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Those smart products that make you block, how many do you know? It's all IQ tax

2023-04-02 00:43:43 [floor]
Those smart products that make you block, how many do you know? It's all IQ tax

I have to say that with the advent of technology now, lazy cancer patients have better reliance, but there are inevitably a few unreliable smart products. Today, the editor will summarize here for you, those smart products that make you blocked product.

Smart Robot Vacuum

To be honest, for a few years, a lot of people have been touting how smart and convenient the robot vacuum is, but I don't think so. If you don’t think so, if you choose the right one, it may be a happy scene, but there are many people who wear the name of intelligent sweeping robots, but they are actually very “stupid”. You don’t know how to avoid avoidance at work, you don’t plan to walk randomly, you don’t even know how to brake in time when there is no road ahead, etc. Such an intelligent product, not to mention how much convenience it can bring you, let you worry about it, it’s not running, it’s better Just choose the kind of hand-held sweeper with suction and drag. After all, you have to listen to where you want to drag.

Intelligent Mite Removal Device

Mite Removal Device For me, a proper IQ tax, is the sun not strong enough? Or are mites too hiding? In fact, the mites remover uses ultraviolet rays to eliminate mites, but it is known that the light irradiated by the sun contains ultraviolet rays. It can also make the bedding fluffy and warm~ Even if you still think the mite removal device is more convenient, then it is naive to think that you can wipe out the mites with a random stroke of the device. In order to kill the mites, you have to stay on the bedding for a while with the mite remover.

Smart direct drinking machine

Many people have a smart drinking machine at home. Its biggest feature is that it is small and can produce hot water at any time, but the price is not too much Cheap, not much cheaper than ordinary water dispensers. But the water dispenser can not only produce hot water, but also cold water. Of course, the cold water mentioned here is not normal temperature water, but water similar to ice water, but the direct drinking machine does not have this function, so I think it is still Not very affordable, not as real as a water dispenser. (Picture invaded and deleted)

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