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175 square meters of modern light luxury decoration, blue and orange matching space, gorgeous and high-end

2023-04-01 23:45:45 [floor]
175 square meters of modern light luxury decoration, blue and orange matching space, gorgeous and high-end

Today, I would like to share with you a case of 175 square meters of modern light luxury decoration. In this case, the designer used blue and orange color matching to create a gorgeous and high-end style for the space. Coupled with the integration of metal accessories and sofas and other furniture, it presents Elegant and livable modern light luxury residence, let's take a look at the real effect of this case. Living room design Blue and orange are the dark colors of the living room space, which contrast with the simple white ceiling and walls, making the living room space have a layered design style. The sofa wall is integrated into the frame line shape, and two blue-orange decorative paintings are hung in the middle, which matches with the blue fabric sofa, making the space more dignified and elegant. The living room rug adopts a geometric background shape with distinct edges and corners, which contrasts with the round mirror double coffee table, adding a geometric artistic atmosphere to the space. The space intertwined with blue and orange presents a strong artistic design texture, coupled with the decorative effect of metal table lamps, the feeling of light luxury is here. Restaurant Design The wall of the restaurant adopts a double-frame shape and is pasted with elegant pattern wallpaper, which is simple and elegant. The matching with the orange refrigerator makes the dining space dignified and energetic. In this 175-square-meter modern light luxury decoration, a dining table with marble countertops is used, combined with blue and white leather dining chairs, to improve comfort and texture. On the background wall of the dining room, the designer chose to place a mirror hanging ornament. The metal golden outer edge and the mirror black outer edge are both layered and delicate. Bedroom Design The color selection of the bedroom is the same as that of the living room. The blue bed and the orange bed end stool, as well as the soft furnishings such as throw pillows and curtains, also choose the combination of blue and orange, which makes the bedroom present an elegant and gorgeous temperament. A metal ring chandelier is decorated above the bedside table, with a blue bedside wall design, which shows both light and luxurious texture and warmth. The wall at the end of the bed is designed with a combination of dresser and drawer, combined with a round makeup mirror and a plaid fabric seat, providing a practical and comfortable dressing space for the hostess. The children's room is dominated by light and elegant colors, with beige beds, chairs and light blue walls, making the bedroom space simple and comfortable. A storage display cabinet is placed at the end of the bed, which is a place for summarizing items. The orderly display creates a more organized space. After seeing the real scene of the 175-square-meter modern light luxury decoration above, is your heart moved? If you want to know more about decoration, please leave a message to consult us!

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