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Kitchen design master these 3 secrets, anyone can be successful

2023-04-02 01:12:40 [cleaning ]
Kitchen design master these 3 secrets, anyone can be successful

When cooking, I am most afraid of running back and forth, and my back is sore. Don't always say that you are tired of cooking, it is true that the kitchen design is not in place. Today's article, if you don't want to make cooking a hassle, be sure to read it, especially the last point, you will be praised and recognized for what you do. Reasonable moving line layout can be more efficient. If you find that after washing the vegetables and cutting them, you have to hold them all the way, not to mention dripping, and there is a possibility of falling at any time, then there is a problem with your moving line design. ▲The moving line is chaotic, and the distance between the washing area and the cutting and preparing area is too far. If you find that after washing and cutting the vegetables, you have to hold them all the way, not to mention dripping water, which may fall off at any time, then your moving line design There is a problem. After understanding the general plan, you can arrange different circulation lines according to the layout of your kitchen. 1// One-line layout [moving line design] Use one wall to place refrigerators, sinks, and stoves, and arrange them according to the moving line process, which can save space. For slender kitchens with a width < < 140cm, the cabinets are lined up along the wall. Generally, simple spaces such as small apartments and apartments are widely used. ▲The in-line layout with ample length can also accommodate washing machines 2// L-shaped layout [Moving line design] The triangular principle should be followed in terms of space processing to form an enclosed operating area. It is suitable for kitchens with a width of 140cm-180cm. This design can make full use of the corners of the cabinets and perfectly solve the awkward corners. Make the whole space more flexible and smooth, while the storage and operation surface are larger. 3// U-shaped layout [moving line design] still follows the triangular principle, and the functional areas are arranged around three walls. In fact, a long-side desktop is added to the L-shape to meet the needs of mass storage. It is suitable for kitchens with a width > > 180cm. It is necessary to ensure that the width in the middle is ≥80cm to avoid overcrowding in later use. ▲One side of the U-shaped layout can be used as a small home appliance area ▲If the width is not enough but you want to make a U-shaped layout, you can use a narrow partition to replace the cabinet 4 // Independent island layout [moving line design] Refer to the L-shaped kitchen moving line , the island part can be used as a secondary console or a dining area. It is often used in open kitchens or integrated dining and kitchens, and is suitable for units with larger kitchen and dining spaces. It is recommended to use it with an integrated stove with strong suction, which can perfectly cope with the large fumes of Chinese cooking. Master the golden size of the moving line area 1// In the vegetable washing area, it is recommended to install a large single-slot vegetable washing basin with a width of 60cm, and reserve 30cm of space on the side for storage. 2// The two areas of the cutting and preparing area should add up to at least 75cm. The larger the space size, the more open it can be used. 3// The cooking area needs to have an area to put dishes and cooking items such as pots and pans, so it is not recommended to design the cooktop in the corner area. Sufficient space should be reserved around, and the total on both sides should be at least ≥45cm. The open kitchen must be a high cabinet for electrical appliances. If your home is to be an open or semi-open kitchen, Xiaomei suggests that you must make a high cabinet for electrical appliances, built-in ovens, microwave ovens, etc., with a width of about 60 cm, and install them in the high cabinet. in the middle. The upper space is not easy to take, it can be used to store some kitchen sundries that are not commonly used, and the lower cabinet is used to store large kitchen utensils or storage items. The custom cabinet not only has a very large storage capacity, but also maintains the consistency of the cabinet, and the visual experience is neat and tidy. Reasonable moving line and size design can maximize the efficiency of the kitchen, reduce running back and forth when cooking, and make cooking easier! Have you learned it? Having said so much, Xiaoqi hopes that everyone must be careful to avoid these minefields and spend less money on decoration! If you really don't understand and don't want to worry about it, you can hand over the construction acceptance to a professional quality inspector. Tianmeijia provides third-party acceptance services, on-site acceptance of 11 key nodes, to help you check the quality of the decoration throughout the process. It will also answer your questions online, help you avoid many pits in time, and don't waste money!

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