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Fortunately, I didn't give up at first, and squeezed out a 15cm narrow cabinet for the house, which is too useful after moving in.

2022-12-05 02:37:18 [Wall decoration ]
Fortunately, I didn't give up at first, and squeezed out a 15cm narrow cabinet for the house, which is too useful after moving in.

Big houses don’t matter, but small houses have limited space, so you have to squeeze some storage space to keep the items in the house in an orderly manner. So, where can we squeeze out space? Looking at these operations of the predecessors, they are all narrow cabinets with only about 15cm, but the storage capacity is quite amazing, and the small house really benefits.

1. The side of the refrigerator

Under normal circumstances, the refrigerator at home will be placed against the wall, which is quite satisfactory and can not be called waste. But if you are willing to spend your time and make a narrow cabinet with 15cm drawers next to it, you will be pleasantly surprised after you move in. The miscellaneous grains and hoarding goods in the kitchen are stored in narrow cabinets, which will save a lot of effort than high and low cabinets. For those who love snacks, here is your commissary. The moment you open the cabinet, it is simply the moment of happiness. And when the cabinet was closed, everything returned to calm, and the concealment was just right. If you are in the stage of customizing the cabinet, you have this idea. You can't increase the budget much, and a few hundred yuan is enough. However, when doing it, you need to pay attention that there are side panels on both sides, so you don't have to worry about scratching the refrigerator. As for the heat dissipation problem, there is a gap behind the refrigerator, which is not involved at all.

2. Wall vacancy

If there is a load-bearing column on the wall of the house, which causes a groove in the middle of the wall, don't worry, you can Refer to the practice of this Sumitomo below to turn the tide. Just use the concave part to make a thin cabinet that is flush with the wall, and children's toys and figures can be put in, like a commodity display cabinet. Of course, the glass cabinet door may be messy and troublesome to clean. If you want to save trouble, you can also make a plate cabinet door of the same color as the wall. In this way, you don't have to pay too much attention to the items in the cabinet, toilet paper and stockpiles are arbitrarily stuffed.

3. Balcony gap

At the water pipe wrapping column of the balcony, many people think that if it is a high cabinet, it can be wrapped Go in and use it, but if it's just a washing machine, if you can't use it, you can only leave it empty. In fact, when the washing machine is placed close to the post, because the washing machine is thick and the post is thin, there will be a difference of 30 centimeters in thickness in the middle, and the width is generally only 20 centimeters. If it is empty, it is a narrow strip, and only the broom can be put down. When cleaning, due to the small space, it is easy to become a dead corner of hygiene. Instead, it's better to use it. Make a set of cabinets that are flush with the washing machine by sticking to the pillars. Regardless of the small space, it is enough to store cleaning and washing supplies. With this set of high cabinets, there will be no more detergent bottles piled up on the washing machine countertop, and the balcony will appear clean and neat.

4. Entrance narrow cabinet

In order to facilitate grooming, we usually put a large fitting mirror at the entrance. The thickness of the frame of a general large fitting mirror is about 5 cm. Therefore, Sumitomo came up with a coup to make the fitting mirror thinner. The frame is slightly thickened to about 8cm, the mirror is attached to the back panel, and the fixed frame can be opened and closed with a hinge, which can solve the storage problem of umbrellas, rackets, and even women's slippers at home. The key is to be concealed enough. When you close the cabinet door, it is just an ordinary fitting mirror, which is completely unobtrusive. It's not like many families, stuffing the umbrella into the shoe cabinet and opening it is a smell.

5. Behind the bedroom door

There are not a few families with the bedroom door opening at the same level as the wardrobe, and they have no choice. The wardrobe can only be about 2cm in front of the door to the maximum extent, and it is necessary to ensure that the door will not knock against the cabinet. But this Sumitomo insisted that the space behind the door could be used. Therefore, in the case of determining that it is not a load-bearing wall, the thickness of a brick on the wall was knocked out to make a narrow cabinet. Because it is a children's room, it is really useful after moving in. The children's toys and books are stored behind the door, which is much neater than the general bookcase. Of course, you can also choose to move the doorway sideways during decoration, and directly let the thickness of the cabinet out, so that the cabinet can be made into a whole wall, and the space is also large.

6. Bedroom wardrobe

In recent years, a door-to-the-top wardrobe is very popular, because it is simple and elegant, and it has good integrity. However, many people have overturned the car. In addition to the gap problem, the most common one is the side sealing board, also called the light-emitting board, which is different from the material of the cabinet door, resulting in a color difference on the front and side of the wardrobe. Sumitomos who pursue perfection in every detail, how could they allow such a problem to appear in their own homes. Therefore, they came up with a plan for the thin cabinet on the side of the wardrobe, so that the side panel becomes the cabinet door, all of the same material, and there is no color difference problem. Not to mention, this design is really easy to use. The wardrobe is not crowded because it is less than ten centimeters, but the room has a lot of storage space due to the addition of these ten centimeters thin cabinets.

7. Bathroom dry area

There are far more things in the bathroom than we imagined, especially for girls. There are all kinds of masks, skin care products, beauty and hairdressing equipment, and the bathroom cabinet alone cannot be filled. You can refer to this practice. Next to the bathroom cabinet, build a set of thin cabinets, with the upper partition for storage and the lower drawer for storage. Don't look at the thickness of only one wall, it is more than enough to put these small items for girls. In addition, with this set of thin cabinets, there is no need for various vertical storage racks on the countertops and walls, which can keep the original countertops clean and tidy to the greatest extent.

8. Behind the toilet area

Before, I always felt that the space above the toilet was inconvenient to use. On the one hand, I was worried about affecting the toilet. Open the lid and press to flush, on the other hand, I am worried that the upper space will be used and bumped into people. But when I use a wall-mounted toilet in my home and I have to build that small wall, I find that it is better to build a matching thin cabinet on it, and it will not affect anything. However, it should be noted that if it is a separate toilet room, the material of the cabinet can be selected arbitrarily, but if it is a small bathroom, the durability of the cabinet when exposed to water must be considered. It is recommended to choose waterproof, aluminum or pvc cabinets.

9. At the end of the corridor

For the corridor at home, you can also be tempted to build a set of cabinets. If the thickness is limited and there are children at home, it can be made into an open bookshelf. Including the hallway walls, too, you can create a picture book wall for your child with the help of thin shelves. If the corridor is wide and has a certain thickness, you can directly refer to the Sumitomo's practice below to make a locker with one door through the top. Choose a color close to the wall for the cabinet door, and use a handleless design or invisible handle for the handle, which has a low sense of presence. If you don't look carefully, you can't tell whether it's a cabinet or a wall. However, in terms of capacity, it can basically carry most of the sundries and stockpiles at home.

10. Indoor partition lockers

As mentioned above, on the side of the wardrobe, a thin cabinet can be squeezed out, then Entrance cabinets can still be squeezed out. If the entrance is facing the door and the back is facing the living room, it is a pity if only one cabinet is made. Moreover, for the sake of beauty, the side facing the living room will also be made of the same board as the cabinet door. Instead, it is better to make a double-sided cabinet. For example, the original 50cm entrance cabinet is divided into two parts in the middle. The side facing the door is made 30cm, which can fit men's large-size shoes, and the other side has 20cm, which can also store some items that can be used in the living room and dining room. It can even be made into a cleaning tool storage cabinet, which can be designed according to actual needs.

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