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Thanks to my parents for giving me 10 decoration advices, so that I can avoid half of the pits! Recommend everyone to see

2023-02-03 09:18:00 [Materials ]
Thanks to my parents for giving me 10 decoration advices, so that I can avoid half of the pits! Recommend everyone to see

Although many people say that the decoration suggestions of my parents' generation are "very outdated and cannot be listened to", I am glad that I listened to the 10 pieces of advice from my parents at the beginning, which helped me avoid a lot of pitfalls when decorating my house. In fact, sometimes, selectively listening to parental advice can do more good than harm. After all, they are all people who have come here and know what to want and what not to want. Maybe their approach is not up to the trend of the times, but many experiences are quite useful. Today, I will share these 10 pieces of advice with you. If you are planning to decorate, you may wish to collect them in advance for emergencies.

The tiles should not be too flowery

tiles with too many textures, which will be cluttered and unsightly when laid indoors. Be sure to choose tiles with few textures and elegant colors, which are good-looking and atmospheric when laid indoors.

The latex paint should not have too many shades

The color-matching and modeling walls look good, but the construction is not easy, and it is not reliable. Master, you will regret it! The color of latex paint on the wall is kept at 1-2, which is easy to construct and take care of. The simplest is to leave a white wall, the space is bright, and you can live comfortably.

The simpler the lamps, the better

The lamps and lanterns on the Internet are fancy and beautiful, but don't follow the trend and buy them! The more complex the luminaire, the easier it is to impose a cleaning burden. Choose a minimalist ceiling light that is durable and affordable.

Don't make open cabinets

It is best to make closed cabinets in the home to meet the storage requirements without falling dust , the future stay will be more happy.

Do not fight between kitchen windows and faucets

The kitchen sink is close to the window, the location of the faucet should be considered in advance, and it must be carefully arranged when customizing the cabinet Well, don't find the problem after doing it well, it will cost money and time to rework.

Try not to make the kitchen open

Open kitchen can reduce the feeling of cramped space, but you must know that Chinese people cook with oily smoke and oil every day. Heavy, no matter how good the hood is, it is impossible to filter the fumes 100%. Therefore, be sure to install a door in the kitchen to prevent oil stains from entering the room and reduce the cleaning burden after moving in.

Remember to change the wall row in the bathroom

Although it will cost a little more, after the pipe is inserted into the wall, it is not easy to form a dead corner in the bathroom, see It is more neat and neat to go up, and it is very comfortable to use.

Don't make double-pack door covers

Double-pack bathroom door covers is too wasteful of money, just make single-pack, and use tile corner to close the inside Butt the door frame, beautiful and practical.

Don't blindly look for merchants to customize wardrobes

Merchants are good at cheating, especially for young people who don't know how to do it, just see what you don't understand Jinzai, cabinets that are tens of thousands of dollars in size, the quality is not necessarily guaranteed. It is better to buy the board yourself and find a woodworker to make the cabinet. The price is cost-effective, the material is transparent, and the quality is guaranteed.

Home appliances do not need to be purchased at one time

Except for built-in appliances, which should be prepared in advance, other appliances can be added gradually. On the one hand, this is to reduce the cost of purchase, and when it comes to promotional festivals, the home appliances you buy are good and cost-effective; on the other hand, you can spend more time thinking about it, compare some brands, and listen to other people's comments, so as to save impulse buy back If you find that it is not easy to use, it will be too late to regret it. (The picture comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, delete it immediately)

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