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Don't be misled, the "demon words" of these decoration bloggers are harmful

2023-02-03 09:11:06 [cleaning ]
Don't be misled, the "demon words" of these decoration bloggers are harmful

I'm a decoration blogger myself! Today, I'm going to take stock of these "demon words". Isn't it hard to get along with yourself or with your peers? The main reason is that some statements are too biased, too vague, and too anti-intellectual... Even the people around me have been misled, and I really can't stand it anymore, so I have to tell everyone!

1. The central air conditioner must not be installed!

I bet most of the people who told you that central air conditioners must not be installed have never used central air conditioners! The reasons given are dumbfounding. The following refutes one by one: The central air conditioner does not have the function of preventing direct blowing, which is uncomfortable! Brother, the air outlet of the central air conditioner is so high, and it needs a fart prevention function. In terms of comfort, the central air conditioner must be more comfortable than on-hook and cabinet! The central air conditioner has a short life and is easy to break! Big brother! The length of life, whether you love it or not, is determined by the brand, price, quality, frequency of use, etc. It is also on-hook, and it can be used for ten years, and it can not be used after 2 years! The refrigeration principle is the same, why is the central air conditioner short-lived and easy to break? Central air conditioning, maintenance trouble, maintenance trouble! Big brother! The maintenance of the central air conditioner is to clean a filter, which is exactly the same as hanging up the machine; as for maintenance, if there is an inspection port, why is there a problem with maintenance? Rationally speaking: there are three disadvantages of central air conditioners: first, the price is high; second, the noise is louder than on-hook, and the best silent startup has more than 20 decibels, but even if it is more than 30 decibels in general, it will not affect the rest. Degree. Third, the installation is complicated, and it is necessary to coordinate and communicate during the decoration. It is necessary to find a reliable installation dealer to ensure that there is no problem with the pipeline. Can central air conditioning be selected? Of course you can choose, and the budget is abundant, it is preferred! It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, space saving and comfortable blowing. If the budget is a little tighter, don’t bother to choose. Hanging and cabinet units can solve the natural pain points, while the central air conditioner just touches some “itch points”. As for those home bloggers, use your fans! The most economical, simple, go downstairs at any time to get a new one if it breaks, just like it!

2. Don't make white seams in kitchen and bathroom!

The decoration blogger who said so, he himself is a pot of mud, and he likes to make rash judgments! This is! It is true that white beautiful seams are more likely to be dirty. Most of the white beautiful seams in people's homes will oxidize and gradually turn yellow! But this does not mean that the white seam is beautiful, it will become "must not choose!" Because there are three kinds of beautiful seams! Epoxy colored sand has strong adhesion and can make a matte effect, but it has the disadvantage of holding dirt and dirt, and it will also oxidize and turn yellow. It is really not suitable for making white beautiful seams! Epoxy resin, with average adhesion, smooth surface, easy to clean, but it may also oxidize and change in the later stage, and it is not suitable for white beauty seams. Polyurea beautiful seam, the adhesion is average, smooth, easy to clean, not oxidized, made beautiful seam, will not turn yellow for 30 years, this is the advantage of polyurea beautiful seam itself, so merchants dare to guarantee 30 Years never turn yellow. Rationally speaking: white beautiful seams can be done, just use polyurea beautiful seams! But please do not do polyurea beauty seams in the bathroom, because the adhesion of polyurea beauty seams is general, which may allow water to seep into the tiles and accumulate in the sand and ash layer, causing problems such as odor in the bathroom, dampness and cracking of the outer wall of the bathroom. The beautiful seam suitable for the bathroom is epoxy colored sand, because it holds dirt and oxidizes, so avoid using white, it will be easier to clean. If you accidentally choose white, and you find it turns yellow and black when you check in, you can use a bleeder to clean it. Bleeding cleaner has a certain bleaching effect. It is effective for yellowed epoxy colored sand and epoxy resin. It can be used to clean beautiful seam gaps with half the effort.

3. Do not choose a right-angle basin for the sink!

There is a particularly popular guide for purchasing a sink, probably 8 out of 8 for the sink! One of them is not to choose a right-angle sink, but a sink with an arc angle. Sink with rounded corners. It is indeed better to clean, yes, but is there a right-angled sink in the world? Not at all! It stands to reason that it was a small mistake, no one was fooled, no one made a wrong decision because of it! However, the bad thing is the group of decoration bloggers who love to wash manuscripts. Just follow and copy, without thinking. If you can't find the picture of the right-angle sink, I will attach a picture of the sink with a small R angle. Therefore, everyone who does not know the truth understands that the small R angle cannot be selected for the selection of the sink. It's really off the mark! In terms of technology, there are two types of sinks: one is a stamped sink, which can only be made into a large arc angle; the other is a hand-welded sink, which can be made into a small R angle. Hand-welded sinks are generally more expensive, but they also have the advantages of being more beautiful, thicker and more durable, and higher in space utilization. Obviously, because of the "demon words" of these home bloggers, the good kind of sink has become an option that cannot be selected. When everyone chooses, they are even more confused, and a series of questions arise: why is the big arc one cheaper than the small R angle? Why are you satisfied with the sink you like, but you have to make a "right-angle sink"? ...

4. Never install a thermostatic shower!

The argument of many bloggers is that the home already has a gas water heater with a constant temperature, and then installing a constant temperature shower is the IQ tax. This is a complicated issue, and it is obviously wrong to say that one would kill with a stick. The function of the thermostatic shower is to adjust the mixing ratio of cold and hot water, so that the water temperature is constant when taking a bath. There are two types of constant temperature gas water heaters: one without a water volume server (using gas proportional valve + memory alloy spring, which is not stable enough); one with a water volume server (intelligent water and gas dual adjustment, More accurate and stable) The latter is more capable of stabilizing the water temperature than the former, and can achieve "even if two water outlets produce hot water at the same time, the temperature of the hot water can be kept constant." The former cannot. So, to be precise, it should be: if the gas water heater at home has a water volume server, you can adjust the mixing ratio without a constant temperature shower, and you can also take a bath without being hot and cold, and vice versa. However, in reality, gas water heaters without a water volume server should be the majority. (This conclusion is based on adjusting the temperature of the water heater to a temperature suitable for bathing, and the bathing water is all hot water. If you are used to increasing the temperature of hot water and mixing cold water, you need a constant temperature shower, which can not only avoid hot and cold. , but also anti-scalding.)

5, don't choose the air heater Yuba!

The wind heating Yuba, compared to the lamp heating, must be an improvement. For areas that are really cold in winter and need Yuba. But there are some home furnishing bloggers who have voiced the call not to use the wind to warm the Yuba. The reason given is also dumbfounding: Fengnuan Yuba, when taking a shower, blowing on the body is cold, while the lamp is warm when it hits the body! The usage of the air heater is: turn it on 15 minutes before taking a shower, let the whole bathroom heat up, and then take a shower. It can be turned on in the shower, but it's not a thing for blowing straight while you're in the shower, so we always tell you not to put the air heater above the shower area. And the lamp warmer will not make the space warm up, it just feels a hot feeling when it hits people. I have experienced that there is no heating at home in winter, and I still remember the days when I used the lamp warmer for bathing. It's like a light in the fridge! The wind heater is easy to break! The air heater is the same as the lamp heater. The quality of the air heater depends on the brand, quality and price you buy. There is no saying which one is more likely to be damaged. So, rest assured to choose the air heater, which is a few hundred dollars more expensive, but it is really much more comfortable than the lamp heater. Conclusion Similar cases, countless! Therefore, before reading the strategy, you should also pay attention to identify who sent the strategy itself, whether there is any interest, whether it is a half-ass blogger. The consequences for the business are even more serious! Unscrupulous merchants may only want money, while half-hearted decoration bloggers often push you into an embarrassing situation.

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