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In order for the children to go to school, this mother changed the big room to a small room, creating a warm and comfortable small two-bedroom at a low cost

2023-02-03 07:19:38 [workmanship ]
In order for the children to go to school, this mother changed the big room to a small room, creating a warm and comfortable small two-bedroom at a low cost

In order to allow their children to receive better educational resources, many parents do not hesitate to sell the original big house and replace the old and broken children with the school district. The female owners of this case shared in this issue are these "big houses for small houses". One of the parents in the room". However, her thinking is also different from that of many family members, because many parents use the school district housing as a springboard and do not plan to live for a long time, so they are not willing to spend money on refurbishment, and would rather the family live in it for two or two three years. But what this mother thinks is that in addition to providing a better learning environment for her children, it can also have a better living environment. So despite the lack of budget, she decided to redecorate the house. Of course, her requirements are not high, and she must be warm and refreshing, and it is enough to live without feeling aggrieved. The following is the warm and comfortable small two-bedroom she built with low cost. Come and enjoy it with me. Original floor plan and floor plan From the comparison of the original floor plan and floor plan, the layout of this house has basically not been demolished, nor changed, and no changes have been made. This alone has saved a lot of budget for this home. In addition, there is basically no special expensive place for the hard, soft and furniture of the whole house, so the overall budget is very well controlled! There is no entrance in this house, and the entrance is the hall, so the storage function is arranged on both sides of the door, one side is the wardrobe standing above the ground, and the other side is the shoe cabinet with upper and lower parts and the bottom hanging. They not only satisfy In order to meet the actual needs of household storage, the aisle is also distinguished from the surrounding area. One end of the dining table in the restaurant is inserted into the wardrobe on the side, so the size can be adjusted by pushing and pulling to meet the needs of a family of three or many people for dinner. The decoration and furnishings of the entire restaurant area, with gray, white and wood as the main colors, together with warm lighting and fresh green plants, create a particularly warm and beautiful dining atmosphere. The kitchen kitchen worktop is L-shaped, and the electrical cabinets on the side just form a neat U-shape. The high and low countertops are designed to increase practicability and comfort. The gray and white tones make the kitchen area more beautiful Extraordinarily fresh and bright. The decoration on the living room side of the living room also abandons the flashy decoration. There is no modeling wall, no main light, only a simple fabric sofa, and a projection screen hidden above the wardrobe. Don't look at this kind of decoration is very simple, but it brings many benefits. First, the space is more open and the living experience is better. Second, it is easy to maintain and take care of, which can save time on housework and better accompany family members. Third, there is no TV to distract children, and there is a fixed time every week to watch movies with children, and the atmosphere is better. The three functional areas in the bathroom are arranged in sequence, with complete functions and a refreshing and bright vision. In the master bedroom, the master bedroom, and the master bedroom, there is no ceiling, no modeling, and no main lights. The entire space is composed of the simplest white walls, wooden floors, and white and wood-colored furniture. Even so, the interior decoration paintings and The embellishment of lighting makes the whole bedroom area a little more refined. There is no glass door between the master bedroom and the balcony, but is separated by a curtain, which saves space and budget, and is more convenient. On both sides of the balcony, the storage area and the office area are arranged respectively, which greatly increases the practicality. Second bedroom Second bedroom Second bedroom This is a space created for children. An extra-long workbench can meet the needs of parents to accompany their children to do homework, and an oversized bookshelf can create a space for children that is more suitable for him to study and work. The environment and atmosphere in which to grow. The above is the warm and comfortable small two-bedroom built by this young mother at a low cost. What do you think as a school district room? (Source: Xinghan Design)

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