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After the kitchen was renovated, I noticed 8 unpractical places. I really regret it

2023-02-03 08:11:40 [workmanship ]
After the kitchen was renovated, I noticed 8 unpractical places. I really regret it

To be honest, if the kitchen at home is renovated again, I should not be sloppy as before. At least there are many problems found after moving in, and I will definitely solve them in advance. So, what are the things that are not practical in kitchen decoration? Not much to say, let's take a look~

First, there are too few cabinets and drawers

At the time of decoration, I thought it was expensive, so I made more cabinets and less drawers, but when I used it, I realized that the drawers are much easier to use than the cabinets. No matter how deep they are stored, they can be taken out of the drawers. Unlike a cabinet, it wastes both the vertical space and the depth of the cabinet, and it is very inconvenient to take the items inside. I have a long memory for this.

Second, choose air-cooled refrigerator

The direct-cooling refrigerator at home is basically a small clean in two weeks and a large clean in January. I shovel ice and shovel Everyone is numb. If I had to choose again, I would definitely choose the air-cooled one, which has a good fresh-keeping effect and is not easy to frost.

Three, the kitchen does not need white seam

The beauty of the kitchen must not only look at the decoration of the model room, choose a flashy design, white seam is one of them The best! After years of oil erosion, the beautiful seams have turned into ugly yellow, and it is troublesome to replace again. I really regret it!

4. The height of the console

The height of the console at home should be determined according to the person using the kitchen. After the user generally lifts the forearm, the cabinet console The countertop is 15 cm below the forearm, which is the most comfortable to use, and this size must be considered before making cabinets.

Five, the countertop water barrier should be installed

I don’t know who I heard before that, for the sake of beauty, the water barrier can be omitted, but the result is splashed when cooking. It is everywhere, the back seeps into the wall, and the front flows to the cabinet. It is recommended to do both the front and rear water barriers, so that you will not be stretched when cooking.

Six, the stove is far away from the window

In general, it is recommended to leave the position of the window to the sink, and the stove should be far away from the window, otherwise it will be a little bit when cooking. Wind, the stove will shake back and forth, affecting normal cooking and control of the heat.

Seven, make the sink under the counter

It is best to make the sink under the counter or in the counter, not the counter, to avoid adding cleaning dead corners to the countertop, Make cleaning and maintenance more inconvenient, and buy a foreshadowing of irritability in the future use of the kitchen.

Eighth, large double sink or single sink

If the kitchen area is large, it is obviously better to make a larger double sink, but if it is a small double sink, I strongly recommend everyone Don't do it, it's much easier to use a single tank, otherwise you'll know it's uncomfortable when you can't wash the pot or the big pot. All in all, kitchen decoration suggests that you do the above 8 points well. Don't make mistakes because of laziness and trouble, and there will be troubles behind! (The picture comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, delete it immediately)

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