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125 square meters of modern minimalist style three-bedroom, green and fresh place, a small dream home

2023-02-03 07:07:55 [Materials ]
125 square meters of modern minimalist style three-bedroom, green and fresh place, a small dream home

What I share today is a 125-square-meter modern minimalist three-bedroom case. The designer uses retro green with marble and brass elements to create a literary, light and luxurious style. Green with natural characteristics is like being in nature and savoring the true meaning of returning to nature. Isn't this the small home in your dreams? Let’s take a look at the effect of the actual picture below~ The entrance design Once you enter the house, the first thing that catches your eye is the entrance. The entrance is a storage place. In order to meet the needs of the owner, a locker is made to store the items that you must bring when you go out. . The living room is designed on the entry side of the living room. The living room is also designed with storage functions. For example, a TV cabinet that can not only place the TV but also store items is customized. Looking at the sofa background wall, it is covered with a large area of ​​green, which is my favorite place, highlighting the fresh texture, and the marble coffee table is used as an embellishment to make the space layout more scattered and orderly. The restaurant is designed with gray and white marble porcelain table and gray metal dining chairs, which is a collision between soft and hard, simplicity and luxury, and it is also a wonderful part of the designer's matching technique. Kitchen Design In the kitchen design of 125 square meters of modern minimalist three-bedroom decoration, in order to show the simple style, tiles with gray texture are laid throughout. Of course, as an important place for three meals a day, there must be a lot of storage items. Therefore, a locker on the top is made, so you don't have to worry about dust on the top, but you can also store items. When the bedroom was designed in the layout of the master bedroom, the hostess said that she wanted a bay window, which could not only be used as a place to cultivate emotions in her spare time, but also had drawers installed at the bottom, which could be used for item storage, so there was an additional storage place. land. Due to the small area of ​​the second bedroom, a bed connecting the desk and wardrobe is customized, which can not only work, study, but also rest and sleep, realizing the diversification of space functions. The bathroom design uses half-wall glass as a partition in the bathroom, which adds more transparency to the space, making it more spacious and bright. The gray marble tiles are matched with the white washbasin to create a contrast between light and dark, deep and shallow. The above is the real display and design concept sharing of the 125 square meter modern minimalist three-bedroom decoration case, I hope it can be helpful to you~

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