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Closing the balcony is a big expense. If the money is not blown by the wind, don’t ignore these 3 problems

2022-12-05 01:32:41 [cleaning ]
Closing the balcony is a big expense. If the money is not blown by the wind, don’t ignore these 3 problems

The weather is too hot recently, not only Fei Mo-jun can't stand it, but I heard that even the glass on the balcony can't stand it, and he blew himself up. Fortunately, the weather forecast said it would be cooler today. However, regarding the thermal explosion of glass, in addition to the weather, the quality of the material itself is also very important; sealing the balcony is a big expense. If the money is not blown by the wind, don't ignore these three problems. Make it clear once today, and you will know how useful it is after you finish it. Window switching method selection First of all, the balcony is sealed, and the opening and closing method of the window determines the aesthetics and practicability. 01- The most common of sliding windows is to seal windows with sliding windows. Features: The upper part is a sliding window that can be opened and closed, and the lower part is a glass guardrail. Advantages: Does not affect lighting, good sealing, good stability, and high cost performance. Disadvantage: Dust may accumulate on the track. 02-Folding window If you want the opening of the window to be larger, you can consider the folding window↓↓↓Features: The lower half is the same as the guardrail, and the upper half is the folding window, which can be fully opened. Advantages: better lighting and ventilation effect and higher aesthetics. Cons: The price will be a little more expensive. 03- Floor-to-ceiling windows If you want the best window view, you have to mention the floor-to-ceiling windows↓↓↓ Features: The whole is a large piece of glass, usually only 1-2 windows. Advantages: the highest aesthetics, the best scenery. Disadvantages: Windows are usually only half a small and open minimally; expensive. If the lower part of the balcony is a wall that cannot be removed and cannot be completely grounded, it can also be done like this ↓↓↓ The scenery is also beautiful (the case in the picture above will be launched this Saturday, please continue to pay attention) Notes for installing floor-to-ceiling windows: ① First and The property confirms whether floor-to-ceiling windows can be installed. In some communities, in order to unify the facade, it is not allowed to replace floor-to-ceiling windows. ②The larger the balcony, the thicker the glass thickness, more than 5 square meters, the glass thickness should be more than 10mm. ③It is recommended to choose multi-layer hollow laminated glass to prevent self-explosion. Don't be greedy and choose inferior products. Other windows have guardrails. If the floor-to-ceiling windows explode, the danger is too great. 04-Sliding door If you are asking about the most innovative way to seal the balcony, it is definitely one that uses sliding door to seal the balcony! Features: Install the sliding door directly beside the balcony guardrail. Advantages: Compared with the previous types of windows, the sliding door can be used to seal the window. Cons: Expensive. Design attention: ①It is recommended to choose a heavy-duty sliding door, the effect is better. ②Be sure to do a good job of sealing, and the upper and lower rails should be embedded in the ground design. ③ To prevent water from leaking into the house in rainy days, drainage holes and drainage slopes should be left at the track. ④ The inner track of the sliding door is higher than the outer track, and the drainage effect is better. 05-Folding doors Sliding doors can seal windows, um, why can't folding doors? Look at the picture↓↓↓Features: That is, the folding door is installed at the sliding door of the previous method. Advantages: Compared with sliding doors, the opening range is larger, and the ventilation and lighting effect is better. Disadvantages: After opening, it occupies the aisle area on both sides. If the functional areas on both sides are planned, it will be blocked. Design attention: ① Fully opening also means that the safety will be reduced, so if you choose a folding door, you must add a layer of anti-theft net. ②Similar to sliding doors, heavy-duty folding doors should be selected, and drainage holes and drainage slopes should be left. Of course, the most important thing to consider when choosing a balcony sealing method is to consider the price. Let's just say, in addition to the conventional sliding window sealing balcony, the latter ones are not cheap. Window Material Selection Choosing a good window sealing style is not everything. The style is only visually beautiful and improves safety. Material selection is also very important. Suggestion for window frame selection: The window frame material is broken bridge aluminum, which has the best thermal insulation effect; the wall thickness of the window frame is between 1.4mm-2mm, the thicker the better, of course, the more expensive, choose according to your wallet. Profile series, also known as 70, 80, 88 series, etc., refers to the overall thickness of the window frame, the thicker the more expensive, the thicker the better. Glass selection suggestion: It is definitely recommended to choose two or more layers of insulating glass for glass material. The thickness is selected according to the glass area, the conventional thickness is 5mm+24A+5mm; if it exceeds 2㎡, the thickness of 6mm should be selected. The larger the glass area, the thicker the thickness. Anyway... it's all about the money. The choice of traditional anti-theft net for anti-theft windows is like this ↓↓ Although it is strong and durable, its aesthetics are not good, and it also affects lighting, so we can choose invisible anti-theft net, which has both aesthetics and safety. Take it! Closing the balcony is a big expense. If you give me another chance, I will keep these three details in mind. They are all lessons learned. Take floor-to-ceiling windows as an example, a good floor-to-ceiling window costs tens of thousands, but you can also find cheap ones, but the low price also means the quality has shrunk. Windows, casement windows, etc. I hope everyone can choose the most suitable window sealing method! (Part of the picture comes from the Internet)

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