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After investing in these 4 "living room products", I realized after the experience that I paid the IQ tax properly

2023-04-02 00:20:01 [cleaning ]
After investing in these 4 "living room products", I realized after the experience that I paid the IQ tax properly

Only after the test of time can we know which household products are really practical. There are some household items that seem to be tall or full of gimmicks, but only after the real experience will make people "stunned": it turns out that all this is an "illusion" for merchants to harvest IQ tax. [1] The slate coffee table has to admit that many people will pay for the "look". Such as "slate coffee table". As a popular building material, slate should not be too popular in recent years. Slate countertops, slate dining tables, slate TV walls, slate integrated basins, and even slate refrigerators... Of course, the "slate coffee table" is no exception. The high-end and atmospheric panel material and the "thin and hard" texture are the advantages of the slate coffee table "capturing" everyone. It is undeniable that compared with traditional glass coffee tables and wooden coffee tables, it is obvious that the appearance of slate coffee tables almost crushes the latter. Although the slate coffee table is "very stylish", it does not mean that it is very practical. "It took less than a year and it broke." "Before installation, there were cracks when the courier arrived"... The "rollover" of the slate coffee table is ultimately related to its properties. Only those who have experience in the ceramic tile market know that the essence of slate is still ceramic tiles, but the tonnage of the press for pressing slate is heavier, and the selected raw material formula is added with stone powder and quartz stone. Because of the heavy tonnage of the press, the pressed slate has high density, high hardness and thinner thickness. However, behind these advantages, it is precisely that the slate has a disadvantage that is more tasteless than the tile: brittleness. How "brittle" is the slate? Whether it is a slate coffee table, a slate dining table, or a slate cabinet countertop, as long as the bearing point is not done well, it will crack or even shatter directly under a small amount of pressure. Even during shipping, if the packaging is not in place, it will shatter. This is the truth. Therefore, from a practical point of view, slate products are not worth investing in. 【2】Crystal lamp When many people install crystal lamps in the living room, when I decorate my house, I directly install a minimalist ceiling lamp. The reason is actually very simple. Because when I rented the house, the chandelier in the living room of the landlord's house was a crystal lamp. Although her house is also a new house that has been handed over for a few years, the dust on the crystal lamp is really unbearable to look at. High-value, atmospheric, high-end... These words can be used in crystal lamps. This is also the main reason why many people insist on investing in crystal lamps. However, what many people can't think of is that they completely underestimate the dust accumulation ability of crystal lamps. Even underestimated the "cleaning difficulty" of the crystal lamp. Because the dust on the crystal lamp will not only affect the appearance, but also affect the lighting, so it has to be cleaned regularly. However, the structure of the crystal lamp decides to dismantle its parts one by one for cleaning... The process is cumbersome and cleaning is troublesome. I believe many people have had such an experience. And after a long time, you will know that the shortcomings of crystal lamps do not stop there. "Easy to damage, high maintenance rate" is also the weak point of crystal lamps. So it is clear that the crystal lamp is not worth investing in, not to mention the cost of it is several thousand yuan. In contrast, although the traditional ceiling lamp is minimalist, its practicality is commendable (in fact, the current ceiling lamp is not ugly, but minimalist and atmospheric). [3] Among the living room supplies invested in the short-footed TV cabinet, the short-footed TV cabinet has always been the purchase decision I regret the most. Because I only found out after I actually moved in that more and more families have actually chosen "hanging TV cabinets". Compared with the hanging TV cabinet, although the traditional TV cabinet with short feet is not too bad in appearance, the cleaning difficulty after dust accumulation at the bottom is maddening. Because the height of the low-foot TV cabinet from the ground is very small, it is difficult to reach in to clean the dust, whether it is a robot vacuum cleaner or a mop. In addition, the feet inside the TV cabinet are distributed in several positions, so even if you use a mop, there will be bumps and bumps, and there will be dead corners in hygiene. Obviously, there will be no such tasteless situation in the hanging TV cabinet. Put the TV cabinet on the wall, and the height above the ground is more than 15 cm, so that there is enough space for the sweeping robot, so it can not only clean, but also realize the removal of housework. Really free hands. [4] Carpet "Without carpet in the living room, there is no soul", merchants always like to use such words to brainwash users. Coupled with some net red home bloggers, they often take pictures in the living room environment with carpet, so subtly, the carpet has become a product that must be invested in the living room. It's just that under its clean and refined exterior, the rug is actually the most filthy item in the living room. In addition to visible stains and water stains, the bacteria and mites hidden in the carpet are the big ones. It's just that in many people's minds, "out of sight is pure". In fact, the dirty inside is really dirty. So clean carpets are not necessarily really clean. A carpet that is cleaned regularly is a clean carpet. Otherwise, the carpet is a breeding ground for bacteria, and it is better to cut it off directly if you invest in it. "I also want to clean the carpet regularly, I can see it dirty, but have you ever washed the carpet? You know how heartbroken you are after you wash it!" "The washing machine can't fit, I can only drag the carpet into the bathroom and brush it a little bit, and the high-pressure water gun can't flush it out. Ordinary detergents don't work well either"! In fact, I am also deeply experienced in this regard. It is really tiring to clean such a big man, but in order to kill bacteria and for the health of the home, it has to be done. So at this time, you will find that the carpet in the living room really adds too much housework burden. If you don't have a lot of free time and a good habit of cleaning, it's best to quit. ——END——[Written at the end] The value of household items is to enrich and facilitate our home life. If they are neither practical nor humanized, then there is no need to invest. And this has nothing to do with more or less money, because tasteless household products will become a stumbling block to a refined life. (This topic is the original of "Beauty Home Guide", some pictures are from the Internet, and the infringement contact is deleted, thank you)

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