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Under the new national standard of "formaldehyde emission", how to choose furniture panels to be more environmentally friendly? Recommend to see

2023-02-03 08:32:00 [floor ]
Under the new national standard of "formaldehyde emission", how to choose furniture panels to be more environmentally friendly? Recommend to see

Everyone should also know that home decoration may be one of the scenes where we are most exposed to formaldehyde in our life. As for the harm of formaldehyde, let alone say "allergies, damage to the intestines, irritate the eyes and nose"... these Cases of formaldehyde hazards can be found everywhere on the Internet. Among the building materials used in the decoration process, various types of panels account for a large proportion of formaldehyde release. After all, cabinets, wardrobes and some custom furniture will use various types of panels. So pay attention to the environmental protection of the board, in my opinion, it is the top priority of home decoration! So, how can we choose a more environmentally friendly, safe and more reassuring sheet? Today, I will simply talk to you from several aspects~ First, when looking directly at the new national standard, it is the easiest to choose a plate, and I advise everyone to look at the national standard grade first. After all, it is the one that can best reflect the environmental protection of the plate. Parameters, let me give you some popular science. The definition of "E1 grade board", which is the most environmentally friendly in the past, was also implemented as early as 2008, and it has been the ceiling level in the industry for a long time. But in the past two years when technology has advanced rapidly, it is obvious that this standard is a bit outdated. Therefore, starting from October 2021, the new national standard of "Classification of Formaldehyde Emissions from Wood-based Panels and Their Products" has been officially implemented. In addition to the previous E1 level, there are also "E0 and ENF levels", of which ENF-level boards require formaldehyde The release amount is less than or equal to 0.025mg/m³, which is the current highest level. Now it is the formaldehyde-free board that everyone is talking about. If my house is decorated, the first choice is ENF level. If the budget is insufficient, the current E0 level is also OK. Of course, even plates of the same national standard level have subtle differences, and these differences are mainly reflected in the production process and selection of materials. Second, the plate process is also very important. Yes, the production process is also closely related to the environmental protection of the plate, which is mainly reflected in two aspects. On the one hand, there are adhesives. No matter what kind of wood-based panels, adhesives are used in the production process. The reason why many inferior panels exceed the standard formaldehyde is because of the use of cheap adhesives that are not environmentally friendly. Glue smell. On the contrary, if an environmentally friendly adhesive with extremely low formaldehyde content is used, the amount of formaldehyde released in the future will naturally be lower, which is also one of the keys to why ENF grade boards are environmentally friendly. The second aspect is quality control. Strictly following the specifications during the production process and strict quality control after production can not only ensure the environmental protection of the board, but also ensure the quality of the board. As for how to determine whether the quality control is strict, the easiest way is to look for big brands and not to buy non-branded brands; the second is to find a third party to conduct independent testing after installation. At this time, the superiority of the big brand is once again reflected. 3. Appearance and smell, intuitively reflect the pros and cons of the board The third point is relatively simple, mainly for everyone to use when choosing some boards offline. The first is to see if the plate is overall flat, without carbonization or too uneven; the second is to gently smell the plate to see if it has an irritating smell, and it should be relatively close to see if it will irritate the eyes. , nose or throat. If it is an ENF-grade environmentally friendly board, most of the wood's own smell, such as poplar and fir, will leave the smell of the tree itself, and it will not smell irritating. Fourth, choose a reliable brand, and be more at ease. Finally, look at the brand. I also mentioned in the second point above, the quality and environmental protection of the board, the gap between the big brand and the no-name brand is really big, try to choose some creation time Brands with long-term, self-research capabilities and high-level environmental protection products can confirm whether the brand is a first-line and reliable brand. If you see this and you still don't know how to choose, I can recommend a brand to everyone - "Baby Bunny", which is recommended, but in fact, people who know something about plates should know this brand. Just take a look at the environmental protection history of his board, and you can probably understand why I recommend it. Take his OSB board as an example. It fully meets the ENF standard. The core material is still high-quality Canadian trembling poplar. The basic tree age is 70-120 years old. There are as many as 25 processes such as screening, which can be said to take into account environmental protection and durability. Another example is the "vegetable glue" board of his family. As the name suggests, it is made of environmentally friendly plant adhesives. The formaldehyde emission content is less than 0.02mg/m³, which is particularly environmentally friendly. Due to the complex process and strict quality control, the durability is also excellent. If you don't know how to choose high-quality and environmentally friendly boards, you can trust me and go to his online or offline store to see, and you will understand by comparison. To sum up In a word, I will not repeat how important the environmental protection of the board is. If you want to choose an environmentally friendly and durable board, the four points mentioned above, I still advise everyone to pay more attention and don’t wait for the decoration. In the future, I will regret it again~ Thanks for reading!

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