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Is it necessary to renovate the mop pool?

2023-04-02 02:03:54 [workmanship ]
Is it necessary to renovate the mop pool?


Tuguliang's sister-in-law has a mild cleanliness addiction. Will help to clean up. Last weekend, she suddenly said to me on WeChat: "The mop pool is so useful!". ▼▼▼Calculate the quotation of your home decoration in 10 seconds as a reference▼▼▼ (The applet has been added here, please go to the Toutiao client to view it) I was a little speechless at that time, and it was not until I surfed the Internet that I found out that many people are "mop pools" lovers". After careful research, I found that for people who have pets and children and often do housework, the mop pool can solve many problems. Today I will discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of mop pools.

1. There is no product that can completely replace the mop pool.

▲ The picture comes from Tubatu decoration app @ 易品居Don't look at the decoration of the mop pool because of its unremarkable appearance. Many owners online have used it to do a lot of things. Mainly can be summarized as: 1. Deal with dirty things, such as rags, mops, slippers, and sewage. 2. Wash hands and feet for children and bathe pets. 3. Treat it as a waterscape potted plant to temporarily raise fish and turtles. 4. In the utility room on rainy days, hang raincoats and umbrellas to wash your feet on rainy days. Most of the owners who love to use mop pools are experienced owners. There are several alternatives that seem to be good, but in fact do not completely replace the mop pool to solve the above problems: 1. Steam mops, scrubbers: used owners feedback that steam mops are too heavy for women, and will also Bad, not a complete replacement for a mop pool. 2. Mobile mop buckets and various basins: Most of the materials are plastic, which is really cheap, but it is not very practical if they are used to wash children's feet and puppies, because the basins will definitely overturn when they are noisy. And it's too dirty after a long time, and it doesn't look good anywhere. 3. High-pressure water gun + floor drain: Obviously, it is almost impossible to wash pets, but it is still very good to wash the balcony floor, and it feels that it can be used with the mop pool. To sum up, although the mop pool is old, it does have some connotations. ▼▼▼Calculate your home decoration quotation in 10 seconds as a reference ▼▼▼ (A applet has been added here, please go to the Toutiao client to view)

2. Put the mop pool on the balcony as much as possible, and don’t leave the bottom blank

▲ The picture comes from the Tubatu decoration [email protected]世艺居 Decorative mop pool is a very mature home improvement product, so there are many types, such as ceramics, plastics, etc. , stainless steel, stone and so on. There is no suggestion for the choice of material for rabbit mushroom cool. Tips 2 points: 1. The mop pool must be on the ground, because it is a wet area, damp, moldy, and dirty are inevitable. Therefore, it is recommended to install it on the balcony with good ventilation and lighting, and install it in the toilet, which may not be sanitary enough. 2. Remember to be waterproof, the balcony must be waterproof, if the mop pool is made of stone and against the wall, the wall also needs to be waterproof, don't be lazy. Some people say that the mop pool is dirty and inconvenient to clean. Later, Tuguliang asked a colleague who has a mop pool at home. She provided some methods for cleaning the mop, balcony, and mop pool: clean up a large area using the disposable cleaning agent in the bathroom, cooperate with A tube of mildew removal gel. In addition, the mop is cleaned with a decontamination powder of six or seven dollars. After wringing out the water and drying it, it will hardly leave any odor, and after it is used to mop the floor, the floor will not leave water stains.

3. There is also a solution without a mop pool

▲ The picture comes from Tubatu decoration [email protected] 1890 DESIGN MOP POOL YAN Insufficient value is fatal. So many owners will still think of various solutions. 1. Oversized sink: washing shoes, clothes, and dogs is completely ok, even without bending over. 2. Instead of traditional mops, use removable and washable ones: This way, you don't need to operate in the mop pool at all, just have a basin. 3. Make a housework closet specially: hide housekeeping tools, which can be hidden out of sight. Any basin, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, etc. can be concealed. 4. Install a laundry room at home: To handle various inconvenient things in the bathroom, just install a small wash basin next to the washing machine. In the end, I also heard a solution without martial arts, which is to regularly invite housekeeping services to the door, which is suitable for local tyrants, not for ordinary people. ▼▼▼Get 3 sets of exclusive design plans as a reference ▼▼▼ (The applet has been added here, please go to the Toutiao client to view)


Later, Tuguliang chatted with the owner, and the owner in the north also gave a fatal disadvantage to the mop pool: the place with a lot of wind and sand is easy to accumulate sediment, and the mop pool will be blocked after a long time. However, he himself is a mop pool supporter. The original words are: it is better to block the mop pool than to block the toilet. The words are not rude. All designs have some ability to be popular. Even today in 2022, the mop pool can still compete with high-tech products and trendy designs.

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