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Gypsum line is indeed a decoration "artifact"! It looks good and the price is not expensive, use it quickly

2023-04-02 01:32:53 [workmanship ]
Gypsum line is indeed a decoration "artifact"! It looks good and the price is not expensive, use it quickly

A friend told Fei Mojun that when decorating, whenever the designer proposed a new material for decoration, he was very nervous and worried that his wallet could not bear it. So, I would like to ask Fei Mojun, what decoration materials are good-looking and not too expensive? Well, it must be a plaster line! Use this "decoration artifact" quickly. What is gypsum line Gypsum line is a decoration material for gypsum products↓↓↓△Simple line△Gypsum corner gypsum line Advantages: ●There are many patterns and styles, which enhance the sense of line and appearance, and make the wall no longer monotonous. ●Fireproof and moistureproof, high durability. ●The most important thing is that the price is not expensive! Disadvantages of plaster line: Looking at the protruding line, you know that there is a risk of falling ash. But it doesn't matter, you can usually use a duster to dust the dust. After all, nothing is perfect. △ Patterned lines Wall plaster lines are designed with simple lines, which can show completely different design effects through different combinations of designers. 1. Arrangement of lines ① Arrangement of the entire wall ● Simple, paste a "mouth" font directly around the wall. ●Add a sense of hierarchy, paste a "back" font. ●If you want to have a more sense of design, you can let the designer design it according to the type of apartment. ② Wall skirt design Wall skirt design is to plan the shape in the lower part of the wall, so that the wall is like wearing a "skirt". △Combination plaster line is simple, directly install the plaster line combination model on the lower half of the wall, and the height is recommended not to exceed 1.2m. △Combination of gypsum line + latex paint color separation If you want to design a more obvious design, you can brush different colors of latex paint on the upper and lower walls, and the colors are lighter at the top and darker at the bottom. If you don't want to stick so many plaster lines, you can directly use a plaster line to stick one at the boundary, which is more cost-effective. △ A gypsum line + latex paint color separation 2. Color matching strategy The surface of the gypsum line can be painted with latex paint, so how to match the color is also a key point! ①It is the least error-prone to choose a color for the whole wall of the same color as the latex paint, and the practicality is also the highest. ②Color separation wall design If you want to have a more layered sense, you can consider the color separation wall. 3. Material combination If the budget is sufficient, the plaster line can also be designed in combination with other materials, such as ↓↓↓△ plaster line + marble △ plaster line + fireplace △ plaster line + plaster line on the top surface of the seam shape. After finishing the wall, look at it again Looking at the top surface, the plaster line design on the top surface is relatively simple. 1. Hidden pipelines For the top surface without ceiling, you can choose gypsum lines with pipe grooves, and the pipelines can be hidden inside. 2. Improve the sense of hierarchy If you want a sense of design, you can choose to paste a circle of plaster line at the junction of the top wall, and then paste another circle in the inner circle to form a back-shaped. 3. Matching lamp panel lamps can be matched with gypsum lamp panel decoration, which is suitable for main lamp design. After finishing the design strategy of gypsum line purchase, let’s talk about how to choose a suitable gypsum line. Purchase strategy: ① According to the width, the width of the plaster line for the wall is not recommended to exceed 4cm, and the common widths are 1.5cm, 2.5cm, and 3cm. ②Gypsum line is used on the top surface, and different widths are selected according to different patterns. ③ Look at the surface finish, good plaster line, smooth surface, no potholes. ③Listen to the sound, the percussion sound of high-quality plaster line is crisp, otherwise it is dull. If you want the texture of your home without spending too much money, plaster line is definitely your best choice! Spend the least amount of money to make the most beautiful plaster line, the effect is amazing after installation, and the home is beautiful. However, plaster line is not suitable for all styles, usually suitable for French, American and Nordic style decoration. When choosing, you should consider compatible styles.

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