it is difficult to distinguish, look at the letters behind. L is connected to the live wire, N is the neutral wire, and PE is connected to the ground wire.
(5): The proportion of soft decoration in home decoration is also getting higher and higher. All the soft furnishings like our ordinary family add up to tens of thousands of yuan. In addition to the cost of materials, there is also a part of the installation fee for soft decoration. For example, we install curtains in our home, install wall paintings, etc. If we find workers to install it, we will charge by the day, and the price is not low. For the installation of these soft outfits, the physical requirements are very low, and the technical requirements are very low. Therefore, soft installation, I personally recommend that you do it yourself. Because the installation of soft decoration is nothing more than punching holes in the wall or standing on a ladder for hanging and so on. We can do it ourselves. The practice suggests that if we install curtains in our home, it is recommended that you prepare a simple ladder, and use the ladder to hang the curtains to complete. If you want to install murals, photos, etc. at home, then it is recommended that you prepare a hand drill, and then drill holes for installation, it is very simple.
(6): The last item in wasteland cleaning and home improvement is wasteland cleaning. In fact, the so-called wasteland cleaning is the most meticulous sanitation we do before we finish the decoration and move in. Friends who have been renovated at home know that wasteland cleaning is generally charged according to the building area. For example, our home is 80 square meters, and the fee is about 500 yuan. If it is 100 square meters, the fee is about 26700 yuan. If it is 120 square meters, the fee may reach close to 1,000 yuan. Moreover, the charges are also higher according to the more cabinets. Wasteland cleaning is nothing more than cleaning cabinets, floors, walls, and glass. In fact, we can basically do all of this by ourselves. Therefore, for wasteland cleaning, except for the more dangerous outside of cleaning the glass, we can do the rest by ourselves. Practice guide Before cleaning up wasteland, it is recommended that you prepare some tools. Includes vacuum cleaners, scrapers, rags, and more. The procedure of Kaifeng cleaning is from top to bottom, from indoors to the entrance door. For example, make the cabinet first, make the window, the window sill, and finally make the ground, and then enter the back door.
Written at the end of the article According to different groups of people, the projects involved in home improvement are also different. In this article, I share with you six projects that most of your friends can DIY. Many friends may say that the lamps can also be installed by themselves, but it is not recommended to install them by themselves. Especially the installation of some ultra-thin ceiling lamps now is actually very difficult. Therefore, whether you can participate in the decoration of your home, you must consider clearly. Avoid this item from becoming a missed item, and it will cost more money later. [Personal original, the picture comes from the Internet, the infringement contact will be deleted immediately]

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