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A small apartment of 28 square meters can be decorated so warmly and comfortably. I admit that there is indeed a set of foreign designs.

2023-04-02 01:37:27 [floor ]
A small apartment of 28 square meters can be decorated so warmly and comfortably. I admit that there is indeed a set of foreign designs.

Before sharing the decoration case of this issue, please allow me to make a small statement. I am not a foreigner, but I am definitely not the kind of person who is blindly arrogant, only recognizes himself as good, and refuses to recognize the excellence of others. I personally think that foreign countries do have their own advantages in terms of design aesthetics. For example, let's take a car. Let's not talk about the brand, performance, price, or grade. From the perspective of a layman who can't even recognize the car logo, I simply feel that Martha, Lan Bo, Porsche and these cars are more beautiful in appearance. The shape, color, and curve really grow in my aesthetic. For a person like me who only recognizes appearance, I really hope that a car with such a beautiful appearance and a price that I can afford will be launched in China. I think that you can better yourself by acknowledging the goodness of others, rather than blindly rejecting it. The case shared in this issue is only 28 square meters, its area is not large, and the interior is very simple, so simple that we don’t agree with it, but at first glance at it, it will make people feel very warm and comfortable , From this point of view, there is indeed a set of Russian decoration. If you don't believe me, show it to everyone! Floor plan The internal layout of this house is very clear. Except for the bathroom, other areas are open. Therefore, I won't go into details here, let's take a look at the actual picture. There is a small entrance when entering the entrance. Clothes hangers and full-length mirrors are arranged on both sides of the entrance. As for the shoe cabinet, because the owner usually lives alone and there are not many sundries, the shoes that are often worn are placed at the entrance, and temporarily not used. The shoes you wear are stored in the cabinet next to the bedroom. For single people, this arrangement is enough. The kitchen kitchen is L-shaped, with ample storage space and operating space. The refrigerator and kitchen utensils are also embedded in the design, so there are only a few things on the countertop, which looks very good. Refreshing and tidy, the combination of green plants and white cabinets makes the kitchen extraordinarily fresh and natural, and even smoky cooking has become a lot more interesting. Restaurant Restaurant Restaurant The restaurant restaurant is composed of a round table and four hemp rope dining chairs. The combination of white and wood colors perfectly blends with the surrounding background, creating a harmonious and natural beauty. Living room, living room, living room, living room, from furniture styles to soft decoration accessories, we often see them on weekdays, but when people combine these ordinary little things, it looks particularly warm and artistic, full of temperament! The area to the left of the bathroom door is the bathroom, which integrates shower, toilet, washing, laundry and other functions. The overall gray and white tone is bright and refreshing, and it is very easy to maintain. The bedroom is hidden behind the bathroom. Although the space is not large, it does not feel depressing at all. The soft bedding, soft tones, and warm atmosphere make this small corner full of warmth, and the surrounding area is full of warmth. There is a large wardrobe, which can fully meet the storage needs of a person's life. Some people may say that this set of decoration looks very simple. I admit that this set of decoration, whether it is hard decoration, soft decoration or furniture, is very ordinary, but the feeling of a home is not due to expensive and high-end decoration. It is the most valuable thing to be able to use the most common and common hardware to create such a warm and comfortable home. Therefore, I think there is still a very good set of foreign designs. What do you think?

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