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It took me 4 months to realize how pitiful these "3 net red decorations" are. I don't recommend everyone to follow suit.

2023-04-02 00:50:03 [workmanship ]
It took me 4 months to realize how pitiful these "3 net red decorations" are. I don't recommend everyone to follow suit.

Nowadays, many people will "paint the scoop" according to the gourd decoration. Looking at the pictures of various Internet celebrity decoration examples on the Internet, they are also eager to try it. To be honest, good-looking is good-looking, but after living for a while, you may find that many places are not practical. Today, the editor will sort out the 3 popular Internet celebrity decorations on the Internet. Most people have practiced them and found that they are "thunder". Come and see if your home has stepped on the pit!

First, install black hardware fittings

The installation of black hardware fittings in the bathroom will indeed create a better look than the previous stainless steel hardware fittings With a sense of luxury, the overall bathroom space will also be upgraded. Many hardware accessories brands have also launched black shower kits, black faucets and black bathroom pendants. But black bathroom hardware really won't stand the test of time. For example, the black matte shower kit that my family replaced at the beginning, the texture after getting it is really hard to say, but after about three months of use, the surface is full of scales, because it is black, and those scales look like It is very conspicuous, and the white flowers are attached to it, which is difficult to clean. This may not be the worst. The black bathroom hardware that some friends bought will still fall off the paint, which may be the reason why the surface treatment process is not ideal, but this alone can completely ruin the appearance of the entire bathroom. To be honest, silver and white bathroom hardware is more reliable. But if you really like black hardware accessories, choose a big brand, all copper material and electroplating process, generally not easy to paint.

Second, the toilet is forced to be a niche

Fashion is a cycle, and I don’t know what is going on. The niche suddenly becomes a home improvement industry. It caught fire. Some homeowners and friends have even reached the point of "going crazy" in their decoration. It is obvious that the shelves can hold bottles and cans. Although niches are desirable, it is not necessary to build an extra wall specifically for niches, or to cut a hole in the load-bearing wall to make niches. The alcove plays a very good role in storage, but it is not the only choice, and it is a test of the craftsmanship of the decoration master. When building, it is necessary to ensure that the partition has a slight slope, so as not to let the bottles and jars slide down, but also to ensure that there is no water accumulation. In general, whether the total niche in the bathroom can be measured depends on the actual situation of the bathroom. If it is really inappropriate, there is no need to blindly pursue it and force a niche in the bathroom. There are also some shortcomings in niches.

Third, choose a slate integrated basin for the washbasin

Since the concept of separation of dry and wet and the decoration style of light luxury became popular , the black slate one-piece basin has become a "fragrant pastry". Compared with the previous ceramic one-piece basin, the texture and texture of the slate are really amazing. However, after installing and using it for a while you will know that it is not as practical as the ceramic one-piece basin. First of all, the slate-integrated basin is not really a "one-piece" design. It is actually composed of multiple slate slabs and then spliced ​​together with glue, which means that there will be water leakage or The problem of pelvic floor falling off. In addition, the slate cannot be curved, so you will find that the integrated basin of slate generally has the problem of slow launching and easy accumulation of water. After a long time, the four right corners of the basin are covered with yellow dirt, and it may even become moldy and moss. The cleaning problem is worrying. If you are unfortunate enough to buy a black bathroom cabinet, then every time you wait for the water to dry, you will find that the washbasin is full of white limescale marks that cannot be removed by brushing. The white basin is not much better, and the problem of yellowing is obvious. In general, the practicability of the integrated slate basin is not as good as that of the ceramic integrated basin. The above is the decoration knowledge shared today. I hope everyone will not step on the pit after reading it! If you want to get more home information, don't forget to follow me!

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