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The small apartment of 46 square meters has a perfect two bedrooms and one living room?

2023-02-03 08:43:57 [cleaning ]
The small apartment of 46 square meters has a perfect two bedrooms and one living room?

In the face of this small apartment size of 46 square meters, it is necessary to meet the needs of the owner of two bedrooms and one living room. The designer refined every 1 square meter, and finally realized the living needs of the owner. The whole space is compact and not crowded. Let's take a look at the actual situation. effect it! The porch of the floor plan is relatively small, and a combination of thin cabinets and hanging cabinets is made to ensure storage space. In addition, a large full-length mirror is also designed, which not only facilitates daily dressing, but also has the visual function of extending the space. The integration of guest dining room and guest dining room is a standard design for small units, which can maximize the use of space, and it is compact but does not affect daily use. The simple and comfortable two-seater sofa meets the needs of comfortable movie viewing. The dining room furniture is mainly simple style, simple and transparent dining table, with two comfortable back chairs, supplemented by small round chandeliers, creating a relaxed and comfortable dining atmosphere. The balcony opens up the balcony and is designed as a half-height partition, which not only defines the functional area but also makes the interior more transparent. The curtain adopts organ curtain, which is simple and fashionable and more suitable for small apartment use. There is also a drying rack on the top, with a unique appearance, which is not only convenient for drying clothes, but also saves space. The sun shines through the curtains, and the light is full. It is also a good choice as a small study space in the sun. The second bedroom is based on the original living room, and a small bedroom is separated by a glass door, which is just enough to meet the needs of sleep. Bedside hanging cabinet + display cabinet design can also ensure storage needs. And the lighting is also sufficient, and it does not appear to be oppressive and dark in the space. Kitchen The kitchen adopts an L-shaped layout design, and expands the area of ​​the workbench to strengthen the storage space. Moreover, the refrigerator and structural columns are also used to separate the dry area of ​​the kitchen and bathroom, making perfect use of the advantages of the unit. Lighting windows also bring in plenty of light into the kitchen, keeping the tight space from crowding. The design of the master bedroom is even more ingenious. The storage cabinet is arranged at the head of the bed, which is integrated and beautiful and practical. Use the hidden light strip design to make the night more comfortable and not dazzling. A TV wall is also designed in the bedroom, with wood veneer as the background, and with the help of hidden light strips, it eliminates the monotony of the wall and injects a warm atmosphere into the space. The simple dressing table with partial hollow design in front of the window can also be used as a practical desk, which is not only ergonomic, but also very beautiful and convenient. Conclusion: How to maximize the use of space in a small house is the biggest test of decorating a house. Facts have proved that as long as the space is used reasonably, the space can be doubled!

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