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Only when the mouth is done well can it be said that it is perfect! Did you close your house right?

2023-04-02 01:27:07 [cleaning ]
Only when the mouth is done well can it be said that it is perfect! Did you close your house right?

As the saying goes: details determine success or failure, and the same is true for decoration. Often, it is some inconspicuous details that determine the texture of decoration, such as closing the mouth. Although the closing only accounts for a small part of the decoration, if it is not done well, the overall design will be greatly reduced. If you don’t believe it, see: So, how can the closing be perfect? Where does it need to be closed? 1. The junction of the wall and the ground In general, the wall is made of latex paint, siding or various wallpapers, and the ground is usually floor tiles or floors. Due to the inconsistency of the two trim materials, we had to close the mouth to improve the overall look. ▲The wall and the floor are closed ▲The wall and the tile are closed 2. The door opening is also the same situation. When the material or color of the inside and outside of the door opening is inconsistent, a door cover is needed to close the door, transition the visual difference, and beautify the space. 3. Different materials for the floor If the floor of the home is made of two completely different materials: tile and floor, then it must also be closed to "beautify the shame", while avoiding leaving seams to allow dust to deposit. 4. The corners of the corners need to be closed most at the yin and yang corners of the tiles. If it is not closed, it is easy to damage, so it needs to be closed to protect the hardcover. ▲The outer corner of the tile ▲How to close the inner corner of the tile? To understand where to close the mouth, let's talk about the specific method of closing the mouth. There are five main ways to close the mouth: 1. The most common method of closing: the bead can be used for decoration, whether it is the ground, the wall, between the ground and the wall, between the top and the wall. The treatment method is simple in construction, low in cost and good in effect. It can be said that decoration is ubiquitous. For example, the splicing between the tiles and the floor, the use of similar colors, and the narrow edge of the strip, the overall feeling will be very high. In addition, if the two spaces are fully paved with wooden floors, you can also use battens to transition if you do not want to pass through. For another example, the popular bathroom is to paste half-wall tiles, and the sealing between the wall tiles and the latex paint is generally required to be closed, and the method of lamination is adopted. 2. The most detailed closing method: the seam is between the materials, and no other auxiliary materials are used, and they are directly spliced ​​together for transition. For example, the tiles are directly spliced ​​together by chamfering technology, and then the beauty joint agent is filled later. Small Tips: Use similar colors for beauty seams, and try to avoid gold and silver. There are usually 2 ways to deal with tile chamfers: one is to seal the corners. That is, sand the edges of the tiles to an acute angle of 45° and then assemble them to each other. In this case, however, try to avoid use in the kitchen flue location, as cooking creates heat and expands the tiles, which often causes them to crack. The other is crabapple horn. It is also the corner grinding of the edge of the tile, but the gap left by the sealing corner is larger, and it is not easy to break the porcelain, but it needs to be beautifully seamed in the later stage. ▲Details of chamfering ▲Overall chamfering If the floor and tiles are assembled at home, seams need to be left. However, due to the different thickness of materials, the construction is difficult and requires high skills of workers. Therefore, it is best to find experienced and skilled masters in the construction process. 3. The most trouble-free closing method: wrong seam is the closing method of pressing one side against the other, also called the height difference closing method. That is to say, the materials on both sides should not be collected on the same plane. It is more suitable for closing the mouth directly when the two materials cannot be flattened. ▲Top and inner concave closing 4. The least closing method: mainly used for the sealing of metal materials, which has high requirements on the integrity of the shape, such as large stone models, wood veneer models, metal carvings, etc., to the leveling of materials Degree and construction quality requirements are high. Done well, the overall effect will be good; if not, the whole look will be ruined. ▲ Marble tile dense joint paving 5. The most urgent closing method: If the above method is used to close the mouth during decoration, there are problems such as exposed base layer, poor sealing and high technical cost. You can directly choose the way of glue to save the emergency. The biggest advantage of gluing is that it can cover up the defects of the closing, but it is just a cover up, and it cannot show the beauty of the closing. If you are very concerned about the details of the work, it is recommended not to use it or try not to use it. Also, if glue is used to solve the closing problem, don't let the formaldehyde and VOC exceed the limit, and don't let the sealing edge of the toilet bathroom crack, mold and yellow. You have to buy glue yourself, buy neutral glue. Buy MS Modified Silane Adhesives on a Moderate Budget. Do not use acid glass glue, the master gave you this glue. What are the advanced closing methods? If you want to make the closing more advanced, the professional foreman has 3 closing methods. I hope you can learn from it when you decorate your home: 1. The baseboard with lamp slot is mainly used for the interface between the wall and the ground, which can improve the wall body. The closure, with lighting and decorative functions, is very popular among home designers. 2. The curved edge wall cabinet can be directly processed into curved sides, which can not only achieve the side edge effect, but also achieve a higher appearance of the cabinet, and there is no hygienic dead corner. ▲Arc-shaped cabinet▲Arc-shaped wall 3. Linear floor drains and rectangular floor drains can be set at the junction of floor drain closing bricks and bricks, and square floor drains can be set on the diagonal. The appearance is also higher. ▲Strip floor drain ▲ Although the square floor drain is a small detail in the decoration, it must not be ignored, otherwise the decoration of hundreds of thousands of dollars may only be exchanged for the effect of tens of thousands of dollars. What style do you use for the closure of your home?

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