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What color is good for the bedroom wall?

2023-02-03 08:45:27 [floor]
What color is good for the bedroom wall?

The bedroom is the main space for sleeping. After the bed, wardrobe and bedside table are placed here, the remaining parts that can highlight the decoration effect are the walls and curtains. The curtains can be easily replaced as a soft decoration in the later stage, while the walls are used as a decoration. Hard-packed foundation, generally cannot be changed after brushing the color! Therefore, if you want to achieve a delicate bedroom decoration effect, how to choose the color of the wall? 1. The principle of bedroom wall color: ① The light-colored and bright bedroom is used as a space for rest and sleep, and the decoration should be comfortable and brisk, so the color of the wall is also recommended to be mainly light-colored to create a bright and comfortable space atmosphere; Unless it is a special style, try to avoid designs that are too deep and depressing. ②Design layering After the bed and wardrobe are placed in the bedroom, almost most of the walls are blocked. Therefore, if you want to make a high-level bedroom design effect through wall design, you must use the color of the wall to increase the layering. 2. What color is suitable for the bedroom wall? ①White White is a versatile and attractive color. The walls of the bedroom are painted white, which can make the space look bright and generous, and it is relatively simple to match the bedding, so there is no need to worry about the color of the wall being incompatible. ②Light warm gray Gray is also a very classic and attractive decoration color, but gray is used in the bedroom. In order to create a warm and comfortable effect, I personally recommend choosing warm gray, and the color should be lighter, otherwise it will easily cause a feeling of depression. ③Light blue Blue can give people a quiet and calm feeling, and the bedroom is used as a space for rest and sleep. Painting the walls with light blue can create a simple, comfortable and quiet and comfortable atmosphere. When you are in it, you can Feel an inexplicable relaxing atmosphere. ④Light pink Pink is the design collocation of princess style. For girls or girls' rooms, you can paint the walls with light pink to create a romantic and warm princess style. However, when the pink is painted on the wall, the color must not be too dark, otherwise it will appear too coquettish! ⑤ If you paint a color-blocking wall alone, it will look monotonous. You don’t want to make too complicated shapes or other materials. You can also try to design a color-blocking wall. It can create interesting decoration effects. 3. Precautions for bedroom wall decoration: ①Do you need to paint after the wardrobe? The wall behind the wardrobe is blocked and invisible by the wardrobe after the completion of the check-in. Therefore, whether to paint this part of the wall has become a problem for many people! According to my experience, considering the details of the decoration and the cost of decoration, the wall behind the wardrobe is recommended - paint the edge part, and scrape the main body with putty! The edge part is painted, and after the wardrobe is installed, the gap between the wardrobe and the wall is also colored, so there is no need to worry about the color gap on the outer wall of the wardrobe. The main part does not need to be painted, which can better reduce the cost. ②The connection between the door and the wall: the connection between the door and the wall is mainly in the connection of the decoration process. If you want to achieve better decoration details, you can refer to the installation order of the door and the wall. After the wall latex paint is painted for the first time, install the door, and then paint the second time after the door is installed. Latex paint, anyway, if you generally brush latex paint twice, the second time is to wait for the previous round to dry before construction. At this time, you can make up for the damaged parts of the wall by the way. It is worth noting that if you want to arrange the installation process reasonably, you must communicate with the workers in advance and purchase the corresponding materials. If you want a good-looking color for the wall decoration of the bedroom, in principle, you should choose a light and bright color, and appropriately add a color scheme with a sense of design; such as white, light warm gray, light blue, and light pink, if you want to achieve better The design effect can also be used as a color-blocking wall.

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