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What to pay attention to when looking at a decoration contract, and what traps to avoid when signing a decoration contract​

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What to pay attention to when looking at a decoration contract, and what traps to avoid when signing a decoration contract​

You can also click the "blue word link" at the end of the article to find a local reliable decoration company and save 30% (the applet has been added here, please go to the Toutiao client to view it). When preparing for decoration, you need to follow the quotation and construction of each company Choose a decoration company in terms of level and service level. After selection, you need to sign a decoration contract. Before signing, you need to discuss carefully with the decoration company. Today, let us learn what to pay attention to when looking at a decoration contract and what to avoid when signing a decoration contract what traps. 1. What to pay attention to when looking at the decoration contract 1. Whether it has reached the stage of signing the contract Due to various reasons, many consumers tend to be more careful and slow before signing the contract during the negotiation process of home decoration; but once the process is close to When faced with signing a contract, consumers began to be impatient, hoping to sign a contract with a decoration company as soon as possible and enter the construction stage as soon as possible. 2. Check whether the formalities of the decoration company are complete. For a legally operating decoration company, a business license is necessary. Now many companies have opened branches, you should also check whether the other party has a power of attorney for such companies. As for the qualification certificate that people often say, as long as your project is not astonishingly large, there is no need to ask for an excessive qualification level: generally home decoration and decoration companies have a four-level qualification. 3. If consumers do not understand the content of the "decoration construction contract" provided by the decoration company, they may leave hidden dangers for themselves. Therefore, it is recommended that you take the contract home for a day before signing the contract, and then come back to sign the contract with the decoration company when you have a "book" in your heart. 4. Check whether the design plan information of the decoration company is complete. 1. For a complete home decoration design plan, first of all, the design drawings should be complete. It should include the floor plan of the room, the necessary elevation plan, the necessary ceiling plan, water and electricity plans, and The furniture drawings produced on site, in addition, it is necessary to check whether the various factors of the design drawings are complete. These factors include the size and proportion of the drawings, the materials selected and the simple craftsmanship; if there are any missing items, the designer should be asked to make up. Second, check whether the project budget has been done in accordance with the agreement between the two parties, and complete the missing items before the contract is signed. Third, check the list of materials provided by Party A and Party B. The materials, types, quantities, reference prices, delivery time, and inspectors in the table should be very clear. Fourth, in order to ensure the quality of the home decoration project, the description of the construction process in the contract should occupy an important position, and should not pay attention to materials and ignore the process as some consumers currently sign contracts with decoration companies. 2. What traps should be avoided when signing a decoration contract 1. The decoration in the form of a contract includes three construction methods, half-package, full-package, and clean-up. In addition to contract cleaning, all materials provided by the decoration company need to be used, so it is necessary to ask them for the detailed list of materials, qualification certificates and bills purchased; the selected materials must meet the national standards, and have quality inspection certificates and Chinese signs. The product name, specification, model, factory name, factory address, and individual materials must also have the production date (whether latex paint, putty, glue, etc. are expired products), etc. It is prohibited to use the decoration materials that are explicitly eliminated by the state. 2. During the decoration process of the addition or subtraction project, there will be a few meters of cabinets and several meters of wires that are actually more than the budget, and the owner will need to pay for the extra when the settlement is completed. So how to deal with such problems? First of all, it is necessary to find out the unit price of these additional items before construction; and it is necessary to pay attention to whether the materials used in the additional items are consistent with the budgeted materials, so as to prevent the decoration workers from stealing beams and replacing columns, and shoddy; finally, the owner must sign and take effect before the additional items are constructed. Continue the construction, otherwise you can not bear the cost. 3. The decoration materials must be clearly understood. In some contracts, the decoration company writes vague words about the materials. During the actual decoration, fake and inferior materials may be used. When the owner investigated, the decoration company took out the original contract, saying that the owner did not specify the material brand. Once the owner requests the use of high-quality, environmentally friendly decoration materials, the decoration company will ask for a price increase. Some decoration companies also indicate in the contract that if the original brand materials are out of stock during the decoration, Party B's decoration company can temporarily replace the materials of the same type. But this "same", whether it is of the same quality or of the same material, is not specified. Therefore, when signing the contract, the materials used in each construction process must be written down. 4. Many times when a project is changed, it may be the owner's request or the actual needs of decoration, which are often different from the original design plan and need to be changed. When this happens, it is necessary to re-sign a decoration budget and a written agreement for plan change. , rather than empty quotations. 5. Building material loss problem During the decoration process, it is understandable to have building material loss, but when signing the contract, the loss degree (such as bricks and floors) must be clearly stated. Of course, there is no problem within the loss range. The company is responsible for making up. Otherwise, it will cause the phenomenon that the loss exceeds a lot and the owner needs to add money. 6. Construction period agreement The decoration company will generally extend the construction period agreement for a few days for insurance. If you move in, you can discuss this with the decoration company. If there is a delay in the construction period, the owner can discuss with the decoration company. However, the owner must see clearly under what circumstances the delay should be borne by the owner, so as to avoid unnecessary compensation to the decoration company. 7. Warranty clauses In the entire decoration process, most of the processes are made by hand, and there will inevitably be various quality problems. Therefore, the warranty after completion has become the top priority. Don't just look at the five-year warranty in the contract. Or two years, the important thing is to clearly understand whether the warranty process is contracted for labor and materials or only labor, or what other restrictive terms are required. 8. Most of the decoration companies will pay 50% in advance, 45% in the mid-term, and the remaining 5% of the final payment. However, if there is any problem in the later stage of decoration, it will be difficult to restrict the decoration company in terms of money. Therefore, , You can negotiate with the decoration company about the ratio of down payment, mid-term payment and final payment, and the specific time of mid-term payment must be clearly understood, and payment can only be made after a certain work is completed. For example, most of the woodworking is completed and the construction period is more than half, but there are many overlapping processes in the construction, and it is necessary to specify the processes that need to be completed. 9. After-sales service in the decoration contract cannot be ignored either. For example, if there is a problem during the warranty period, the decoration company deliberately delays the time or refuses to repair it under many excuses. Therefore, the warranty period, maintenance payment terms, etc. must be specified when signing the contract. So that the decoration company leaves all the risks to consumers. 10. Signing the contract The signing of the contract must be signed by the legal representative. If an agent is entrusted, it is necessary to copy the power of attorney. At the same time, ask the decoration company for a copy of the industrial and commercial license and a copy of the qualification certificate. Both copies should be added. Stamp the company seal, and also ask for a copy of the ID card of the project manager and the person in charge of the project or a copy of the work permit of the company's official employees and *. The above is the relevant introduction about what to pay attention to when looking at a decoration contract and what traps to avoid when signing a decoration contract. I hope it will help you. If you still need to know more practical strategies for decoration, please click the blue word link Big Data to recommend a decoration company for you.

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