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Why can't the wall breaker exceed 1000ml? How big is the wall breaker for a family of four?

2023-02-03 07:00:02 [Wall decoration ]
Why can't the wall breaker exceed 1000ml? How big is the wall breaker for a family of four?

The capacity of the wall breaker is limited, and the amount of water cannot be poured at will, so why can't the wall breaker exceed 1000ml? It clearly shows 1400ml, but it is actually because of cold and hot drinks. For details, please see the detailed introduction.

Why can't the wall breaker exceed 1000ml

The maximum hot drink is 1000ml, and 1400ml will overflow the pot and cause unnecessary trouble, so it is considered good for consumers. However, the cup body hydrothermal is written as 1400ml, but it can only hold 1000ml, which is worth pondering. A wall breaker can make many foods, almost including the functions of a soymilk maker, juicer, meat blender, and coffee maker. The wall breaker can be used to finish things such as soy milk, rice cereal, juice, coffee, jam, etc. Delicious dishes such as energy soup, thick fish soup, burgers and biscuits. Some cooking wall breakers can be done directly with one key (multifunctional wall breakers), such as soy milk, rice cereal, fish soup and energy soup, but in burgers, in biscuits and other delicacies, wall breakers play an important role , such as making hamburger meat.

1000ml of wall breaker is enough for several people

4 people is definitely enough. In fact, the use of the wall breaker is very simple, whether it is a multifunctional wall breaker or a manual wall breaker, it will not be complicated. As for the multifunction wall breaker, you just need to know what kind of food the button on the base completes. Package the entire operation. Put your ingredients in place and push a button, and the wall shredder automates food production. Manually controlled wall breakers require everyone to understand the cooking process and independently control mixing time and speed. The advantage is that the process control is more complete.

Is it necessary to buy such an expensive wall breaker?

If you may have visited the wall breaker products on the market, do not It is difficult to find that the price range of wall breakers is relatively large, ranging from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. So, are these expensive products worth considering than these breaker wall breakers? In fact, is it necessary to consider your own needs and uses. For example, you rarely handle some hard ingredients at home, and you don't want to mix the food very delicately, so you can choose wall breaker products priced between 700 yuan and 1,000 yuan. However, whether it is an expensive wall breaker or a cheap wall breaker, the brand factor is very important. The product you choose can only be guaranteed on the premise of a reliable brand.

How big is the wall breaker for a family of four

The big brand of 1000ml wall breaker is guaranteed, with high appearance and full functions. Not only can make smoothies, juice milkshakes, but also hot drinks such as soy milk, rice cereal, nutritious porridge, fish soup medicated diet, etc. The cup is made of thickened high-boron glass, which is resistant to rapid cold and heat, impact resistance and not easy to break. , the quality is great.

A lot of liters of wall breaker is suitable for home use

2L-4L is enough. Compared with other cooking machines, the biggest feature of the wall breaker is its fast speed. It can be said that the wall breaker is the fastest rotating speed among the home cooking machines, and the speed of the blade is not only faster than that of other cooking machines. a grade. The ultra-high speed of the wall breaker also brings huge unique advantages to it, including the ability to make a wider variety of food, to complete the process faster and more efficiently, and to mix ingredients more delicately.

Is the wall breaker really bad for health?

In addition to the rest of the content, just look at the working principle of the wall breaker. The wall machine works like all physical mixers, the blades are driven by an electric motor to rotate. Therefore, if the wall breaker is not good for health, then all the mixers on the market are not good for health, which is obviously impossible. Let's talk about the features of the next wall breaker, a large part of the reason the wall breaker can get up quickly is due to its super high mixing speed, as well as its sturdiness and longevity. Higher blending speeds do make food more delicately blended, but are delicate foods bad for your health? There is no scientific basis. Fineness and refinement are not the same concept. Delicate food may have been processed with chemical ingredients, which the breaker melds delicately together. There is no chemical projection in the whole process, but it is just finely blended. That's it, what are the ingredients, what are they when mixed. Therefore, it is unscientific to say that the wall breaker is not good for health.

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